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Sharon's Collectibles & Antiques
and Art Studio and NOW a Civil War Author

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Hi, I'm Sharon, an artist by training as well as an avid collectible and antique dealer AND most recently have been writing two books on the Civil War as told to me by my grandfather. Plus, I'm really facinated at trading on the eBay auction site. From time to time, YOU can find the collectible items or great clothing bargains that I currently have listed for sale on the eBay Auction Site, by CLICKING BELOW. If you are ever coming this way, please contact me and I will give you directions, hours that I'm available, etc. There are many shops located in this area!! If you have any questions or want any more information, please contact me
by E-MAIL at home:,
or phone: 479-855-7828 or leave a note on by BLOG at:
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My art studio is located in my home as I paint not only for enjoyment but also do commissioned works. Portraits are one of my favorites, with acrylic media. When time permits, I'll try to show some of my works here; but first I'd like to give you more information about my new Civil War Books!

If you would like to review my training
as an artist and where I have exhibited,
please CLICK HERE for MY INFO.

On this page,you can view some of my

Or,here are my original
Be sure to check them out!!,

Go to this page to view seclections from my
Southwestern Apache Maiden Collection .

Remember, it might take a short bit for the pictures to load,
but it is worth the wait--that's what I think!!

If you have any questions, either give me a call
at 501-855-7828 or E-mail me at
or drop by if you are in the area!!
Thanks for visiting my site
and be sure to check out my auction items,
that will be coming up shortly on eBay Auction
by clicking on the following links:

Paper Dolls are one of my favorites
and I frequently have them listed for sale

This grouping really has sharp coloring and detail!!

My items are listed on eBay under
or just click on the eBay button below to go to my current listings
ebay button or just click here to go directly to my listing recap!!

Shar1's Listings

or visit the entire eBay on-line auction site by clicking here
eBay -- eBay

and either check for items under the category titles
or by clicking on the LISTINGS at the top...

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Here is one of my favorite collectibles...
...many have been sold on eBay's auction site

crystal lion
Crystal Lion on Bon Bon Dish

Check back later for changes and additions!!
Thanks again, Sharon

Available for Sale!!

My Favorite Links

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Shars E-mail:, or phone: 501-855-7828.

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