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55 Hanson Rumors

1. Taylor loves to clean. Well maybe if he's at home long enough to make a mess!!!
2. The three brothers got kicked out of various places -- LaserQuest, the mall, and a toy store for being loud and rowdy and their 5-star hotel for rollerblading in the lobby. (true)
3. Isaac names his guitar after girls he has a crush on.
4. Isaac was on a date with a girl and he kissed her, and she ran out crying!
5. Isaac tried to straighten his hair, but ended up burning it! What was he straightening it with?
6. They have a closet full of stinky socks. This is true. They even said in a magazine interview!!!
7. Their dad quit his job so he can travel with his sons during their singing career. (true)
8. Ike, Tay, and Zac refuse to go on first-class on an airplane, so "they can be with their fans" on coach.
9. Zac ran off the stage crying during one of their performances because he was soooooo nervous!This is true it happen when he was 7 years old.
10. Yearbook is about a kid who died in the Oklahoma City bombing.
11. Hanson is gay.(Hello people I think you need to watch the Howie Mandel Show.)
12.zac is dead
13.tay is in a coma from a motocycle accident
14.MMMBop was origionally called OOMpah
15. isaac is moving to indiana.
16. Taylor got leanne rymes pregnant(Hello Leanne Rymes is ugly who would get her pregnant)
17. isaac was caught smoking by his mom, and cancelled the tour
18. zac's real name edgar and they are immagrants from sweden
19. zac's married
20. isaac is dating leanne rimes(Hello what's the deal with Leanne Rimes)
21. they all have girlfriends, but they are staying behind the scenes
22. thier favorite restaurant is rex's boneless chicken
23. they moved into a new house
24. they arer moving to either new york or new jersey
25. ike caught tay in the studio kissing a girl on video tape
26. taylor is left handed and dislexic; not true!
27. Zac puts the milk in his cereal bowl BEFORE the cereal.
28. Zac sleep-walks sometimes. (i know for a fact this is true, they said so in a british interview)
29. Zac has an imaginary friend named Joe Maroni. Confirmed True!
30. Taylor chipped his tooth on a microphone.(True it happened in Germany)
31. Isaac once wrote a note to his girlfriend and taylor either threw it into a fountian or sighned it I need you desperately.
32. Zac's idea of a perfect date is- A good movie followed by pizza and hanging with ike, and Tay.
33. Taylor's date- Rollerblading folowed by dinner at Planet Hollywood.
34. Ike's date- A walk on the beach folowed by a candle lit dinner.
35. If they went to the moon They would bring-Ike-His cousin Wayne. Tay-CD's Zac- a stuffed dog.
36. Once Taylor poured glue on Isaac's head and he had to shave it.
37. Taylor recently broke up an internet relationship with a girl named Allison.
38. Hanson has a half pipe skating ramp in their back yard
39. Zac is getting braces.
40. They all like Mac and cheese
41. Zac has a phone book he calls his: chicktionary.
42. Taylor has to watch what he says on interviews because he swears to much.
43. They spit of balconies at people.
44. They like table tennis.
45. Mac Hanson is really Joshua Mackenzie Hanson.
46. Ike cut a hole in Zac's yellow pants.
47. Zac gets a Hooker nightly. <--- I dont see that happening!
48. Isaac once got drunk on "Toilet duck."
49. When Hanson are at home in Tulsa their bed time is 8:30. <--- No way!
50. Hanson shop at cheap grocery stores. <--- Even if they did SO WHAT!
51. Taylor once had an imaginary friend called "Fanny"
52. Zac still believes in Santa Claus. <---HEY, whats wrong with that?
53. Isaac used to shave his legs. <--- I doubt it
54. Tay, Ike and Zac want to go to a public school.<---I heard them say they were glad they didn't because they didn't have a the stress in school.
55. Zac absoluteley "HATES" screaming girls.