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Edward S and Caroline Macklin Pyatt

Edward Samuel Pyatt was born December 22, 1868, in Allenton, Franklin County, Missouri, to Elisha and Frances Bohle/Boley Pyatt and died October 11, 1927, in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri. He is buried in the New Pickers Cemetery (now Gateway Gardens) in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri.

Edward married first c1892 Caroline Macklin probably in St. Louis County. Caroline was born in November of 1874 in Germany. She and her family immigrated to the US in 1882.

The known children of Edward and Caroline:

Edward and family appear as follows on the 1900 census of St. Louis County, Missouri:

I believe that the following entries - the first from 1890 and the second for 1911 St Louis City Directories are for Samuel Edward Pyatt:

It is interesting that Edward's brother, John S Pyatt, died at the #1309 Boyle Avenue address in 1888. I wonder if they owned the home together or if John was ill and lived with Edward's family?

By the 1910 census, Samuel Edward Pyatt, appears to be out of the picture, although he is not dead, and his family appears as follows:

This family was enumerated at 4117 Clayton Avenue.

Evidently, Caroline remarried sometime before 1920 Franklin Jones who was born c1855 in Missouri. They appeared as followed on the 1920 census in district 191, St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri:

This family was enumerated 101/191/7/25 #1955 Cherokee Street ( image 13/27)). Living in district 488 was another apparent son of Edward and Caroline as follows:

This family enumerated 118/188/2/23 #1407 Boyle Avenue (ancestry image 881). Daughter Blanche was married to Charles Marlow and was living at #3834 Blaine in St. Louis as follows:

Samuel Edward Pyeatt was living near Emmett's Boyle Avenue address with his sister as follows:

This family was enumerated in district 188 #1301/252/384 Boyle Avenue next door to Frank and Harry. Samuel and Myra are living next door to their brother, Frank, and their nephew, Harry. It looks like the marital status for Edward was Wd and was changed to D.

Edward's son, Edward F Pyatt, died in 1924. His death certificate information is as follows:
Death Certificate #13133 County: {blank}; Township: {blank}; City: St Louis; No: 4513a Gibson Ave; Registration District: 791; Primary Registration District: 1003; Full Name: Edward F Pyatt; Residence: 4513a Gibson Ave; Ward: 9; Sex: Male; Race: White; Marital status: Single; Name of Spouse: {blank}; Date of birth: Sept 28, 1895; Age: 28 yrs 6 mos 19 ds; Occupation: Baker; Name of employer: Union Biscuit Co; Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri; Name of Father: Edward S Pyatt; Birthplace of Father: Missouri; Maiden name of Mother: Caroline Macklin; Birthplace of Mother: Germany; Informant and address: Caroline Pyatt Jones, 4513a Gibson Ave; Filed: APR 20, 1924 Max C Starkloff; Date of Death: April 17, 1924; I attended the deceased from April 16, 1924 to April 17, 1924 that I last saw him alive April 17, 1924 and that death occurred at 10:30 pm; Cause of Death: Pneumonia (lobar); Duration: 4 ds; What test confirmed diagnosis? Physical; Physician and address: HN Shackelford M.D., April 19, 1924; Place of burial or removal: Memorial Pk. Cemetery; Date of burial: 4 20, 1924; Undertaker: Geo Kriegshauser, 4104 Manchester Ave

Edward's obituary in the St. Louis Post Dispatch appeared as follows:
PYATT - Entered into rest on Thursday, April 17, 1924, at 10:30 p. m. Edward F. Pyatt, of 4513A Gibson avenue. dear beloved son of Caroline Pyatt Jones (nee Macklin), dear brother of Mrs. Blanche O. Marlow, Emmet C. and Clarence R. Pyatt, dear brother-in-law and uncle. In his twenty-ninth year. Funeral from Kriegshauser chapel, 4102 Manchester avenue. Monday, April 21 at 1:30 p. m. Interment Memorial Park [paid advertisement section April xx, 1924, issue]

Evidently, since Caroline paid for the ad, she didn't feel inclined to list her ex-husband as a grieving family member. I can only imagine that there must have been some dischord there with the children being close to their mother and possibly estrangled from Samuel Edward.

Apparently, Edward married for a second time to Rose ? some time between the 1920 census and his death in 1927. His death certificate appears as follows:
Death Certificate #31772 County: {blank}; Township: {blank}; City: St Louis No: Enroute City Hosp.; Residence No: 1301 S Boyle Ave; Ward: 18; Registration District: 791; Primary Registration District: 1003; Full Name: Edward S Pyatt; Residence: 1301 Boyle Ave; Ward: 18 Length of residence in city where death occurred: 49 yrs Sex: m; Race: w; Marital status: Married; Name of Spouse: Rose Pyatt; Date of birth: Dec 22, 1868; Age: 58 yrs 9 mos 19 days; Occupation: Shipping Clerk / Tobacco; Name of employer: Liggett - Myers; Birthplace: Allenton, Mo; Name of Father: unknown; Birthplace of Father: unknown; Maiden name of Mother: unknown; Birthplace of Mother: unknown; Informant and address: Mrs Rose Pyatt, 1012 Frey Ave; Filed: OCT 13, 1927 Max C Starkloff; Date of Death: Oct 11, 1927; I attended the deceased from {blank} to {blank} that I last saw him alive {blank} that death occurred at 3pm; Cause of Death: Aortic Insufficiency & Stenosis; Duration: {blank}; Contributory: W. M. A.; Was there an autopsy? Yes; Physician and address: R. S. Vitt M.D., 10/13 1927 Coroner; Place of burial or removal: New Pickers Cemetery; Date of burial: Oct 14, 1927; Undertaker: Kriegshauser Und Co, 4104 Manchester

I find it interesting that Edward's usual place of residence is given as 1301 S Boyle (where he had lived with Myra) while his wife's address was 1012 Frey Avenue. Was he married such a short time that his usual place of residence had not been established at his wife's home?

On the 1930 census, Caroline was widowed and appeared with her son as follows in St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri:

This family was enumerated #4442 Oakland Avenue on April 15th 1930. I find an Emmett Pyatt on Manchester Avenue who was a chauffer (as was Caroline's Emmett); however, he gives his age as 24 when he should be 31 or 32. Did he lie about his age because his wife was only 19? Or, is this a different Emmett? Blanche and family had moved to Central Township, St. Louis County, Missouri, and appeared as follows:

This family was enumerated #3424 Commonwealth in District 95). I think that the enumerator was told that Blanche's mother was born in Alsace Lorraine and made the assumption that was in France.


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