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John and Sarah Eggers Pyatt

John Pyatt was born about 1822 in Indiana to William and Catherine Glass Pyatt and died December 20, 1841 in Crawford County, Missouri. He married Sarah "Sally" Eggers who was born c1815. The marriage license was for 'John Piatt' and 'Sally Eggers' (both of Crawford County and lawful age) 12-20-1841 by James Halbert, MG, Book A-69 in Crawford County, Missouri.

The known children of John and Sally Pyatt:

I wasn't able to locate John and Sally on the 1850 census. They should have had two or three children by then.

On the 1860 census of Elm Grove P O, Union Township, Crawford County, Missouri, they appeared as follows:

This family was enumerated #322/322 17 July 1860 pg 17 (left) pg 809 (right) (ancestry image 17/18). These are probably their two oldest children as Sarah was born a year after their marriage and Benjamin followed by two years. But, there is room for other children between Benjamin and Phebe and Rhoda and Isaac.

John and family were still in Union Township, Crawford County, Missouri, for the 1870 census:

This family enumerated #165/165 image 23 of 26) pg 684. I find it interesting that John aged 10 years while Sarah only aged 4. Did someone answer this for her or is she shaving off some years? She has to be at least 54 if her 1860 answer was accurate (making her 6 years older than John).

It appears that John died before the 1880 census where Sarah appeared with her married daughter in Osage Township, Crawford County, Missouri:

This family was enumerated vol 10 ed 58 sh 14 line ?. Now there is a twenty year gap in Sarah's age from the previous census.


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