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James P and Mahalia Neal Pyeatt

James Paulus Pyeatt was born c1833 in Washington County, Arkansas to Peter Paulus and Lavinia Cox Pyeatt. He married first Mahalia Neal on July 27, 1853, in Washington County, Arkansas (book A pg 320).

The known children of James and Mahala:

In an article published by the Washington County (Arkansas) Historical Society, on the Pyeatt's of Old Cane Hill, the author (a Pyeatt, herself), said that James P. Pyeatt (son of Peter P. & Lavinia Cox) and his wife, Mahala Neal had no children. According to Sharolynn Pyeatt, her great-grandfather, John Thomas Pyeatt, was their son and the 1850 census showed that they had 3 children, Martha, John T. and a baby, Mary. Martha & John T. were farmed out with families in Kansas during the Civil War. Their mother had died and James was remarrying. For whatever reason, James never returned to claim his son and daughters. The article's author was born after the Civil War and would never have known these children. So, she couldn't have remembered them and didn't include their information in her 1940s work.

They appeared as follows on the 1860 census of Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas:

Alice Pyeatt Dittmer told that her father, John Thomas Pyeatt, was born in Arkansas. His father's name was James and he had a sister, Martha. When he was six-years-old, his father took him and Martha and placed them with other families because he was getting married again. At some point in her childhood, Alice remembers someone from the Pyeatt side of the family had come to town while they lived in Oklahoma. They moved to Oregon in 1904. It is unclear if the youngest child, Mary, was already deceased in 1862 when the fostering took place, was not remembered by John Thomas Pyeatt, or, had been placed previously when her mother died.

I had no luck finding James Pyeatt on the 1870 or 1880 census. I looked for the daughters using first name and age range born in Arkansas for anywhere in the USA without finding a likely match. My search did locate what appears to be John T Pyeatt. He is the only John Pyeatt anywhere in the USA of approximately the correct age. He appears with a family on the 1870 census in Waveland, Monmouth Township, Shawnee County, Kansas:

This family was enumerated #64/65 on pg 9. Their neighbors were Harvey Zerkle, Jacob Zerkle, Thomas Nichols, Samuel Cablentz, John Coyne, Calvin Fletcher, and Charles Gerian.


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