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The Island Of CoCaMo


As the sun rises in the east and settles in the west, the days are fill of remarkable things. Dawn and Dusk two of the most beautiful time of the day. As the sun comes up it spreads different shades of colours over the like. Purples, Blues, Oranges, Reds, Pink and Yellow over the sky like a painting.

On a clear day if you climb to the top of the highest mountian which the natives call JaMaNaTe you can see the entire island from any direction. The forest ground that stretches for miles and rivers that are like vains with the water at the islands blood. Mountain cliffs by the beach and the waves crashing on the rocks. Trees growing up the side of the volcano as high as they can. Birds flying through the trees and the dragons lair.

Taking a stroll on the beach isn't any normal stroll you will see things you wouldn't have ever seen unless you came here. Hearing the waves crash down on the beach and watching the CoCoMoN in there natural states.

There is a tavern at the harbor and a hotel looking over the ocean.

Ocean colours is arange from dark deep blue to a aquamarine. In some areas it is pink and others red. The sand isn't gold or brown it's a dusty maroon colour.

The natives don't mind you being there as long as you stay away from them. Because if you go near them they are not responsible for there actions.

The Island of CoCaMo