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John N and Marguerite Elder Pyatt

John Pyatt was born c1775-1795 to Moses Pyatt & ? in Ohio and died in March 1850 in Kendall County, Illinois. He married on July 31, 1803, in Fairfield County, Ohio, to Marguerite Elder who was born c1785 in Ohio (the Ohio part is in question) and who died in June of 1850 in Kendall County, Illinois. Since their deaths were so close together in a year when a mortality schedule was prepared, we get to see both their entries in the 1850 Illinois Mortality Schedule as follows: John's age would indicate he was born c1796 while Marguerite's that she was born c1785. It was fairly uncommon for her to have been older and since his age is not compatible with their year of marriage and the birth of their childen, his mortality schedule information might be in error. Perhaps we was 64 instead of 54 years old. He should have been born about 1780 to have married in 1803.

I suspect John was in Kendall County, Illinois by 1834 (in Kendall Township) because his son, John, was listed on the pioneer index of Kendall County as having arrived in that year. Of interest is that the family of Samuel and Mary Phelps Pyatt came to that County at the same time and lived in the same township. Samuel was born in 1793 in Ohio to Ebenezer and Rebecca Milburn Pyatt. The family however was enumerated in Perry County, Illinois, on both the 1830 and 1840 census. I don't see where Perry and Kendall counties were ever part of each other to explain this apparent appearance between two census enumerations. I haven't seen anyone connect these two families yet.

The known children of John and Marguerite were:

I found references to E. B. James at History of Grundy County, Illinois (published 1914) that may refer to Elisha James who married Marguerite Pyatt. One reference for an early church included mention of John Platt.

I found John Pyatt Jr on the 1850 census of Kendall Township, Kendall County, Illinois, as follows:

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