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Washington Byrd and Mary Azelee McKinney Pyeatt

Washington Byrd Pyeatt was born January 3, 1876 in (Plattin Township, Jefferson County?) Missouri. At least this is where his parents, William and Dianna Pyatt, lived before and after his birth.

Washington Byrd, W.B. to everyone, married Mary Azlee McKinney in Doniphan, Ripley County, Missouri, May 14, 1899. Azelee (as is on her marriage license) was born December 4, 1879 to George and Minerva A McDowell McKinney. Minerva, born c. 1860, was the daughter of George W and Lucy Johnson McDowell who were married in Ripley County, MO on July 8, 1857. "Ma Pyeatt", as she was called by all, had a very native American look. She was said to be 1/2 Cherokee and looked more like a full Cherokee. So, we wonder about her being in an "Irish" family.

Mary Azlee's bible is in the possession of her daughter-in-law, Willie Marie Pyeatt of Mountain Home, Arkansas. It lists all of their children (many who died in infancy). Many are listed by initials only and we have had to rely on family members, census records, etc to supply the names. I have had no luck in finding Pyeatt gravestones in Ripley County. However, we now know that the family lived in Carter County, MO, during the 1910 census and we wonder whether this is the place where they really lived and died. Many McKinney and McDowell families can be found in Carter County. On this census, Gabril W Pyeatt was listed as head of household. This is the only reference that we have to the first name Gabril (the first census on which W.B. appeared as a child listed him as Byrd) other than one of his children who told us that Gabrielle was his real first name.

The children of W.B. and A.M. Pyeatt (as is stamped on her bible) were:

The W. B. Pyeatt family was found on the 1900 census of Jordan Township, Ripley County, Missouri, as follows: This family was enumerated #38/38 and indexed under Pilt. Living near his father, William D Pyeatt who was also found under Pilt.

By the 1910 census they were in Johnson Township of Carter County, Missouri (Dist #14):

This family enumerated at #131/131. I need to look up the neighbors. This is the only instance of 'Gabriel' being attached to Washington Byrd Pyeatt. Of interest, in the same area of Plattin Township, Jefferson County, Missouri, where the Pyeatts hailed was a man named Gabriel Washington Byrd. I believe that Pa was named for him.

They had moved to Gassville, Baxter County, Arkansas by the 1920 census:

This family enumerated at #227/253.

Also in "Ma" Pyeatt's bible was her obituary published March 19, 1965 in the Baxter Bulletin (Mountain Home, AR). It listed the following siblings of Mary Azlee McKinney Pyeatt: Claude McKinney; Lucy Emmins, Elsie Odam and Lettie Thompson all of Doniphan, MO and Noah McKinney of St. Louis, MO.

In June of 1928 when W B's mother Diana died, it gave his place of residence as Tulsa, Oklahoma. W B and Mary were also known to have lived in Kansas.

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