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John Livingston Piatt and Martha McMurtray

John Livingston Piatt was born December 9, 1809 in Hamilton County, Ohio and died after 1880 (probably in Henry County, Illinois). I believe he is the son of Jacob Piatt and his second wife, Esther Livingston. He married first in 1834 to Hannah Hileman of Hamilton County, Ohio, who died in March of 1842. He married second in 1844 Martha McMurtry of Knox County who was born c1824 in Indiana and who died after 1880 (probably in Henry County, Illinos).

According to an autobiographical sketch listed under 1877 Weller Township, Henry County, Illinois tax records, John was born in Hamilton County, Ohio; lived in Ohio about twenty-four years and in Indiana two years; removed to this state, 1839, and to this county, 1840, and has lived here over thirty-six years.

The known/suspected children of John and Hannah:

The known/suspected children of John and Martha:

John and family appear as follows on the 1850 census of Henry County, Illinois:

This enumeration was taken 16 Sept 1850 on page 99b. John’s age should be 39 in keeping with his birthyear from all other censuses. The family lived next door to James and Sarah Decker.

They were difficult to locate on the 1860 census as they were written as 'Pratt'. The first instance had a dot over the 'r'. They were in ?Winona P O, Weller Township, Henry County, Illinois:

This family was enumerated #2378/2272 on page 861. Next door were Jacob and Elizabeth Bricker. My speculation is that these are their son, Wycoff's, in-laws.

The following men served from Henry County during the civil war:

James and James L Piatt might be the same individual. Lafayette Piatt was John's half-brother and I suspect that James was another of their half-brothers who was born in 1814. Or, it could be John's son who was born in 1850. The son seems a little young to have been a soldier and the half-brother a little too old.

John and family appeared as follows on the 1870 census of Bishophill P O, Weller Township, Henry County, Illinois:

This family was enumerated #42/45 pg 137 (pg 6 top left side)(ancestry image 6/40). Catherine might be their youngest child or might have been married to James. I do not find such a married record in Henry County, Illinois. So, I’m guessing it’s a daughter. Living nearby at #18/18 pg 136 (the previous page) was:

In Cambridge P O, Andover Township, Henry County, was:

  • Piatt, Jacob age 28 born OH / WM / Farmer / $2500/
  • Piatt, Emeline age 28 born IN / WF / Keeping House
  • Piatt, George age 6 born IN / WM
  • Swanson, Peter age 30 born Denmark / WM / Farm Laborer / Father/mother foreign born

    This family was enumerated #12/12 on page 258. All indications are that this is John’s son, Jacob who was married in 1861 to Emeline Nelson. The possibility exists that it is not the same Jacob. However, Swansons in both households seems to be a link.

    Jane Piatt (John's step-mother) was living with her daughter, Eliza Stewart, in Coal Valley PO, Colona Township, Henry County, Illinois in 1870 and 1880.

    According to the Patron Atlas of 1875 for Weller Township, Henry County, Illinois:

    I believe the James Piatt is John's son who was born in 1850. Since there are no ages listed, it is not possible to verify this assumption.

    According to voter and tax records 1877 Illinois - Henry County - Weller Township (?supplemented?):

    There are marriages in Henry County, Illinois, during this time period that do not belong to John’s known children. The names are not ones I have come across for John or Jane.

    Marriages - Illinois - Henry County

    John and family appeared as follows in Weller, Henry County, Illinois, on the 1880 census:

    This extract is from; page 460D. I need to look at the original entry. On the same page was:


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