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Peter and Martha A Huston Piatt

Peter Piatt was born c1856 in Ohio. Searches of the 1850 and 1860 census turned up no matches for a possible identification of his parents.

Peter was married twice. His first wife's name is not known to us at this time, but, they probably married in Indiana. He had the following known child with his first wife:

There may have been other children born who have not been connected to this union.

It is known that Peter had a first wife per his 1910 census entry (below) and as at least one of the children predate his marriage to his second wife. I have listed Jacob as a son of Peter although there is some contradictory evidence against it. The most compelling reason to believe that he is their son is that Jacob's son, Roy Piatt, is listed as Martha's grandson on the 1930 census entry (below).

Peter was married in Butler County, Missouri, October 30, 1881, to Martha A Huston. Martha was 15 years old at the time to Peter's 24. There are two families who Martha might belong to (1) the Aron Houston family who appeared on the 1870 census in Lincoln Township, Putnam County, with a 4-year-old 'Martha Houston' born in Missouri or (2) the Charles W Huston family in Brownsville, Grand Pass, Saline County, Missouri, on the 1870 census with a 4-year-old 'Martha E Huston' born in Missouri. My money is on the Arron Houston family as they had an Illinois connection (the mother and many of the children were born in Illinois) which is where Martha claims one or both of her parents were born on various census entries (below). Martha appears as a 14-year-old in Beaver Dam Township, Butler County, Missouri with the Benjamin Cowen family and a few other boarders: Austin Donalds age 19 born in MO and Henry Crooms age 11 born in KY. Could the Cowens' be family? They were born in NC and NY which doesn't appear to be plausible.

I believe that Peter may have made a trip from Indiana to Missouri and married Martha and then gone back to Indiana to live. I believe this since the oldest of their children are said to have been born in Indiana.

Peter and Martha had the following known children:

I viewed each page of the 1910 census for Ash Hill Township and much of the Poplar Bluff Township (where Jacob Piatt was living) with no Piatt family found (although the images were poor).

Peter and family appeared on the 1910 census of Ash Hill Township, Butler County, Missouri, as follows:

  • Piatt, Peter age ?54 born OH / WM / Married 2; 28 yrs / father/mother born France
  • Piatt, Martha (wife) age 44 born MO / WF / Married 1; 0 yrs (probably should be 28)/ father/mother born IL
  • Piatt, Fred (son) age 26 born IN / WM / Widowed / father born MO/mother born OH (these appear reversed; same on all children)
  • Piatt, Jilson (son) age 23 born MO / WM / Single
  • Piatt, Walter (son) age 16 born MO / WM / Single
  • Piatt, George (son) age 12 born MO / WM / Single
  • Piatt, Elva (son) age 6 born MO / WM / Single

    This family was enumerated #87/87; image 7/10 ED #2. While Peter's ancestors are most likely of French descent, it was probably another family member who listed his parents as born in France. I would think that Peter would know better, or, possibly they were immigrants.

    Various searches for any members of Peter's family on the 1920 census index at turned up the families of Fred Piatt and Jacob Piatt.

    By the 1930 census of Ash Hill Township, Butler County, Missouri, Martha appears as a widow with one of her sons and grandsons as follows:

    This family was enumerated #4/4 New Hampshire Street.

    This grandson, Roy Piatt, appears with Jacob Piatt on the 1920 census of Ash Hill Township as his son.

    Martha is also listed as living with her ex daughter-in-law in District 29, Campbell Township, Dunklin County, Missouri, as follows:

  • Piatt, Ada J age 34 born MO / DWF / father/mother born US
  • Piatt, Curtis (son) age 18 born MO / SWM / father born IN/mother born MO
  • Piatt, Earl E (son) age 12 born MO / SWM / father born IN/mother born MO
  • Piatt, Elva M (daughter) age 5 born MO / SWF / father born IN/mother born MO
  • Piatt, William F (son) age 3 born MO / SWM / father born IN/mother born MO
  • Piatt, Martha E (mother-in-law) age 63 born MO / father born IL/mother born MO

    This family was enumerated #138/144 image 12/32. The most likely explanation is that Martha was living with Ada at least part-time to help care for the children. George was probably actually the head of household (or at least when Martha was away).


    Updated Aug 2004

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