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Shy Brother Tay

Personal Info:

Scars: One on his back from rollerblading , another from running into the sliding door,one on the back of his leg from Soccer, and another on the left side of his face.
Taylor plays the Keyboard and sings vocals in the band.
He's single, and never had a girlfriend. Taylor says he's not even looking for one, cause he wouldn't have any time for a girlfriend right now.
Favourite color is red.
He's not so outgoing as Ike and Zac.
Ike is his best friend
Personality: Friendly and shy , Tay is very inteligent , loves to flirt, gets hyper at night and is the quietest of the 3 brothers (but he's not that quiet!)
Handed: Tay is right handed (though many rumors that have been going around,that Taylor is Ambidextrous but are just rumors)
Instruments: Keyboards, Bongos, Tamborine, Piano, Synthesizer, and drums(I went to one of their concerts and Tay played the drums. It was really cool!!)
Toothbrush Color:
Shampoo: whatever his mom buys
Sleeps in: Boxers and a Tank-top
Computer: Acer and Toshiba Laptop
Food: Jellybeans, Cheeseburgers with fries, Chicken, Fish, Giant steak, burritos, pizza,and his mom's brownies
Candy Bar: Nutrageous
Ice Cream Flavour: Strawberry
Drink: Rootbeer, and Bottled Water
Fast Food: Mc Donalds
Color: Red (he think red makes everything looks beautiful)
2nd fave color: Blue
School Subject: English Literature(All 3 Brothers are homeschooled), and Computers (he is not a whiz, he says)
Computer: A Laptop, that they take with them while touring
TV Shows: Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, Animaniacs, Saturday Night live...(he loves comidies)
Type of Movie: Action Movies
Movie:Star Wars
Bands and singers: Couting Crows,Spin Doctors,Blues Traveler, Natalie Merchant,Kenny G.Phish, Alanis Morrisette,Billy Joel...
Actor:Tom Cruise
Song from MON: Madeline
Cologne: CK Be
Sport: Soccer
Soccer Player: Alex Lalas
Hobbies:Cartooning (Zac and Tay drew the muscle men/super guys on the CD!), rollerblading, reading (He's really into Sheakspeare), playing Soccer, Tay is completly in love with computer
Girls: Emma, from the Spice Girls, and Jennifer Anniston, of Friends
Tay has a long braided rats tail in the back of his hair His hair used to be 6 inches longer than it is now
Taylor loves Popcorn
As a Pisces, Tay would make a great date. He'd be way romantic, and would probably be into the whole sending flowers and teddy bears thing!
Tay had lot's of marriage proposals acording his mom
Taylor is a nice to people if they are nice to him
Tay loves to hang out with his friends
Tay's most annoying habit is... tapping on everything.
He can talk with an english accent
Taylor wears a beeper. He usually wears it in the back of his waist to keep it from view
Tay has a couple necklaces that he wears... A soccer ball, a cross, and a pentagon. He also wearsa red and green friendship bracelet.
He has a little mole on the left side of his chin, and by his eye
He is rumored to have designed Hansonline
Ike and Tay have always been best friends
Ike and Zac says Tay is a perfeccionist
Tay blushes *very* easily!
He can curl his tongue
Tay was a Hyper Kid
If their music career doesn't carry-through, Tay would love to be An actor, Architect or Interior Designer.
He had a candy stash, until one day he went to get it, and it was covered with ants
With an afternoon off, Tay would: Rollerblade on Venice Beach, Go go-carting, do up the livingroom (decorate it) and have a huge party!
Taylor was asked what he'd buy with $20-"Can I not have more than that? I would buy Jelly beans, tons and tons of Jelly Beans" he answered.
On Jay Leno, Tay had a purple tongue (from the candies backstage.)
Tay Hates:
*When someone asks why he has long hair *He hates cottage cheese *If you ever meet Tay in person, just remember hates it when fans scream at him when they meet in person *He hates it when people talk about him, without saying hi. "The other day I was in McDonalds. I could hear people talking... 'Hanson...Taylor' but they didn't say hi. I just got my food and ran out." Tay said in na interview.