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Funny Brother Zac

Personal Info:

Drink: Dr. Pepper
movie: action
Tv Show: Animaniacs
subject: math
Candy: Reeses peanut butter cups
*Zac is the funniest Hanson- brother, and he always makes everybody happy.
*collects mini shampoo bottles from hotels
*Single, never had a girlfriend.
*Wants platform shoes (really??)
*Likes to make Mac his brother laugh!
*Green toothbrush
*Likes do say: "you love me you really love me"
*Likes to play with legos
*Great while talking during burping
*Zac tends to get way to physical
*calls Ike: Ikey-Poos
*Likes to wear Taylors favorite shirt
*Likes to chew gum(who dosn't?)
*Once Zac's bass drum rolled away across the stage and they ran after it.
*While one interview he kept turning off the recorder
*Once when he was younger he ran off the stage crying cuz he was so nervous
*He once stood on a table in a resturant and started dancing to no music