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Pyeatt Query II

Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 From: Subject: Piatt Family addions "My hus mother was Jessie Ursula Block and her family lived in Noble and LaGrange Counties,Ind.before coming to Mich.Warren Piatt, found in Union Co. 1840 was her grf and seek to tie him to Ohio lines.Will be happy to share this line.Virginia Block"

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 From: Tammy To: Subject: Horatio PIATT "I am searching for information on THE CHILDREN of Horatio (Rath) PIATT and Anna HAYSLIP. Horatio PIATT was b: Dec. 1828 in Adams Co., OH. He married Anna HAYSLIP 5 Jul 1852 in Adams Co., OH. Ann HAYSLIP b. 23 Mar 1834 Adams Co, OH d/o James Wheeler HAYSLIP and Margaret EASTER. Two of their children were: James J. PIATT b. ca 1853 m. Hettie J. ? (possibly my g g grandfather and listed as living with Benjamin PIATT and Mary WADDELL PIATT in the 1870 Adams Co. census. He was listed with his parents in the 1860 census however. and Henry Lewis PIATT b ca 1855 m. 1 Margaret LANE and 2 Mary HOWELL. Thanks, Tammy" (my note: Is this the Henry that is with Mary Leer Piatt on the 1850 Henry Co, MO, census? MCP)

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 From: Subject: Pyeatt connections-Hugh E. Pyeatt "Hello, my name is Judy Pyeatt and I am the grand-daughter of Hugh Eugene Pyeatt and the great grand-daughter of Andrew Lafayette Pyeatt. According to a cousin, Andrew's father name was John Benton Pyeatt. I am very much interested in finding out more information about the Pyeatt history. I suspect that my family line might have arrived in the United States with the Huguenots' from France. Based on some of the information I have Andrew Pyeatt had a least 12 children. Oh, my father's name was Eugene Larry Pyeatt. Hugh Pyeatt married Madie Virginia Whitely Pyeatt from Texas. The only bother that I can remember of Hugh was, Earl who died when I was very small. Hugh Pyeatt died April 1977 in Klamath Falls Oregon. Andrew Pyeatt supposedly died from a horse accident in Texas. When I have a chance to get my paper out of storage, I will e-mail you with more information with the names of the other siblings. My e-mail is" (My note: Andrew L's father was James Benton Pyeatt)

Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 From: Subject: Ptatt /Piatt in MO "Hello, my name is Evelyn and I am researching the Pyatt /Piatt family that lived in Sullivan Co. MO. My husband is descended from an Elizabeth Pyatt who married a David Calvin Warren. Her parents were David Pyatt and Elizabeth Sackett. Her brother and sister lived in Canadian Co, Okla. Her brother's name was Samuel Pyatt and her sister was Malinda Pyatt Brown. I know David was in MO in Sullivan Co in 1870 and that is the last I have located them. David Calvin Warren made the run into Okla. and obtained a homestead in Harper Co. north of Woodward, OK. I seem to be at a standstill finding Davids line of Pyatts. I have all of Elinor Whites Pyatt family newsletter and still don't have his line. I keep leaning towards little known John and Rebecca Piatt. But, no proof. Are you connected with the Oklahoma Pyatts from Canadian Co. where their son Samuel lived? If so do you have any connections to Samuel?? I live in Fla. and it is hard to travel back to MO. often enough to research properly. Thank you. Evelyn"

Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 From: "Dave Rivers" Subject: Frank Pyatt "Hi there, Currently searching for any info on Frank Sylvester Pyatt, b. 9/3/1915 in Arkansas. Any infor would be appreciated. Thanks much, Carol Rivers"

Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 From: Alley Blackford To: Subject: Marriages/Augusta Co VA "Does anyone know who Wm Peatt is? His parents? Siblings? Does anyone have info on Isabella Peatt? A direct descendant of John McWms has a Bible that says her name is Merritt, not Peatt. The Bible is copyrighted AFTER the marriage so the info was added much later than the wedding date. Library of VA archives has the name Peatt and the Rockingham Courthouse in VA also has Peatt. I have not seen the actual marriage record, just the recorded info. This John McWms 2 who married Isabella Peatt is the son of John McWms 1, who is the father of Rachael McWms who married Benjamin Piatt (Feb 8, 1827, Augusta Co). If both John and Rachael married Peatt/Piatt, then there is a great possibility that Isabella and Benjamin were siblings. (I've had that happen in more than one family.) Then we have Catherine Peyatt who married Elijah Turner. Anyone know who she is?
Augusta Co VA: William Peatt and Mary Smith Nov 17 1814 min-William King; Isabella Peatt and John McWilliams Aug 3 1826 min-John Hendren; Catherine Peyatt and Elijah Turner Apr 4 1830 min - John Hendren"

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 From: To: Subject: Six Mile Run Dutch Church " My name is Lowell Thomas Wood. My Grandmother was Lillian Piatt Wood. Her Father was Thomas Maxwell Piatt married to Maggie McGovney. Thomas is buried in the Birdie, Mississippi Cemetary along with a daughter (Mary who died soon after marriage) and Maggie is buried in the Belen, Mississippi cemetary next to her Cousin and her daughter (my grandmother). Thomas's Father was Benjamin Dickey Piatt from Adams county Ohio. I was wondering if you had any information on that line of Piatts? Any thing you can give me would be appreciated. "

Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 From: "Donna (Brame) Climer" To: Subject: James Glass Pyatt "Do you have any reference to a James Glass Pyatt in Carter County, MO. His daughter, Sarah Elizabeth married my great grandfather, William Marion Chilton. Marriage possibly took place in Dent County, MO in 1869. They had 8 children, all supposed to have been born in Dent County, MO. I have found no records to support any of this. Thanks, Donna"

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 From: John Deese Subject: Pyatt Family Research "I am researching my Great-great Grandmother, Caroline Pyatt. Pertinent information follows: Caroline Pyatt, DOB March 3, 1845 in IL, DOD March 28, 1894 in Perry County, IL. Her father was Jacob Pyatt, DOB May 22, 1802 in Ohio, DOD February 8, 1857 in Perry County, Illinois. He is buried in the McElvain Cemetery near DuQuoin, IL. Her mother was Elizabeth Yearian, DOB about 1805 in Vermont, DOD March 3, 1875 in Perry County, IL. Caroline's siblings: 1. Corydon born Ohio 1820 2. William born Ohio 1825 3. Stuart born Ohio 1823 4. George Y. born Illinois 1834 5. Philo born Illinois 1836 6. Thomas born Illinois 1843 7. Jacob Jr. born Illinois 1849. Caroline married Isian Boon Wooldridge in Perry County, Illinois, on December 14, 1865. Please compare my information with yours to see if there is anything you can use or anything you have that may help me. I would really appreciate any assistance you may provide! Thank you!"

Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2000 From: "Ron and Jeannine Lemmon" Subject: Williiam Piatt "I am looking for information on the ancestors of William Piatt of Hackettstown, New Jersey, born 1792, married to Hannah Tindall, born 1800. The information I have on his descendents is outlined below {click here for descendants}. Can you help me take this line back a generation or two? Thanks!"

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 From: "Becky J Cumins" Subject: Another Pyeatt heard from! "Hello Marianne, My name is Rebecca Pyeatt Cumins and while stumbling around in Family Treemaker I found your name and E-mail address. Posted on the site was information on George Y. Pyatt who was my great-great grandfather and raised my grandfather after his father (Hershel Pyeatt) was unable to do so when his wife died in a fall. My grandfather had two siblings a sister Elsie, and a brother Donald who died in WW1 after having a tooth pulled. Unfortunately, Donald's body arrived home before the notice of his death. I am extremely new to research and have not a clue what I am doing. I do know however, that George Y is directly related to me and I have a lot of information on the Pyeatt family. Most of my information was handed down to me by my grandparents Fay and Nell Margaret Pyeatt. I have family bibles, newspaper clippings, photos and many personal items that belonged to the family. I would be happy to share my information with another family member. I hope that you have information to help me. I am unable to trace my Pyeatt heritage back farther than the above George Yearian Pyeatt. I am a native Californian who just recently moved to Northern Virginia to pursue my love for history. If you are interested in contacting me, my information follows: Rebecca Pyeatt Cumins 9260 Weathersfield Drive Bristow, VA 20136 703-754-3089"

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 From: "Mike Cline" Subject: 24 Year Search for Judy Pyeatt "Please - I have been searching for many years for a classmate of mine Judy Pyeatt Graduated 1976 at Medford Senior High School, Medford, Oregon. At the time, she lived in Jacksonville and drove a blue VW Bug. Any information available or suggestions, I will accept. I have entered in countless searches, bought books on how to search. I have pleaded with all the Talk Shows on, with no response. Tried Joseph Culligan, no help. Please any information would be something else I can go on. Thank you, Katherine Cline"

Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 From: Reeta Martin Subject: Pyeatt-Holmes "I am researching the names Pyeatt and Holmes. My grandfather was John Holmes and my grandmother was Nellie Pyeatt and they were married in Saint Clair Co.,MO. in 1895. My g grandfather was Jacob Pyeatt born on May 5, 1849 in OH and my gg grandfather was Jacob Pyeatt born May 22, 1802 in Ohio and died in IL. My gg grandmother was Elizabeth Steward born July 12, 1805 no death date. Jacob and Elizabeth had children: Steward, William, Corydon, Alfred, George, Philo, Mercy, Thomas, Caroline and Jacob who is my g grandfather. If you are related to these people, I would like to correspond with you and exchange information. Thank you in advance. Reeta Martin"

Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 From: To: "I am looking for info on James Piatt born Nov. 10,1779 to William and Sarah Shotwell Piatt. I am looking for his military records to the war of 1812. I also would love to get the proper pronounciation of the name PIATT this is my husbands family and would enjoy being able to say it correctly (so would his family!) My husbands aunt would like to make it to the conference this summer for me I must stay home with 3 children and run my design business. I will contact LaPiatt @worldnet about this thank you for any help y'all can send me! Anne Sbarbaro"

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 From: "D Gard" Subject: PYATT's in Barry Co, MO "In tracing my Madison Co, AR, COLBAUGH's, I came across Ken Robertson's information that Sampson GODARD was the son of Sarah Osana GODARD and an Unknown COLBAUGH. This man was very likely one of my family, so I have been searching for Sampson's family off and on for a year or so. In doing that I came across your website listing Sampson's PYATT stepchildren on the 1900 Barry Co, MO census. I also saw your queries on the PIATT and PYATT boards at GenForum. I thought Dora's maiden name might be of interest to you. I ordered her and Sampson GODARD's son, Chester Olen GODDARD's, Social Security Application (Form SS-5). He stated that his mother's maiden name was Dora FORTNER. Have you ever came across deaths dates or locations for Sampson and Dora FORTNER PYATT GODARD? or anyone who is more directly interested in this family that Mr. Robinson? Thank you for your time. Dana" (click here to go to Ulysses Grant Pyeatt information)

Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 From: "Lois Enderud" Subject: Genealogy "Hi there. I see your message posted {on Piatt GenForum} under Joseph Piatt 1807 MO. Unfortunately, I am of no help to you, but possibly you could be to me. My great grandfather was the Reverend William Caleb Pyatt, b. 9/4/1847 in Phelps Co., Mo., d. 3/8/1903 near Salem. He lived in Salem, MO., believed to be buried in Stagner Cemetery. Another researcher says his father is James Pyatt, b. about 1827 in Indiana, m. Rachel, 2nd marriage to a Honeycutt. I have no date of death on James. However, today I find a picture of a Reverend James Pyatt and his wife, Alice Yawberry, circa late 1800's. I wonder if he is my great-great grandfather? Just guessing. Do you have any information on any of the above? These Pyatt's were certainly prolific individuals, weren't they? So many Jacob's, John's, James, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you. Lois"

Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 From: "Linda Owens" To: Subject: PIATT, Margaret Laura "Hello, my name is Linda Owens. I am looking for an aunt who was taken by her father Fred Piatt in 1922 from Flint, MI. Fred was married to my grandmother Enola Tebo. He also left with my grandmother's younger sister Zelma. Fred was born in 1881 in PA to Cyrus and Oneita Piatt. He had two siblings Laura and James. His mother died and his father remarried. His father and step-mother lived in Midland, Mi. and are both buried there. Margaret Laura Piatt would be 82 years old if she is still living. I am not sure my aunt was ever told the truth about being abducted by her father and aunt. Margaret was born in Dec of 1919. As far as I know they have never communicated with the Tebo family since their departure. I have a strong desire to find my aunt and am hoping she is still alive. I would appreciate any help that could be given. I wish I knew more about it. Sincerely, Linda Owens lowens@admin.flushing.k12.mi.usX "

Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 From: Michael B Pyeatt Subject: Arizona Pyeatt's "Hi, My name is Michael Benton Pyeatt. My father is Carl Benton Pyeatt. We're both from Arizona. I was just wondering if you had any information on any Pyeatt's in the Southwest. Sincerely, Michael B Pyeatt" (my note: see Andrew McClure Pyeatt

Reply posted on Piatt message board: From: To: Subject: DORA PIATT HARRISON'S FATHER WAS A JOHN PIATT OHIO "I am in possesion of our Grandfathers Obituary. John Piatt, son of Jacob and Elizabeth Piatt, father of your Dora, and Father to My GreatGrandmother Mary Jane Piatt Decamp. There were six other siblings, I have their names. It is from 1916. I am interested in John and his wife Mary Elizabeth Puterbaugh. Mary Elizabeth was born in 1847 and passed away in 1906. I am interested especially in their heritage, since my Great Grandmother Mary Jane, and her brother, Virgil, of whom I have pictues, were of Native American descent. Is there Native American blood in your line as well through Dora? "

Posted to the Monmouth, New Jersey History Bulletin Board "WILLIAMSON/PANGMAN I am looking for information on the parents of Piatt Williamson (born March 6, 1796 in Monmouth, New Jersey) and/or Sarah Pangman (born July 9, 1793, ????as to place). They were married in Monmouth on November 15, 1815 and a child was born to them in Monmouth, Anna Eliza, on March 6, 1817. Any information you can find as to parent's names, places of birth, denomination, or town in Monmouth county would be appreciated. In particular, I would like you to search Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, and Bible Records."

Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 From: "Becky J Cumins" Subject: Photos " Hi Marianne, I have a lot of old pictures that are marked Rhea and I have had no idea who they are? What is their relationship to the Pyeatt side of the family - do you know? I saw their names in the Obituaries and Death info. Someone out there might like to have some copies of these pictures. Becky" {These are from the Jacob and Elizabeth Yearian Pyeatt line}

Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 From: Subject: Son's of John Rankin Pyeatt?. "I was reading about John Rankin Pyeatt It did not say who his son's were. I come from this line and I am interrested in what you have. My cousin looked up the Genealogy on my ancestors. I am new at this I have only looked on the web pages. But there is so much done by people like you that make it so much easier for me. I come from John Rankin Pyeatt & Elizabeth Buchanan their son Henry Clay Pyeatt 1841-1932 & Eliza Inks 1852-1911, their son Samuel Thomas Pyeatt 1879-1948 & Daisy Denver Blakeslee, their son (my father) William Franklin Pyeatte 1916-1996 (Has the E) & my mother Vina Corrine (Harris) Pyeatte. I am Thomas Charles Pyeatte 1-10-xx and still here. Wife Jacqueline Pearl (Lipscomb) Pyeatte 12-26-xx. Married 6-16-73. We have a son & Daughter Michelle Pearl Pyeatte 11-26-xx Married to Richard Andris on 5-20-2000 Yes just married. My son Thomas Charles Pyeatte JR. 2-10-xx not married Engineer for Cal-Trans. Think you for all that you have done. Please E-mail me back when you find the time. Thanks again Thomas C. Pyeatte. ("

Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 From: "Judith McClung" Subject: Pyatt/Graves "You asked me about Olive Hildebrand. Will look into that. In the meantime I have to tell you that the Peyatt name really jumped out at me when I was helping my girlfriend with her Graves family. Her gt grandfather was Leonard B. Graves who lived in Jefferson Co., MO and died in St. Francois. His second marriage was to a Peyatt woman. She had been widowed. She and her husband had adopted a son - maybe 1870s. The husband died, then she married Leonard Graves. We visited the area last autumn and found his gravestone had been vandalized. Now we do not know his death date and may never. So on the outside chance, you might know of this family, I'm going to try to put you two together. I can't recall the Pyeatt names as none of it was related to me. I had just remarked to Sandy that I knew that name from working in the Hildebrands. Judith McClung"

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 From: Anita Acosta Subject: Piatt "Hi, I would like to add my Piatt. I have been searching for her parents names and dates. Thank you Anita Acosta Elizabeth Hannah Piatt b July 31, 1828, in Canton, Hamilton Co. Ohio, died December 27, 1914, in Portland OR. Married on Dec. 24, 1851, to Isaac "Ike" Armfield b ? Guilford Co. North Carolina. Died July 18, 1886 in Montfort, grant Co. WI. This was his 2nd marriage and they had 6 children.

Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 From: Ron Flieger To: Subject: Piatt Family "I'm the grandson of Millard and Marion Piatt who lived all their lives in the Cuddebackville, and Westbrookville area of New York. I have traced back to Daniel, who was married to a Rhoda Campbell and Asenath ?. I'm trying to link him to John D. Piatt married to Jane Henarie. I have a site with all my information on it at; Thanks, Ron Flieger"

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 From: "Susan" Subject: Pyatt family " I was researching the Pyatt surname and I found my line of family on your page titled "Pyatts of Crawford County Missouri". I was just wondering if you had found any more information on William Pyatt, father of Benjamine Pyatt? If so I would be interested in learning of it. He is as far back as I have gotten so far. You have a great site. Thank you. Sincerely, Teresa Berish"

Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 From: "Ann T. Reed" Subject: Piatt Military Service " I am trying to find about the following statement, which in appears in several Pyeatt family histories: "In 1814, John Pyeatt was a lieutenant in the 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Regiment of Missouri Militia. He was a resident of the Crystal Hill area"

Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 From: John Pyeatt jpyeatt@EGPRINT.COM> Subject: Bible "Dear Sir, I am in possession of my grandmothers bible, Daisy Marie Pyeatt, wife of Orton Pyeatt, Greene County Missouri, if there is any information in this that would be helpful, please advise. Sincerely, John M. Pyeatt" (I emailed a request for copies, but, did not receive. MCP)

