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Peter and Mary (Polly) Miller Pyeatt

Peter Pyeatt, son of Jacob and Margaret Finley Pyeatt was born August 29, 1793 in Guilford County, North Carolina, and died April 26, 1856, in Washington County, Arkansas. Peter married on December 31, 1822, in Independance or Pulaski County, Arkansas, Mary "Polly" Miller who was born November 15, 1804 in Livingston County, Kentucky and who died December 15, 1858 (probably in Washington County, Arkansas).

The children of Peter and Polly:

Miranda and Ada Tennant were sisters. Their younger sister half-sister, Henrietta "Hettie" Josephine Tennant (d/o Thomas H. and Clarissa White Tennant) later married Peter C. Pyeatt, a nephew to the two Pyeatt brothers.

Some tax lists which include two Peter Pyeatts seem to distinguish between the two. It seems that Peter Pyeatt, his father, Jacob Pyeatt (along with Andrew Pyeatt and John Pyeatt) lived in Cane Hill Township while Peter Paulus Pyeatt and brother, Henry Porter Pyeatt, lived in Vineyard township.

1828 Arkansas - Washington County

1829 Arkansas - Washington County - Vineyard Township
1829 Arkansas - Washington County - Cane Hill Township Peter and family appeared as follows on the 1840 census of Washington County, Arkansas: This would appear to be Peter and Polly with his father and seven of their children. Males under five would be Jessie and Joseph; males 5-10 would be Andrew, Henderson and John; males 10-15 would be Jacob and James. This would assume that Samual who was age 16 was out of the house. It would also indicate that the daughter Mary had died by this time.

Peter and family appeared as follows on the 1850 census of Washington County, Arkansas:

Peter and Polly had both died by the 1860 census. I would have expected them to be in the Cane Hill Cemetery, but, do not find them on the inscriptions that I have for Washington County. If anyone can provide further information on these other children, please contact me.

Land records in Washington County, AR, which appear to belong to Peter include:

  • Peter P Pyeatt 08/20/1838; doc #140; NWNW sec 28 town 14N rang 32W 40 acres; AR0850_.135
  • Peter P Pyeatt 03/10/1843; doc #3309; SWSW sec 21 town 14N rang 32W 40 acres; AR0920_.162
  • Peter P Pyeatt 08/20/1838; doc #500; NENE sec 29 town 14N rang 32W 40 acres; Ar0850_.476
  • Peter Pyeatt 09/01/1849; doc #4917; W1/2NW sec 6 town 14N rang 32W 82.46 acres; AR0940_.345

    In "The Pyeatts and Carnahans of Old Cane Hill" by Rev. Alfred E. Carnahan and Susan Carnahan Cruse, Bulletin #8 of the Washington Co. [AR] Historical Society, p. 47 (see Family Histories I page for LDS ordering instructions on this history. MCP} "The Adventure of 'Big Peter' Pyeatt" appears the following:
    "About the time of the settlement of northwest Arkansas, “Big Peter” and a partner went on a trapping expedition on the Verdigris River in the Indian Territory. Near the close of the trapping season and while he was gone from the camp, this partner loaded the furs on the boat in which they had made the upstream trip, and stole away, leaving Peter alone and many miles from any white settlement. Making his way homeward as best he could, in a famished condition, he came to an Indian village. Making signs of friendship, they received him, and understanding his condition, fed him small bits of sliced venison (raw) until his strength was restored. An Indian then accompanied him to a certain point where he made signs that white men could be found, grunted a farewell, and left him. Peter soon found the white settlement, which I suppose was Fort Smith."


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