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Hanson Beanie Babys

Yes there are really Hanson beanies. Their not Ty beanies but they are beanies. I heard about this and couldn't belive it. Untel I seen that their are Hanson Beanies. This Hanson beanies come as a set for $25.00 that's with shipping.
The company is called Rock Star Babies and the company was established in 1998. The maker of this company and dolls are Norton Allans (former toy excecutive) and Larry Tate (doll maker). The company is in Atlanta, GA. I don't belive this beanie baby are Offical. But I think it's kinda cool and I'm ordering me a set.
This are other Rock Star Beanies besides Hanson. Their are Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Spice Girls, and etc. The 3 sets I just named are $25.00 too. But their is lots of other Rock Star Beanies and at other prices.

Here are ways to get this beanies:

  • Before sending money e-mail them with which Rock Star babies you would like and how many, also include your name, address and whether you will be sending check or money order. Their email is:
  • Then after you do that mail your money to them here's the address: Rock Star Babies P.O.Box 1971 Carrollton GA 30117
  • They do not take CASH or CREDIT CARDS (due to the amount of fradulant ones trying to be passed)
  • Checks should be made payable to: 'Rock Star Babies' and posted to their Atlanta office. If name and address are not on your checks please write your name and address on the back of your check. Personal Checks take TWO WEEKS to clear through their bank account.

Here's their web site to see where I got the info & see the other beanies:

Rock Star Babies