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 From: Alley Blackford To: Subject: Moses Piatt and Jane Smith " Do you know the county in VA from whence Moses Piatt and Jane came? Benjamin Peatt/Piatt and Rachael McWms Peatt were in Augusta Co VA, removed to Ohio for a brief time, then removed to Indiana. I'm searching for siblings of Benjamin. Benjamin's father was James. Alley"

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 From: Marge To: Subject: [PIATT] Marge "Hello, I am Marge Mercer and have been working on the Piatt's here in Adams and Scioto Co. Ohio. My great great grandfather George Newman had a sister Priscilla Newman who married a Lewis Piatt Jr. Priscilla and Lewis had a daughter Nancy Piatt who married a Brooks and they became my g grandparent Brooks. John R. Newman married Nancy's husband's sister, Phoebe Brooks and thus my g grandparents Phoebe Newman and my g grandfather William Brooks were brother and sister. I find this happened quite often back then, but I can not think of one of my husband's brother's that I would want to be married to. I sure am glad the earth gave us choice's. My family search is Newman, Piatt, Brooks, Boldman, Grimes, Meeker, Brewer, Holt and many more. Those are just a few. Sincerely Marge"

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 From: jangrp To: Subject: Introdction "My name is Garrett Driscoll. I reside in Florida. My Piatt line stems from my GGrandmother, Emma Piatt Simmons Croxton. Emma was the Mother of my GFather, Charles Simmons. She was the daughter of William Piatt and Mary Gay. She was born in Rock Island County, Ill. Crossed the Oregon Trail, presumabley with her Mother and Father. She may have left Illinois earlier after being wed. The trail is muddy at best. The whole family settled in Grants Pass, Oregon, now Josephine County. The father of Charles Simmons is unknown at this juncture. I have one indication that he was born in Kansas in 1881 and another that it was around 1875/6. Since the former is LDS listing for the Croxton Family and the latter is the Oregon Census, 1880, which listed him and Emma living with William in Grants Pass and his age is listed as 5 years. I have not yet found anything on marriages or the dates that Emma and/or the rest of the family left Illinois for Oregon. Anything that anyone has on this line will be greatly appreciated. Side notes: I am originally from Darke County, Ohio. For reasons having nothing to do with the Piatt line, I never knew that I had Emma in my heritage until around 1990, about a year before my mother, Emma's Gdaughter, passed away. Since that time, I have learned there are many Piatts in Darke County. I would have loved to known that when I was growing up. I left there in 1951. Equally interesting, in about 1950, I took my Mother to the Castles in Ohio and she did not mention the heritage. The silence, I have learned, stemmed from a divorce between Charles and my maternal GM. Sad, isn't it? I look forward to learning more about this line and "meeting" other members of the family. I apologize for the long intro. G. Driscoll"

Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 From: "L Edw" To: Subject: Etta C. assumed Piatt, but maybe Brewer "Jacob and Christina Piatt lived in Missouri in 1880. When Christina died there was a baby, 1 month old, on the census record. It was believed that Christina had died as a result of childbirth, but as the children went different directions upon the death of Jacob, there is no further evidence of an Etta C. existing. My question, however, is whether it is known if this baby was really Christina's or the daughter Artimisha Ellen's. Artimisha had not moved from Ohio to Missouri with the rest of the family. She had married at 16 a man by the last name of Brewer. However, Artimisha shows up on the 1880 Missouri census [Boone Co], but no husband, and a baby is suddenly there as well. Artimisha left Missouri when her father died and ended up marrying a man by the name of Scott Levi. If anyone has found any evidence of whose baby this was and whatever happened to her I would like to know. Address any responses to Lee at "

Date: Saturday, August 05, 2000 From: Subject: Piatts in Ohio "I saw your posting on rootsweb and was hoping you could help. I am trying to do research on my family tree and am looking for a line of Piatt's from Ohio (I don't know where they were from originally). I am looking for Louvenia Piatt, born possibly in Scioto Co. around 1875 (give or take some) and died in 1949. She was married to my g. grandfather George W. Atkins and had 12 children in Scioto co. (Minnie, George, John, Arthur, Elza, Thomas, Elmer, Edward, Raymond, Esta, Ruby and Mary). I have been unsuccessful in tracking her down. Minnie was the 5th child (my grandmother) born in 1908. Do you possibly have any info on this branch of Piatts? Thanks for your help, A. Kemen"

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 From: Anita "Hi. I would like to know if you could help me. In July of 99 I took a trip back home and my ggfather's 2nd wife gave me a marriage cert. of my gg-grandfather Jacob A. Piatt and wife Ella May Ashcraft, Poplar Bluff Mo. Oct. 31, 1901. They had 3 children Elijah, Roy, and Lorraine. Elijah was my great grandfather. This is the only family that I have and I have a great desire to just know anything. I have pictures of 4 generations starting with my grandfather. Thank you for any help that you might be able to provide.

Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 From: Violet Sunderland To: Subject: Re: Mattie PIATT "Hi, This has been sitting in my Inbox for a few days, waiting for me to decide whether or not to write. PIATT is not a very common name, and since it was the maiden name of a ggrandmother, I'm wondering if you have a lead on any others. I don't know where my ggrandmother was born, but she married John BROOKS in Adams Co. OH and at some point, they migrated to the Alturas/Likely area of California. My grandmother was born at Alturas 16 Apr 1880 and died 5 Apr 1903 when my dad was three weeks old. He died when I was 17, so I have had no contact with any of the older relatives, and only a couple of my cousins on that side. With a little luck, maybe we can get something going here..... The way the wagon trains west were made up of relatives, neighbors and friends, perhaps there is a connection as to how more than one Piatt got to California. Best Regards, Violet Sunderland Woodburn OR"

Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 From: Andrew Mcateer Subject: pyott/eblen "I am descended from the Pyott(Poytt)Eblen(Eblin) marriages in PA and VA.Do you know how they are related to Rene Piat. Thank you."

Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 From: Subject: PIATT "Hi, I'm researching the Powell family. I believe Joshua Powell was a brother to my Joseph Powell both of whom were sons of Richard and Sarah Powell. I'm trying to gather as much information about Joshua as possible. I realize your interest is Piatt but I was wondering if you know where Elizabeth Piatt Powell is buried? Is Joshua buried near her or do you know. Any information about Elizabeth would be greatly appreciated. Charlotte"

Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 From: To: Subject: Evans,Pyeatt,Franklin,Foster,Hunter,Toler,Mills,Withers "Looking for info on these families who all lived in and around Johnson Co., during 1860-1920. I have a lot of info but would really like to find new connections and share info. Please e-mail response to "

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 From: Subject: Piatt "Hi, Marianne, I am trying to find the parents of Jacob Piatt, who married Mary A. Hubbell. Their son Silas Hubbell Piatt was born in Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois on July 2, 1862. My theory is that Jacob was the son of James Andrew Piatt, born in 1831 in Indiana. James Andrew Piatt (1789-1838) was married to Jemina Ford in 1815. Is this theory plausible? Do you know of a differenct ancestry? I would sincerely appreciate your help and opinion. Thanks, Greg Nelson <7216 Meadowwood St NE Keizer OR 97303 503-393-5808>

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 From: Charles Piatt Subject: Benjamin Piatt/Isabell Palmer/Monroe Co OH "All we have on these people is that they were married in Monroe Co OH on 7 April 1874 by Rev Isaac Williams. (Marriage Book 2:18) There is speculation that this Benjamin was the son of William Piatt and his first wife Ella "Precious" Keen. Some give Ella's name as Brown. Ella died in the mid 1860s leaving William with several small children who must have been taken in by relatives, maybe on both sides of the family. The children have been difficult to track. There is also a death record for a Benjamin F Piatt on 2 Jan 1879 at age 24 years. This would make this young man born about 1855. The family group sheet of William and Ella "Precious" lists a Benjamin as having been born about 1852 with no further information. If you find that this is the correct Benjamin and that he was the son of William and Precious, we have lots and lots of further information. Laverne Ingram Piatt Ontario, OH

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 From: Subject: [PIATT] John and Serena Pyeatt "I am hunting the family of John and Serena Pyeatt who were from Washington County Arkansas then moved on to the Tahlequah Oklahoma area. Their children: Frederick b 1887, d 1967 in Los angeles, Mary, b 1888, Della, b 1890, Robert b 1892, Lemuel b 1895 and Nora Bell b 1896. Lemuel married and had one daughter named Bettie. John was the son of Willam Stephenson Pyeatt and Mary Johnson (half-sister of my ancestor) and Serena's maiden name was Young. she was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Young and Dicy Ann Smith. these were some of the earliest pioneers to come to Washington county Ark. Glenna

Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 From: Brian Pyeatt Subject: Family matters "Hi - I am looking for information (genealogical) on Pyeatt's. I found this site and am interested in more. Can you recommend any further resources? My email is Thank you very much.

Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 From: ed pyeatt To: Subject: Nathan Piatt "Greetiings - I have a Nathan Pyeatt b.1787 - 1812, (KIA) + Martha Ewing. Nathan was born of the first marriage of Maj. Jacob Pyeatt and Rachael Tatum. The second, and more well-known marriage, was to Margaret Finley (1760 - 1822). Maj. Jacob led the wagon train, and subsequent water journey, to Ark., in about 1810. I have no idea who the Tatums were. Also, don't know of any offspring from Nathan and Martha Ewing. The Tatum marriage must have taken place in PA, possibly NC. Anybody have any data or thoughts on this one? Hopefully, Ed"

Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 From: Subject: James Benton Pyeatt "Hi, have been researaching my Pyeatts for many, many years. Still need to connect my James Benton and Andrew McClure Pyeatt to their father and mother (see Jacob and Olivia McClure Pyeatt). I feel sure that they area William Pyatt and Elizabeth of Crawford Co. MO. My James was born 1827 and his brother Andrew in 1834-35. Went to Texas with their father around 1850. Anything you have would be helpful! Thanks!! Jacquilyn

Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 From: "Anita Acosta" To: Subject: Elizabeth hannah PIATT, dau of Moses I now know who were Elizabeth Hannah Piatt's (brn 1828 in Ohio.) parents were Moses Piatt and Jane Smith from West Virginia. This was told to me by a distant found cousin from Beloit WI., her husband Ralph Armfield was related to Isaac Armfield who Eliz Hannah Piatt married in 1851. She also said that there name was always spelled Piatt. I am in the process of sending her my family info and pictures and hope she can answer the list of questions I will be sending. She does not have a PC. So it is by snail mail. There are a couple of Moses Piatts listed in the Piatt newsletters, as I was told earlier on this list. Is there anyone that know more of this family? I sure would like to connect up to the rest of the family. Who were Moses brothers and sisters? Or any other info? Thanks Anita Acosta"

Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 From: "david c piatt" To: Subject: PYATT & PIATT descendents "Loking for descendents of: James Pyeatt m1. Catherine Finley m2. Martha White m3. Holly Hardin Son of Jacob PYATT and Jane YOUNG and Peter (Pierre) PYATT ABT 1707 Son of Jacob (Jack?) PYATT and Mary HULL and William PYATT ABT 1716 Son of Jacob (Jack?) PYATT and Mary HULL and Samuel PYATT ABT 1718 Son of Jacob (Jack?) PYATT and Mary HULL Any information would be appreciated. David Conrad Piatt "

Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 From: Denise & John Swift To: Subject: [PIATT] Andrew, James, and John "Help me, help me, help me!! OK, you Pyeatte people out there, David has brought to light some wonderful inconsistancies between his database and mine and I would like to know if/who has documentation to substantiate their information (because mine was passed down from my uncle with very little if no documentation). David has John Pyeatt (26JUN1735 - 1780), married to Martha Jane Blair (c. 1735 Ireland) as the first son of Jacob and Jane Young Pyeatt. My DB has this John Pyeatt as the son of Jacob Pyeatt (c.1700, Guilford, NC) and Jean Paul (c.1715, NC). I show this John as having died 16AUG1780 at the Battle of Camden. David shows Andrew Finley Pyeatt (8MAR1801 - bef.23APR1837) married to "Patsy" Martha Carnahan (c.1792). I have Martha "Patsy" Carnahan married to Andrew F. Pyeatt also, but with a first husband of John P. Pyeatt (Jan1792 - 28JAN1823) and with a third husband (after Andrew) of Jeff Cabe with whom she had two children, Margaret B. Cabe and Jane B. Cabe. David shows "Lame Polly" Mary Pyeatt (19MAR1798 - 1877) married to the Rev. John Carnahan (1756-1840). My DB shows a Mary Pyeatt (1798-1879) married to Samuel Carnahan (1796-1867). I love this stuff. So, does anyone have documentation? I certainly don't. Thanx to all. Denise Swift "

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 From: "David Lodge" To: Subject: Catherine Sherrod Piatt "I am also researching the Lodge and Piatt lines in Boone Co., KY. I am descended from Catherine Piatt and Laban Lodge through William Piatt Lodge (b. 1827, Boone Co KY) and his younger son, Charles Elwood Lodge (1856-1905). I have not been able to trace the Piatt line with any assurance. I have probably Catherine's parents, Robert Piatt (b. 1767, NJ) m. Nancy Jones 1798 Campbell Co., KY. Would be glad to share any Lodge/Piatt info. Link: Boone Co., KY 1850 US Census URL:

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 From: To: Subject: Serena Pyeatt "Looking for the family of John Pyeatt and his wife, Serena Young Pyeatt and children Frederick, Mary, Della, Robert, Lemuel, Nora all born in Oklahoma before 1896. We know that Frederick died in 1967 Los Angeles, and Lemuel died in Oklahoma City in 1971, he also had a daughter named Bettie in 1918. John was the son of William Stephenson Pyeatt and Mary Ann Johnson of Washington County Ark. born about 1860. Serena was the daughter of AJ Young and Dicey Ann Smith, born about 1865. She died about 1896 and John Pyeatt married Livvie _, and had two more children: Pauline and John Harrell Pyeatt. Mary Ann Johnson was AJ Young's half sister. We are trying to identify all the descendants of AJ Young, and really need to locate someone from this line. Thanks! Glenna"

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 From: To: Subject: Re: Pyotts "Hey All - I am looking for ancestors or descendents of Joseph Pyott born in about 1822 in Pennsylvania. He married Ann Cliver and they lived in New Jersey. Their children included my connection: Coralias (Regars), Ridgeway, Joseph and Madaline (Bolden) any information would be appreciated. Ed Karn "

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 From: "Robin Mcateer" To: Subject: Pyotts "I am descended from John Pyott and Deborah Brunson. My Pyotts intermarried with the Eblins. They moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia and then to Tennessee. I have gained lots of information on the net but am still seeking ancestors for John Pyott. Thank you "

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 From "Hello, I am doing some research for my Tow family line and am specifically looking for information on Cornelius Pyatt b. 6/25/1892, d. 6/1976. His father was James Allen Pyatt b. 2/28/1857 and his mother was Mary Susan Tow b. 4/25/1857. He had 3 sons, James A Pyatt, Melvin & Samuel. He died in San Mateo County, California. If you have any furthr information, please contact me. Thank You, Sherry Bento"

Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 From: "david c piatt" To: Subject: James PIATT "I'm looking for the wife (Elizabeth ?) and children of James Piatt/Pyatt or Peat b: c1683, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., New Jersey. He was the son of Rene Piatt. Can anyone help? David Piatt Shelby Twp Mich "

Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 From: "david c piatt" To: Subject: James PIATT "Dick, I descend from EPHRAIM PIATT 1780 and Charles Piatt 1807 we have e-mailed before. I understand you are descended from Ephraim PIATT's brother, ISAIAH PIATT. I'm hopping that by looking from both ends I can find something to fill in the missing part of our family. I had a daughter Susanna, but not the date of the marriage. Do you have documentation for the marriage? If you don't mind sharing what do you have on ISAIAH PIATT? Birth date, Birthplace, Marriage name, date, and place. Etc. I would also like your line to Isaiah. I now have the first two volumes of my grandmothers family tree while there's no new data on the Piatt side, she has photos of the family back to George Piatt if you would like I can e-mail you a copy. David C. Piatt Shelby Twp Mich.

Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 From: "Roy Appleton" To: Subject: William Piatt Lodge Surname: Fannie Lodge, Littleton W C Lodge, Laban Lodge, Catherine Sherrod Piatt, Senora Gertrude Riddle "My grandmother was Fannie Lodge, born Oct. 13, 1854, near Hebron and Burlington, Boone County, Ky. Her father was Littleton W. C. Lodge. His father was Laban Lodge and his mother was Catherine Sherrod Piatt. Fannie's mother was Senora Gertrude Riddle. I have a copy of part of Laban's will dividing his property between eight children. Can anyone give me any information on those children, and, or Senora Riddle's family? Roy Appleton. "

Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2000 From: "Barbara Serini" Subject: Another Pyaett? "I found a Pyaett in my line while working on the Semar family in Washington CO, MO. Feel free to do with it what you may perhaps it ties in perhaps not. A Michael Pyeatt and Rosetta Thurman had a son Ervin William Pyeatt b July 27 1888 place ? most likely Washington or St Francois CO who married Barbara Ellen Semar place ? d/o Edward Semar and Mary Ann Richards of Washington CO MO. Ervin and Barbara had two known sons, Harry or Harvey O"Reilly Pyeatt and Carr E Pyeatt. Ervin William died June 28 1968 and is buried in Bonne Terre at the St Francois Memeorial Park Cemetery as is Harvey b 1821 and died July 5 1948. Harvey married a Winnifred Smith (still living) and Carr is still a mystery. After the death of Barbara, Ervin married a Linnie? . Both Harvey/Harry and Carr were in WWII. Barbara searching SEMAR's "

Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001 From: "Jan" Subject: Pyeatt family "Hi, My name is Jan Taylor and I have been trying to find information on my family history. I believe from what I've read that my grandfather was a son of George & Hettie Pyeatt. I knew him as Jake Pyeatt, but the birthdate and location of birth on the research I've read match his. The Pyeatt side of my family came from Winona, MO, my father was born there, his name was Jake also. Any hints you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea where to start (other than what I've found on the internet) I look forward to hearing from you. Jan"

From: Date: Thurs Jan 18, 2001 Subject: Pyeatt research "Hello, My name is Wayne and I'm researching my family history. My ancestor Henry Davis married Jane Pyeatt about 1792 in Rowan Co. NC. I noticed you had quit a bit about the Pyeatt family. I was wondering where you found their marriage info. I am trying to find the parents of Henry Davis. Jane and Henry moved to Grayson county, Va and raised their children there. Like I said i'm trying to find somewhere online where I can lookup something about Henry and his family. All I know is he was born in Rowan Co. abt 1756. Thanks for any help you can provide, Wayne"

Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 From: Mary J. Harris Subject: Re: Pyeatt "Marianne, My great grandfather was named Isaac Newton Warren (born May 18, 1882 and died April 22 1959 at Arcadia, Iron Co., MO). He went by the name "Newt." His first wife was named Lillian Murray. They had two sons. His third wife was named Virginia May Lacomb. They had seven children. But his second wife was a Pyeatt. I have no name or other information for her. They had no children. I was just wondering if you knew of a Pyeatt that married a Warren. Isaac Newton was buried at Big Creek Cemetery at Glover, Iron Co. Virginia was laid to rest at Cove Cemetery in Iron Co. I descend from him and his first wife Lillian. Sincerely, Mary in CA "


Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 From: "Mary Jones" Subject: Re: Ebenezer Pyatt and descendants "In your extensive research of the PYATT family, have you run into: Lucinda Narcissus PYATT - b. 1827 in Perry Co., IL m. Hampton BOURLAND in 1844 - d. 1847 in Mexico during the Mexican War. Their Son: Andrew Milton BOURLAND - b. 1845 Perry Co., IL. In 1851 Milburn PYATT (grandson of Ebenezer and son of Samuel PYATT) was appointed guardian for the minor child, Andrew BOURLAND. In the applications for the widow's and child's pensions, Samuel, John W., Izri and Milburn PYATT signed many papers. I feel there is a relationship there, but I have not been able to pin it down. If you have any further information, I would be most happy to hear from you. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Mary H. Jones Wickenburg, AZ " (My note: See Samuel Pyeatt page. MCP)

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 From: "Carl Mitchell"> Subject: I need information about my Grandma Barbara Piatt "I need to know information about Barbara Ellen Chamblin She was married to my Grandpa Jackson Pierce Piatt. He was born march the 8 1852. His father's name was Benjamin Piatt and his mother's name was Aluryra Bayless. They lived in Adams county. Jackson passed away April 21 1926. I don't know anything about my Grandma Barbara Ellen Piatt. My name is Betty Jean Piatt Mitchell. I was born in Portsmouth Ohio. If you know anything about this please e-mail me at "

Posting to Knox County Web 24 March 2001 by Barry F Smith
Do you have an Issac Baker in your line? I had a g-aunt, Eliza Ellen Smith b. 7/31/1827, who first married a Joseph Pyatt, who died at the beginning of the CW. Eliza Ellen then married Issac Baker on 1/5/1864, in Knox Co. One of her daughters, Mary Matilda Pyatt, married Issac's son, Rufus Baker on 9/1/1867. Mary and Rufus had at least one son, Joseph L. Baker, b. 1871.

Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 From: Cole, Ann Laura Subject: Pyeatte Family History "Hello, My name is Ann Laura (Pyeatte) Cole. I searched the internet and found the vast array of "Pyeattes". My father is Thomas Pyeatte, son of Howard Pyeatte from Arkansas. Perhaps you could lead me into the right direction of whom to contact to search for relatives. I love the idea of genealogy and knowing who my ancestors are. I know that my aunts have a family history book, with many of the family names entered...the last to be entered was my sister, Rebecca Lynnette Pyeatte 1972. Any info you have would be of great interest. Thank you for your time. Ann Pyeatte Cole"

Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 From: To: Subject: Pyeatt Descendants "I am not hunting for ancestors, I want descendants. My GGrandfather's sister Serena Young married John Harrell Pyeatt. both families were from Washington county Arkansas, John's parents were William Stevenson Pyeatt and Mary A Johnson (also of my line) so their children would be twice related to me. This couple moved to Custer county Oklahoma and had children Fredrick (who died in Los Angeles in 1967) Mary, Della, Robert, Lemuel (who had a daughter named Bettie) and Nora Bell. These children were born between 1887 and 1896. Serena must have died shortly after 1896; John H remarried to Livvie someone. Would really like to find someone descended from this line as were are trying to find all Young descendants possible. Glenna"

Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 From: "tony" To: Subject: Charles Piatt "Do you have any information on Charles Piatt of Shickshinny, Pa They were 3 brothers who came over from France, one settle in Pa, one in Ky and one in Ohio, my father was Woodrow Piatt and I am his daughter Barbare born in Town Hill, Pa where my grandfather had a farm after he moved back from Maryland. "

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 Subject: Piatt Castles From: "Deborah J. Ball" "Dear Miss Piatt, It was very interesting to read the information about the Piatts of Piatt Castles. My grandfather was Joel Frasier Piatt and he is related to the Piatts in Ohio. My name is Deborah Ball and my mother's maiden name was Gladys Piatt. She was born in Detroit in 1923. My grandfather was married to Alta May (or mae) Kramer Piatt. My mother's siblings were Joel Frasier Piatt II (died in infantcy), Earl Piatt who died after being hit by a truck, Margurite Audry May, Maxine Clara Joyce, and Norman George Piatt. My grandmother was deaf and my grandfather was a deafmute. The belonged to the Cadillac Association for the Deaf in Detroit, Michigan for many years. My grandmother died at the age of forty-five, when she was overcome by carbon monoxide gas while doing the family laundry(this is when my mother was sixteen). My grandfather married a lady named Lillian Campbell twenty-five years later, and they had a good life together until his death in 1962, at the age of seventy-two. Will you please email back to me.Thank you for your time. Thank-You,"

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 From: Elise Jourdan Subject: [PIATT] Phantom John To: "Does anyone have any more information about the following: Albert F. Koehler in THE HUGUENOTS of The Early French in New Jersey, reprinted 1992 by The Clearfield Co., p. 24: Reune Piatt, a native of Dauphiny, France . . . . HIS SON JOHN WAS OF SOMERSET COUNTY. Was there really a John or did Koehler read the name wrong from the original document [which he does not identify]? Elise"

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 From: "Laverne Piatt"> To: Subject: Phantom John and wife Francis Van Vliet "A few years ago when we visited the Pioneer House in Logan Co OH during one of the Piatt Conferences I heard someone behind me say "John of France"--or was it "John and Frances [Van Vliet]." I couldn't tell. Then I began wondering if the phrase had been altered over the years of retelling. And with the origin of the immigrant in France anyway it could added to confusion. Anyway, it is the line of the Five Revolutionary brothers which told the "John of France" story the more and I began trying to locate the papers of the late Nannie Louise Lodge who wrote "The Tribe of Jacob," which also mentions "John of France." I thought if I could find her correspondence, some light could be shed on the origins of the story. But I've had no luck finding her papers as yet. Any advice on where they might be would be appreciated. Lodge died in Covington KY in 1936 having no direct heirs."
Answer - From: "C. D. Lodge" Subject: Re: [PIATT] Nannie Louise Lodge "For Laverne Piatt et al: Nannie Louise Lodge is my grandfather's sister. I have heard for some time about the book she wrote ('The Tribe of Jacob') but have never seen a copy. Also, I have heard of a periodical that she wrote (edited?/contributed to?) but do not know the name. I would appreciate it if you could provide any help in locating a copy of this book. Family stories tell that when Aunt Louise died (at the 'Old Ladies Home', in Covington KY), she left a 'trunkfull' of material of unknown but presumably family/genealogical provenance. By the time my grandfather found out about her death, the material had been 'thrown out'. My great grandfather (Charles Elwood Lodge) died in 1906 in Springfield, MO. when my grandfather was about fourteen. There was little contact with Aunt Louise or thier older brother (Jacob Strader Lodge) after that time, although she apparantly came to Missouri for a visit sometime in the 30s. Much of this info comes from my gradmother about thirty years ago - my grandfather was always very reticent about discussing this. btw, I have Aunt Louise's date of death as 12 Mar 1939. -david lodge"

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 From: To: Subject: Monroe Co OH "Does anyone know of a Benjamin Piatt m. to Isabelle ? they had twin daughter Luzetta and Sarah Piatt? They lived I believe in Monroe county. Thank you Maggie

Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 From: Ted Pack Subject: Margaret Jane Warren m. James Benton Pyeatt "Greetings from Modesto, California. I found you all via the RSL "Pyeatt" Surname. I'm trying to find someone who knows if the Margaret Jane Warren who the IGI has as being born on 3 Sep 1836 in Bolivar, Hardeman, Tennessee to Jefferson Warren and Elizabeth Owen is the same Margaret who went on to marry James Benton Pyeatt, and moved to Texas with him. Do you happen to have them? Right now all I have is the IGI entry and an entry on RootsWeb's World Connect that says she is the same one. It takes Margaret Jane back to William the Conqueror. The WC entry has no sources, and the mail contact bounces. The same data, with the same bad mail address, is on Ancestry's World tree. I started all of this to see if my son's best friend was really related to John Wesley Hardin, the gunfighter. One thing led to another and I found James PYEATT and Margaret WARREN on a line that wasn't HARDIN. I thought if I couldn't connect him to JWH, who was a drunk, a philanderer and a murderer, I might be able to give him half a dozen kings. JWH will give him bragging rights beyond compare on the 5th grade playground. Royalty probably won't. Sincerely, Ted Pack PS - Go Oski! (I graduated from Cal in 1970)

