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Our Pyeatt Lines

These are links to our own lines of Pyeatts. I have only proven them through the John and ? Pyeatt line. While I have been told that Jacob (a son of Jacob and Jean Paul) was our next generation - I have no proof. However, our DNA does match the DNA of the Washington County, Arkansas, Pyeatt/Pyeatte line which descends from Jacob and Jane Young Pyeatt.

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Rene and Elizabeth Sheffield Piatt
Jacob and Mary Hull Pyeatt
Jacob and Jean Paul/Jane Young Pyeatt
Jacob and Elizabeth Dunham Pyeatt
Jacob and ? Pyeatt
John and ? Pyeatt
Jacob and Olivia McClure Pyeatt
William and Dianne Pyeatt
Washington Byrd and Mary McKinney Pyeatt
Noah Evertt and Marie Studdard Pyeatt