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John Piatt and Eliza J Lowry

John Piatt was born June 13, 1818 near Brooksville, Franklin County, Indiana, to James Andrew Piatt and Jemima Ford and died August 13, 1904. He married on September 4, 1846, to Eliza J Lowry who was born February 1, 1827 in Illinois and who died November 1914.

John was 20 when his father died in Piatt County, Illinois (named for the father) and John became the first sheriff of Piatt County, Illinois.

The known children of John and Eliza were:

The family appeared as follows on the 1850 census of Monticello (or West Side of Sangamon River), Piatt County, Illinois:

This family was enumerated 4th Dec 1850 #2209/2261 on pg 16 (ancestry image 4/4). Neighbors were #2205 Americus & Rebecca ?Doncorluss, #2206 Peter & Eliza Coil, #2207 Isaac & Anna Norris, #2208 Jacob & Elizabeth Coon. Many of John's relatives lived in various neighboring households including his father's widow, Mahala; his sister, Anna A Piatt Strickler, with their sibling, Jacob Piatt; his brother, Wiliam H Piatt; and his brother, James A Piatt.

I do not have John on the 1860 census. If someone has that abstract I would appreciate having it.

I have a rough abstract of the family on the 1870 census of Piatt County, Illinois:

On the 1880 census of Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois, the family appeared as follows:

This abstract was found at page 260D. Living next door was the following family which I believe includes one (maybe two) of John's sons. Source:

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