Date Thu, 17 May 2001 From: Subject: William Pyatt "Marianne, I am from the line of William Pyatt and Mary Smith he was born before 1770 she was born 1790. I suspect this was his second marriage. In 1790 he was in Augusta Co, Va later in WV. Ggggranpaw word handed down through the years - he was a son of Jacob of Ohio Co, WV. I have a deed to the property Jacob owned wonder if you have anything on this line. Thank you. James H Peyatt 196 Woodys Lake Rd Madison Hgts, VA 24572"

Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 From: To: Subject: Peatt, Lewis, b. 16 Feb. 1810 in Westchester Co., NY "I am looking for information about Lewis Peatt or his ancestors. I know that he was born in Westchester Co., NY in 1810 and came to McHenry County, IL in the 1840s. He married Margaret Whiston in 1852 in Racine, WI. I have found the names of several other Peatts in Westchester, but I have no idea if they are related to Lewis Peatt. Jennifer Broberg

Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:42:22 From: Subject: Finis E. and Elizabeth Maxwell Pyeatt "Do you have any information that would connect Elizabeth Maxwell Pyeatt to Sara A. Maxwell who married John H. Pyeatt? John H. Pyeatt was the son of Andrew F. and Martha Carnahan Pyeatt. Martha married John Pyeatt (Andrew's uncle) after Andrew's death, and Finis Ewing Pyeatt was one of John and Martha Pyeatt's children. Thank you for any help you can give regarding Sara A. Maxwell and/or her antecedents. Leon Daniel"

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 From: "Kathleen V. Steffen" Subject: Piatts "My maternal grandmother was Julia Piatt Oldham. She was one of 10 children of William Piatt d: 1883 in Knapp, WI and Ann Truax Piatt. Other siblings of Julia: Margaret, Alexander, Martin, Abraham, David, Narcissus Jane, Elizabeth, and Ida. Trying to connect with some of what I am reading on your web site. "

Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 From: Subject: William Henry "Billy" Pyeatt "Hello, I am the great grandson of William Henry "Billy" Pyeatt and Lucetta Ann Gatewood Pyeatt. My grandfather was John Dudley Pyeatt b. 22 Sep 1889 d. June 1983. My mother, Mary Lou Pyeatt Daniel (b. 30 Dec. 1914 d. 18 April 1988) was the eldest child of John Dudley and Eula Fewell Pyeatt. I have traced my Pyeatt roots back through John Henry and Sara(h) A. Maxwell Pyeatt; Andrew Finley and Martha Carnahan Pyeatt; James and Catherine Finley Pyeatt; and John and Jane Blair Pyeatt (with particular thanks to the Pyeatt Genealogy Research site). I am trying to find information on both Lucetta Ann Gatewood (m. William Henry "Billy" Pyeatt) and Sara(h) A. Maxwell (m. John Henry Pyeatt). I am wondering if you have any information on either of these women and their antecedents, or can direct me to such information. Thank you, Leon Daniel (elder s/o Emitt and Mary Lou Pyeatt Daniel)."

Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 From: To: Subject: please help me find Annabelle Piatt /John Flanigan "Hi . I am trying to do my family tree and am stuck. Does anyone know of a Annabelle Piatt that married a John Flanigan? Annabelle is suppose to be related to the Piatt castles in Ohio. Their chidren were William J, Betty ( married ?cantor), Pauline, and Julia. Please help, any info. would be greatly appreicated. Thanks. Regina"
[Reply from] "Regina, I have a Belle Piatt Flanigan from: Inscription on monument in Piatt Cemetery Monroe Township Logan County, Ohio Inscription on monument in Piatt Cemetery Monroe Township Logan County, Ohio (daughter of Wm. McCoy & Julia K. Piatt) ..........Children ..Wm. Harold Flanigan ..Born 1900 ..Died 1927 ..(grandson of Wm. McCoy & Julia K. Piatt) ...Thomas A. Flanigan ..Born 1905 ...Died 1914 ..(grandson of Wm. McCoy & Julia K. Piatt) And: William McCoy Piatt Born 15 May 1846 Logan Co. Ohio Married Julia C. Keagan 26 Nov 1867, St. Mary's Church, Urbaba Ohio, by Rev. Father Kearney Died 27 Feb 1927: on monument with Julia K. Piatt and Mary Elizabeth Piatt in Piatt Cemetery Monroe Township Logan County, Ohio Father: Abram Sanders Piatt 1821 Mother: Hannah Ann Piatt // Julia C. Keagan Born 300 Mar 1846, Louisville Ky. Died 18 Dec 1918, Mac-A-Cheek, Logan Co. Ohio d/o Timothy Keagan & Mary ? Source: PFN Volume 7 Page 118 Could THis be the one your looking for? David C. Piatt Shelby Twp., Mich. "

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 From: To: Subject: PIATT, Nora Ann Adams Co, OH "Hi all-- Looking for any information on a Nora Ann Piatt b. 1892 in Adams Co, OH. She m. Charles Price in Adams Co, date unknown. I know this is sketchy, but it's all I have. If anyone happens to have any info on Nora or Charles, I'd much appreciate it. J. "
Reply from: To: Subject: Piatt-Price "Nora Ann Piatt is believed to have been born May 31, 1892 and died November 1973 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH. During the 1950's they lived in the Easton, KY area. Richard Piatt, PA."

Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 "From: "A. Kemen" Subject: John Piatt & Mary Elizabeth Simpson (OH) "Hello! I'm hoping that someone out there can help me. I am looking for information on Mary Elizabeth Simpson who married John Richard Piatt (b. February 14, 1865). I have down in my family file that Mary was born April 14, 1862 to William L. Simpson and Margaret Jackson. A 1900 Census record for Scioto Co / Union Township lists her birth date as April of 1872...10 years later than I had noted. Does anyone out there know her correct birth date? Thanks in advance, Amanda Cincinnati"

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 From: To: Subject: Peter Piatt son Daniel Piatt wife Ida Watkins "I am trying to find information about Peter Piatt. He had a son that lived in Kentucky his name was Daniel Jennings Piatt he married Ida Hanson Watkins and they had one child in 1899, Rodger Jennings Piatt. I believe Peter Piatt left his family and moved to Ohio. If anyone has any information please email me. Thank you in advance, Gwan Piatt Cox"
From: "I believe we are talking about this same man, Peter Piatt. He had three children by his first marriage when he left them. Jacob was a brother to Daniel Jennings Piatt. A daughter of Jacob, Mrs. Mildred Stallings gave information some years back. If your Rodger (Roger) was born September 1899 and living in Louisville, KY yet in 1969, write me as we are probably talking about the same person. Richard Piatt, PA."

Date: 19 Oct 2001 From: Thomas Joyce To: Piatt Message board Subject: William and Hannah Ferrel Piatt "Looking for information on William and Hannah Piatt. Hanna's maiden name was Ferrel/Farrell and her 1st husband was Scott Dickson/Dixon, who died 1864 in the Civil War. Hannah and William married 1866 in Monroe Co., OH and had a daughter Ella Piatt. William was born 1826 and died 1899. That is the sum total of my information. Hannah and Scott were my ggg grandparents. The older members of my family are familiar with the Piatt name, but all those who personally knew the Piatt's have since gone to their reward. Any help would be appreciated."

Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 From: Subject: Avis Piatt "Hello, My name is Diane and I received off the internet some info that you provided. My great grandmother was Avie Tinker Woolsey and my great grandfather was Ferd Woolsey. He was the son of Sarah and James Woolsey, Steelville Mo. Sarah was the daughter of Benjamin and Avis Eggers Piatt (sometimes spelled Pyatt). My great grandmother Aavie was the daughter of Harrison Tinker and a Laura Piatt(Pyatt). I have tried for a long time to find info on this Laura Piatt because she died giving birth to twins when my g grandmother did not tell any info she might have known on her mother. The only one she spoke of was her stepmother Vina Newton Turnbough Tinker of Boss,Mo. I have tried to link this Laura Piatt to Avis Piatt thinking that they are the same person because that name runs in my family line we have cousin etc.. with the name Avis and my g Grandmother was Avie. In your info on the internet you have Avis Piatt b:1851 Mo m: Harrison Tinker If you could help me by telling me where you received this info so I can try to connect my grandmother to this woman that I believe is the same person. I have also been told that my great great grandmother is buried in dry creek cemetery in Cherryville. Do you think this is the same person. Hope to hear from you Diane"

Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 From: "David Piatt" To: Subject: [PIATT] Brice Piatt "I found a Brice Piatt died of service-connected disabilities in 1948, served on The USS AARON WARD (DM 34) does anyone know this family member? You can find a photo at Dave Piatt "

Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 From: To: Subject: Elias & Elizabeth (or Betsy/Betsey) Piatt Baldwin "According to LDS records, Elizabeth Piatt (b 18 June 1773, daughter of Abraham and Annabella Andrews Piatt of Somerset Co, NJ, and then Northumberland Co, PA) married Elias Baldwin 23 Jan 1797. According to the Butler Co, OH, Testamentary Record of 19 Apr 1808 (Vol I, p 40), they had one son, Abraham, born 11 Sept 1800. Does anyone know where they married? Does anyone know when and where she died and was buried? She was obviously dead prior to the time guardianship of Abraham was granted to his father Elias “by his late wife Elizabeth Piatt[,] one of the Daughters and heirs of Abraham Piatt late of Northumberland County. . . Pennsylvania” on 19 Apr 1808. Marti (Baldwin) Swanson"

Date: 6 Jan 2002 From: To: Subject: Charlotte (Lotte) Piatt "Seeking any information on a Charlotte (Lottie) Piatt. She lived in Chicago in the mid 1900s, and spent her final years in an Episcopalian Home for the Elderly. She is connected to my family (Stout, Rackham) somehow.

Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 From: Mark Gillespie Subject: Pyeatt and Smith pictures "I happened to notice your web page on the Pyeatt family (descendants of John Piatt of Missouri). My wife is a descendant of Lucinda Jane Smith (1822-1878) that married Willis Henry Bittick (1817-1883). I have been trying to track down old family photos. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find Lucinda and Willis. I was wondering if you had access to photos of any of the Smiths or their Pyeatt spouses (ie. Frederick and Permilia Pyeatt, Hiram and Mary Smith, or William and Angelika Pyeatt)? I am more than willing to pay your expenses for having these photos copied. Which Pyeatt do you descend from? Do you have any pictures/portraits of the other Pyeatts? Hope to hear from you. Mark Gillespie"

Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 From: Keith Dull To: Subject: James H. and Catherine (Hess) Martin "I'm looking for information regarding Pyatt Martin's son, James H. Martin who married Catherine Hess. James and Catherine were living in Marion County, Richland Township, Ohio in 1850. I lost track of them after this, and would be very interested in any leads as to where they went. Thank you for your time. Keith Dull"

Date: 13 Apr 2002 Subject: Piatt Family 'Hi. My name is Alison Louise Piatt Coyle . I was born March 26th 1964 and have a brother Christopher Piatt. We were born in Pittsburgh, Pa. My father's name was John William Piatt of new York City originally before moving to Pittsburgh. He was born in January of 1921 and is now deceased . I am trying to find any information relating to the history of my family. I do not know who my father's parents were. My mother's name was Jean Louvrier Trippett. Can you please let me know any info you might have on the Piatts. I have never done this before and I find it exciting and am very seriouse about learning more. Thank you. You may pass this along to anyone who may be able to help me. Alison Piatt Coyle (posted to Rootsweb MCP Jefferson Co, MO, posting)

Posted to the Adams Co, OH, Genforum:
Cheryl Mangum "I am trying to trace Minerva Piatt Boldman, born 1820, + or - 2 or 3 years. I found an item that states family history states she is an Indian. This woman would be my great-great grandmother. My Dad who would have been 102 in December had he lived always told me I was descended from an Indian Princess. However, no one else ever verified that. I was thrilled to find out that she was actually an Indian.Minerva was married to William "Bunk" D. Cooper on 11-28-1839 in Scioto Co, OH. My Dad was the oldest of his siblings, so there is no one left to verify his story."

Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 From: Pam Drake Subject: Drake/Piatt Family of OH., OK. & WV. "Hi! My cousin Linda & I are trying to trace our older cousin, Catherine Drake, who married Alfred Comer Piatt in Monroe Co.,OH. on 20 July 1901. Her parents were: George Washington Drake & Nancy Jane Edington. Catherine was born 10 Sept. 1884, Wayne Twp., Monroe Co., OH. Alfred was born 21 July 1873-4 in Wheeling, Ohio Co.,WV. the s/o John Milton Piatt & Nancy Ellen Williams. Alfred & Catherine had 2 sons before moving to OK sometime after 1906. Their names were: Harry Clayton Piatt born 17 Dec. 1902 in Monroe Co., OH. & Denver George Piatt born 8 Oct. 1906 in Woodsfield, Monroe Co.,OH. I found where Harry Piatt died in Los Angeles Co., CA. on 12 Feb. 1986. I also found that Alfred Comer Piatt died 18 Sept. 1940 in Neptune, Wood Co.,WV. I haven't been able to find where Catherine Drake Piatt died or when. I also don't know if they had any other children once they moved to OK. Any help would be appreciated in finding this information out. Thanks a bunch! Sincerely, Pam Drake"

Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 From: JOLENE KEELEY To: Subject: Harriet "I am looking for any information about HARRIET PIATT b. abt 1812 and married HENRY GOSHEN 17 Mar 1832. Possibly in the Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio area. Thanks"

Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 From: Deborah Yardley To: Subject: Pyett Research "I am looking for a Mabel(MABEL) Pyett b:1919 parents William & Eiza Pyett. I think they may be from both Mo. and ARK. Mabel was born in MO but they had to send to ARK. for her parents death papers. If you can help please let me hear from you. THANK YOU"

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 From: Subject: Re: Pyeatt's "Hi Marianne, I know Laura Piatt married my grandfather Charles Lee Elliott in 1915, I found the marriage records, my grandfather passed away in 1916. I found Laura Piatt Elliott listed in LeFlore county in 1920 with her and Charle's son, Jasper Elliott, along with several of her daughters. Her daughters would have been my grandfathers stepdaughters, one of them also married an "Elliott" - I have found lots of information on my "Elliotts" in Missouri except for my gggrandfather Squire Jackson Elliott, I lost him in 1880 and he appeared in Oklahoma Indian Territory in the 1900 Census - I do know his father Lewis Elliott and brother Thomas were in Camden County, Missouri, in the 1880 Census but Squire moved on somewhere else in Missouri, I am still searching - Anyway I would love to see if you have any information on Jasper Elliott as he is a Piatt through Laura's marriage to a Piatt - Thanks for your help - Lee Elliott

Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 From: Subject: relatives "Hi, I am sure I am related to you. I discovered that your line is part of mine. My grandmother was Mary L. Piatt and she married her first cousin Charles Albert Snyder. They had 9 children: Florence, Hazel, Charles J., Marion, Evelyn, Paul, Wilson, Robert, and Grace. Grandma passed away in Salem, Oregon; grandpa passed away in Grants Pass, Oregon. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.Sincerely, Madrene (daughter of Charles Joseph Snyder)"

Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 From: Subject: Cora Belle Pyatt "Cora Belle Pyatt was married to William H. Johnson (my wife's great grandfather). Cora died and was buried in Columbus, Bartholomew County Indiana on May 17, 1937 at age 68. The obituary said that she had spent most of her life in Columbus, Indiana. Do you have any information on her? Thanks Emmitt McClendon"

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 From: Robin Pyatt Bellamy Subject: [PIATT] Mary Pyatt/John C Ward Sr "Looking for parents of Mary Elizabeth Jane Pyatt, dob 1805 in Nicholas Co, VA married c1826. My records show her as daughter of William and Mary (Smith) Pyatt but that is unlikely since they didn't marry until 1814. Mary and husband John C Ward Sr had 11 children and she died in 1885 in Nicholas Co, WV. It would seem likely that Mary was a sister to our elusive William. Thoughts? Robin Pyatt Bellamy"


Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 From: Subject: Pyatt Family History "Hello, my name is John Marcus Pyatt and I happened to come across your website this evening. I don't know a great deal about my family history, but I'll offer to you the little bit I do know in the hope that you may be able to connect some more dots! My grandfather was John Simpson Pyatt and he married Amelia Kirsh and lived in Springfield, IL. They had only one son, John Sterling Pyatt who was born on June 20, 1928. In 1940, they moved to Jacksonville Beach, FL where John Sterling Pyatt grew up and married Evelyn Gardner. They had two children begining with Amelia Faye Pyatt and ending with me, John Marcus Pyatt. I believe that my grandfather, John Simpson Pyatt had at least one brother named Jullian Pyatt who resided somewhere in Missouri and was married to wife Dee. They had at least one son Robert Pyatt who married to wife Lavon. Let me know if any of this connects with any other information you have. Hope this helps. Best Regard, Marc Pyatt"

Date: 28 Feb 2003 From: Gene Brussman To: Crawford Co, MO, rootweb message board Subject: Crawford County Pyatts "LOOKING FOR RELITIVES - CHARLES E(ELMER) PYATT THE 1ST 1880 TO 1911 SPOUSE UNKNOWN SON CHARLES E PYATT THE 2ND 1907 TO 1958 SPOUSE ANNA E DOLCE (DOLCIMASCOLO) SONS CHARLES E. PYATT & DON PYATT"

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 From: matthew Piatt Subject: thanks for the site "my name is matthew harlan piatt and i was born in kentucky to one Michael Carlos Piatt. my father was born in the portsmouth area and i'd like to fill a few gaps. if there are any sites that could connect the cincinnatti piatt's with ours, i'd love to check them out. i've only been looking into this recently therefore i have very little to offer you. sorry, although if there is anything i could help with, let me know. matthew h. piatt p.s. where does "pyeatt" turn to "piatt""

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 From: Myron Dunavan Subject: re Piatt, and thanks for your research "Your research does more to work out some of these mysteries on the repeating Jacob's than anything else I have seen. Thanks I'll have to compare it to the old charts to really see where the changes may be. I am a descendent of Rachel Piatt, born abt 1743 in Kyor, Penn, and who married Edward Fowler. Anything you have , or any leads would be appreciated. Myron Dunavan, Topeka, Kansas"

Date: 28 Apr 2003 From: To: Subject: Ester Piatt "I am looking for Ester Piatt. I don't know when she was born and died. Her Mother was Dora Alice Ailshire Piatt and Her Father was William Robert Piatt. They got Married August 1902 in West Union OH. They lived in Green Township Adams County Or Rome Adams County OH. They left there in the late 1920's. Then they moved to Turkey Creek. It is close to Rosevelt Lake in OHIO. Ester isn't in the 1910's or the 1920's census. She probably died young before the 1910. Betty J Piatt"

