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Christopher and Nancy Votaw Pyeatt

Christopher Pyeatt was born c1795 in Missouri to John and ? Piatt and died in late 1871 or early 1872 in St. Louis County, Missouri. Christopher was married at least twice and had children with each wife. We do not know the name of his first wife. We know only of her existance through the conclusion that his second wife was not old enough to be the mother of the older children proven in his estate administration. His children with his first wife were: At the time of Christopher's death, his estate administration claimed that all of the children lived in Eureka, St. Louis County, Missouri.

Christopher married before 1845, Nancy Votaw, who was born c1825 to Henry and Eliza Link Votaw.

They had eight children as follows:

Christopher sold his portion of his fathers estate in St. Louis/Jefferson County in 1845 along with his siblings Benjamin, Frederick, Jacob, Nancy, Catherine, and Jane and then purchased more land.

Christopher appears to be the only Pyeatt on the Jefferson County, Missouri, tax list (or, perhaps, just in his area) as follow:
Pyatt, Christopher - tythes: 1 slaves: (blank) value: (blank) Horses: 2 Value: 5 Cattle: 3 Value: 13 Lanyard: (blank) Value: (blank) Carriage: (blank) Value: (blank) Dist?: (blank) Value: (blank) Amt: 68 State Tax - Cts: 11 Mills: 3 Cash or cash note: (blank)

Christopher is the grandfather of Glennon Pyeatt of Deslodge, Missouri, who provided much of this information.

This is how the Christopher Pyeatt family appeared on the 1850 Jefferson County, Missouri, federal census:

Christopher's son, James and wife Pina Pyeatt were in St. Louis County with sibling Larkin Pyeatt. John was with Christopher as shown above. Where was Henry?

Christopher and family appeared as follows on the 1860 census of Jefferson County (Merrimac Township) Missouri:

On the 1870 census of Jefferson County, Missouri, they appear as follows:

As can be seen from this comparison, Christopher birth year gets progresively later as the census' go by. I would think that the earliest census is the more reliable and that, as he aged, he felt a need to appear younger. These discrepancies could be caused by the date of the census visit or by someone guessing Christophers age when he wasn't available to give it himself.

In 1871 Christopher sold his Jefferson County, Missouri, farm and moved to near Eureka in Meramac Township, St. Louis County, Missouri. Christopher died about January 2, 1872 (his coffin was freighted-in on January 4, 1872) and Nancy died a few days later sometime between a doctor's visit in the middle of the night on the 5th and the 7th when her coffin was freighted-in. I can only imagine how this impacted the young children of Christopher and Nancy. Among the quardians for some of the minor children appeared the name Robert King.

I performed several searches of the 1880 census at I searched the US for Henry Pyeatt born in Missouri in 1833 (+-5 years) - no matches. I searched the US for Peter Pyeatt born in Missouri in 1850 (+-5 years) - no matches. I searched the US for Thomas Pyeatt born in Missouri in 1867 (+-5 years) - 3 matches; two known; one 'Pate' unlikely.

I did find James A Pyeatt in 1880 in Muscatine, Muscatine Co, Iowa as follows:

Was Oliver legally adopted? On the 1900 census of Muscatine, Iowa, 'O F Pyeatt' age 38 and wife, Belle, live in the same household with James and Pina.

Other records pertaining to Christopher and Nancy, which I have not yet abstracted, include the following information from the indirect index to Jefferson County, Missouri, Circuit Court records:

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