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Jesse J and Loretta E Minneman Pyeatt

Jesse Joseph Pyeatt was born January 19, 1896 in Linn, Missouri, to Christopher C and Seldria F Montgomery Pyeatt and died August 23, 1959 in St. Louis, Missouri. He married October 20, 1922, St. Louis, Missouri, Loretta E Minneman who was born March 26, 1901 in St. Louis, Missouri, to Henry and Elizabeth Berkemeier Minneman and died January 29, 1973 in St. Louis, Missouri. Both are buried in Valhalla Cemetery.

Jesse had been honorably discharged from the United States Army in 23 July 1919. His discharge papers claimed that he was born in Lynn, Missouri; that he was 21 when he enlisted; that he was a baker by occupation at the time of enlistment; he had blue eyes; brown hair; a fair complexion; and was 5 feet 8 inches in height.

Jesse and Loretta had the following children:

After Jesse's death, Loretta administered his estate:
In the Probate Court of Shannon County, Missouri, December 5th, 1959: In matter of estate of Jesse J. Pyeatt, deceased. Loretta Pyeatt, Administratix - In matter of one year's allowance for Spouse. Now on this day the application of Loretta Pyeatt, widow of Jesse J Pyeatt, deceased, for an allowance out of the personal estate of the said Jesse J Pyeatt, in the sum of One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars for the support of herself for One Year being presented is by the court taken up examined and found to be in due form, and after due and careful consideration finds that said sum is not excessive, in the manner suited for her condition in life, it is now hereby Ordered by the court she Loretta Pyeatt, as administratix of the estate of Jesse J Pyeatt, deceased, draw from the personal funds now in her hands and belonging to said estate the said Sum of One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars, for her personal support for one year after the death of him the said Jesse J Pyeatt, deceased. W A Despain Judge of Probate Court

Loretta's death certificate reads as follows: Missouri Division of Health - Registration Dist No. - 317 Primary Registration Dist NO.- 500 1. Deceased Name (first, middle, last): Loretta F Pyeatt 2. Sex: Female 3. Date of Death (month, day, year): January 29, 1973 4. Race: White 5. Age last birthday: 71 6. Date of birth (month, day, year): March 26, 1901 7a. County of Death: St. Louis 7b. City, town or location of death: Normandy 7c. Inside city limits: Yes 7d. Hospital or other institution name: Shamrock Nursing Home 8. State of Birth: Mo 9. Citizen of What Country: U.S.A. 10. Married, never married, widowed, divorced: Widowed 11. Surviving spouse: None 12. Social Security Number: (blank) 13a. Usual occupation: Housewife 13b: Kind of business: None 14a. Residence - state: Mo 14b. - County: St. Louis 14c. - City or Town or Location: Spanish Lake 63138 14d. Inside city limits: Yes 14e. - Township: (blank) 14f. - Street and number: 1551 Trampe Ave. 15. Father name: Henry Minneman 16. Mother maiden name: Elizabeth Berkemeier 17a. Informant name: Mr. Glennon Pyeatt 17b. - Mailing address: 1551 Trampe Ave., Spanish Lake, Mo. 63138 18a. Immediate cause of death: Adenc???inoma of the Pancreas (approximate interval between onset and death: 3 months) 18b-20: Other conditions, etc.: (blank) 21a. Certification of Physician: I attended the deceased from 2-23-71 to 1-29-73 and last saw her alive on 1-19-73. I did view the body after death. Death occurred at 7:23 am 23a. Certifier Name: S A Flotte MD 23b. Mo license No: 24944 23c. Signature: S A Flotte M.D. 23d. Date signed: 1-29-73 23e. Mailing address: ??? Halls Ferry Road, Florissant, MO 63033 24a. Burial, crematory, removal: Burial 24b. Cemetery or Crematory: Valhalla Cemetery 24c. Location - city or town: St. Louis County - state: Mo. 24d. Date (month, day, year): Feb 1, 1973 25a. Funeral Home (name and address): White-Mullens 118 N. Florissant Rd. Ferguson, Mo 63135 25b. Funeral Director: Stephen White 25c. Reg. No: 5225 261. Registrar: John C Murphy M. D. 26b. Date received by local registrar: Jan 29, 1973


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