Date: 9 May 2003 From: Jeff Pyeatt Subject: Family "HI. My name is Jeff PYEATT. I was looking through the potter county Texas genealogy records to try to find more about my family and came across your e mail address. I don't know if we are related but I will tell you what I do know about my family. Both of my grand parents lived in Amarillo Texas until there deaths my grand mother in 1980 and my grand father in 1981 they were both in their mid 70,s . My grandfathers name was Paul and my grand mothers name was Maria. My grand father I know had brothers: Douglas was a border patrol man in El Paso another named Jeff and a twin that i don't know the name of was a Texas ranger. My dad's name is James his brother's name was Douglas. He died at the end of last year and I think all if not most of his sisters live in Amarillo now: Goldie, Patsy, Jeanie. Hope you can shed some light or help my chase down some info about my family. Jeff Pyeatt"

Date: 28 May 2003 From: Subject: hey "Hey, I am Andrea Pyeatt and i was woundin' if you could help me find my family's history. I live in St Francois County, MO. My great grandpa and James Valvie Pyeatt (Froggie). My grandfather is his son James Ohno Pyeatt. I need some stuff on my grandps's family.could you help me. Andrea Pyeatt,"

Date: 18 Jun 2003 From: To: Subject: William Piatt of Darke Co OH "I'm way behind you all on this geneology stuff, but William Henry Piatt is my great-uncle. My moms uncle. My mom's mom (my grandma) was William's sister, Mary Jane.The only ones I remember from the union of John Piatt and Mary E. Puterbaugh were my g-uncle Virgil and my g-aunt Jess (Jessie) William's sister and brother. G-Aunt Jess (her husband Joe Hascher) was really neat. She willed me at her death a gold watch with a rose face. I will take ANY info you have on any of the children of John and Mary E. or of any of the families of any of thier children. I have long lost cousins (really lost) out there I would love to correspond with."

Date: 19 Jun 2003 From: Letitia Rodriguez To: Subject: William Piatt of Darke Co OH "Hi there...My name is Letitia Rantz Rodriguez. My grandmother was Harriet (Hattie) Piatt Rantz. She is buried in the Greenville Cemetary. All I know about her is that they think she was born in Dayton, Ohio. My family is from Darke County and who knows maybe you can fill me in. Any information you can give me will help and be appreciated. You can contact me at again."

Date: 11 Jul 2003 From: To: "I am looking for any descendants of Alfred Comer PIATT & Catherine DRAKE who married in Monroe Co.,OH.20 July 1901. Alfred was born 21 July 1873/4 the s/o John Milton Piatt & Nancy Ellen Williams in Wheeling,Ohio Co.,WV.. Catherine was born 10 Sept.1884 the d/o George Washington Drake & Nancy Jane Edington of Monroe Co.,OH.. At this point I know they had at least 2 sons. Their names were: Harry Clayton born 17 Dec.1902 in Monroe Co.,OH. & Denver George born 8 Oct.1906 in Woodsfield,Monroe Co.,OH. Catherine Drake was a first cousin to my Grandfather Drake. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you."

Date: 13 Jul 2003 From: Steve Morrow Subject: Piatt Cemetery, Logan County, Ohio "Greetings, I found your email address at the bottom of a web page concering the Piatts of Logan County. I have some relatives in the Piatt Cemetery, the Bradleys. I was wondering if you had any information on why they were in the cemetery or of any relation they had to the Piatts. They lived on a farm nearby in Monroe Township. Thanks for your consideration. Steve Morrow"

Date: 15 Jul 2003 From: Subject: RE: PYEATT family history I have a few questions "Marianne, You've done a lot of work on your PYEATT family site!!! It's great! My name is Nicole V. Pyeatt of California. I 'm searching for my 3 aunts: Wanda Carlene Pyeatt-York; Lorene Pyeatt; and Darlene Pyeatt. My father, Vernon Eugene Pyeatt, was their youngest sibling. My dad, Vern, passed in 1986, I was 9. From what I gather, my mother & my aunts didn't get along well & we have had no contact since. For the last 6 months I tried subtly to locate them and have been unsuccessful. As I get older, I miss not knowing them & having them in my life. We are all getting older & I want to reconnect before it's too late. This may sound a little strange, but I really miss them not being in my life! I just located a copy of "History of the Pyeatt Family" in my mothers filing cabinet. It was put together in 1969 but it dates back to the year 1725!! In this wonderful creation I found some exact name matches to the ones you were looking for. I'm not sure if you have concluded your search, but if you would like to know more about it, I'd be happy to share with you. I appreciate you taking the time to read this! I was wondering if the names below ring a bell to you or if you may have ran across them in any of your searches. If you have any tips for me on ways to locate them soon, I'd greatly appreciate it! I have a lot more info. on my family so if I didn't include something, please let me know. I'm sure you are really busy & I'm 100% willing and ready to search for my aunts. I just feel like I've been going in circles so I decided to ask your opinion. Seems like you have a great knowledge of the Pyeatt family history & of how to do searches. If you do have any info that could help me, I'd be forever grateful! My aunts info. with greater detail are listed below. 1) Wanda Carlene Pyeatt D.O.B. is 8/19/1936---last known as Wanda York, married David Burke York, Sr. on 4/2/1952: 2)Athena Lorene Pyeatt (goes by LORENE) D.O.B. is 7/19/1938 ;was married to Donald Edward Long on 4/8/1960..but divorced 7/31/1968: 3) Millie Darlene Pyeatt (goes by Darlene); D.O.B. is 9/7/1940- Married Jay Manning Fuller 7/23/1964. I believe he has since passed. Thank you once again for your time! Take care and God Bless! Nicole V. Pyeatt"

Date: 7 Aug 2003 From: To: Subject: PIATTS IN ADAMS COUNTY, OHIO "My grt, grt, grt grandfather was Stephen Piatt. I am sure he was related to the Ohio Piatt's but am having trouble tying him in with the others. I know he was living in Muskingum County, Ohio in 1820, and that he fought in the 1812 war but that is about all I have found about him...His one daughter, Hannah Piatt married my grt grt grandfather, William Thomas and they lived in Marion, Marion County, Ohio until her death and she is buried there. I think William was married to a Rebecca Piatt before he was married to Hannah and she died too. Has anyone run across any information on these people and how they connect to the others? Jeanette Haskett

Date: 27 Aug 2003 From: James Piatt To: Subject: Rev. Robert Piatt "Does anyone on the list know of a Reverend Robert Piatt, probably in his 70's, who was once located in Canton, OH? I recently received a phone call from a Thomas Marion who knew him in the service, I think, and thought he had a church in Canton, OH, at one time. If anyone knows of this Piatt's whereabouts, I will contact Mr. Marion with the information. He is very anxious to get in touch with Robert. Jim Piatt

Date: 3 Sep 2003 From: To: Subject: James W. Piatt "Searching for information about James W Piatt, with middle name presumably 'Wallace.' He was born about 1850-1855 in PA according to the Pittsburgh Federal Census of 1880. This information conflicts with a location of Belmont Co., OH mentioned in 'All Sorts of Pittsburghers.' James Piatt was the owner of Piatt's Restaurant & Saloon at 248 Fifth Ave. in Pittsburgh. One of his wives was Elizabeth McLaughlin. They had a son named John Newell Piatt (graduate of Yale Law School) who became a prominent Pittsburgh attorney and, like his father, was a colorful charcter in Pittsburgh politics. James Piatt served on the Pittsburgh City Council for the Second Ward and was at various times a member of the Police Committee, the Highways Committee and the Printing Committee. Any information, especially about his parents, would be appreciated.

Date: 17 Sep 2003 From: Candice Subject: Re: Pyeatts of MO/TX "Marianne, Rev. Tennant's wife Christine Hacker, who was from Arkansas Post.......her grandfather or father [haven't got the files out] worked for the Choteaus, who you probably know were the suppliers for Lewis and Clark.I am doing a very large research project for a book, involving biographical research into 12 Coast Salish Indian women and 25 husbands. The more I see, the less I believe in coincidence when names are nearby. I also help people do genealogy at the State Archives here. Same experience. Somewhere I believe there is a link between those Washington county Pyeatts from North Carolina [I think?] and your bunch. And probably between the Tennant daughter's McClure and yours. People met people so often at that time by personal reference... one person sending someone on to another.... on even the slightest acquaintance level. It's just too weird that these names are crossing like this. If you ever see any mention of a Tennant in Texas about 1855 and earlier, please let me know. The eldest Tennant boy.... James Henry Tennant [named after another minister who had married into the family of Christine Hacker Tennant] died in TX in 1855. I have no idea where, and neither does the family. No idea why he went there, when he was the eldest of 13... the one who would be expected to also become a minister, or at the least run the farm. One of the Tennant-Pyeatt couples went to TX and settled there but after the War, I think. Candace"


Date: 7 Apr 2004 From: To: Subject: Mary L Piatt 'Hi, I am related to Rene Le Fluer Piatt, he came to the USA in the 1800's I believe. My grandmother's name was Mary L. Piatt. She ran away from her family and married my grandfather Charles Albert Snyder. They lived in ND, California, Washington and Oregon. They are passed away now. I would like to receive any information I can about my grandfather from France. I also understand during the French Revolution, I had a relative who was beheaded and he walked three steps before dying. They named a street after him in France. I don't know what city that was. There are lots of things I would like to know more. Thank You, Madrene White

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