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Basic Drawing - Lesson 13
     Hello again. Let us now continue with our examination of right - left hemisphere recognation.
     Next we will try out the sighting technique by setting up a newer version of Durer's experiment. A modern-day version. This is how most artists do perspective drawing. Knowing that vertical lines always remain vertical (except in rare and extreme bird's-eye or ant's-eye views) and that the horizontal edges of forms converge at vanishing points on a horizon line (the viewer's eye level), the artist simply finds out (by sighting) what the angles are relative to the constants, horizontal or vertical, and then draws those angles in the same relationship on the paper. This is possible because the edges of the paper represent horizontal and vertical. The key point is that the artist simply uses the pencil, held at arms length either perfectly horizontally or perfectly vertically, to determine the specific angles. Any angle can be checked, and any angle can be drawn correctly on the paper without relying on complicated perspective systems. You need only to see rationally ---- with your right hemisphere --- what is right there in front of your eyes.

      This will be the shortest lesson of the series. For good reason. You MUST grasp this if you are to succeed. I want you to do this exercise "four" times, from four different windows!! I want to give you time to do the exercise but we also need to move I shall give you two or three days and then post another lesson. Please do the exercises just as I have layed out. If you have a problem grasping the concept (many people do, you know), e-mail me and let me give you some personal help. That's how important this section can be to your ability to draw.