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Offical Hanson Club

What is MOE?

1st MOE Mag
This mag has a chance to win backstage passes, be eligible for a special concert tickets and have preferred concert seating. Exclusive interviews, answers the MOE memders frequently asked questions and information about upcomeing HANSON projects and releases. Plus you get a FREE Hanson poster that you can only get in the MOE.
2nd MOE Mag
This mag has the full story on the Weird video, the grammy experience, stories from the road, tons more exclusive pics, a list of backstage pass winners, Plus much much MOrE
3rd MOE Mag
In this mag "Weird" Al and Hanson team up for "River"video, MOEments in music, guest article by David Silver director of "Tulsa, Tokyo & the Middle of Nowhere", Dr Food explores the delicacies on Hanson's tour,exclusive tour coverage, new and exclusive merchandise for MOE members only, and much much MOrE
4th MOE Mag
This mag has What's Hanson up to?, another MOEment in music from a guest writer, the good Dr Food cooks up a tasty winter dish, Tour the Gibson guitar plant in Nashville, Plus much much MOrE.
5th MOE Mag
*MOE #5 and all the goodies* Check out what's to come soon with MOE after MOE mag #4. All those that renew their subscription or recently signed up and expect to get MOE #5 when the time comes WILL get the special enhanced CD that is being distributed with the issue. Now, that's with #5, we still have MOE #4 that's going to come out very soon with details about the CD. Until then, here's a preview. The CD will include: "Boomerang" (from Hanson's first indie album Boomerang) "Rain" (From Boomerang) "More Than Anything" (from Boomerang, the original version with Zac and Taylor singing background vocals) "Incredible" (from their second indie album MMMBop, not included on 3 Car Garage) "Baby, You're So Fine" (from MMMBop, not included on 3CG) The enhanced portion of the CD to be played on your computer's CD-ROM, with a video of Hanson talking about their new album Hanson/MOE mouse pointers for your computer Hanson/MOE screen savers for your computer A link to the special MOE area of Hansonline Special access to a "virtual world" where you can meet and interact with Hanson online (whatever that means... LOL) And more... okay... and much, much MOrE... happy? Hehe The CD will be included with MOE #5 so ANYBODY who expects to receive MOE #5 will receive the CD. In MOE #4, due to be hitting mailboxes in a little less than a month or so, there will be several contests. You can win an autographed Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar (like Isaac's), 1 of 25 autographed Gibson posters featuring Ike, or 1 of 100 autographed MOE #5. I'm not psychic... all info was taken from an official post on the Hanson newsgroup and from the Hanson Hotline. I got this info from *****THIS CD IS ONLY FOR THE PEOPLE THAT SUCK IN MOE AND HAS RENEWED THE MOE MAG SUBSCRIPTION***** and please don't email me to try to get you one because it's for the moe members and I'm not saleing mine.