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John H and Delitha J Kenworthy Pyeatt

John H Pyeatt was born in August of 1862 in Missouri to William and Diana Pyeatt.

To our knowledge he was the fifth child born to this couple. We find him with his parents on the 1870 Ste. Genevieve County, MO, (Jackson Township) census and on the 1880 Jefferson County, MO (Plattin Township) census.

On the <1870cen.html"> 1870 census John was seven years old and on the 1880 census he was 18. This established his birthdate to be 1862/63 which matches the following John Pyeatt and family on the 1900 census of Kelly Township, Carter County, Missouri:

This couple had been married 9 years and had lost one child, they were enumerated at 15/36/5/34.

John H Pyeatt married Delitha J Kenworthy in 1891 in Shannon County, Missouri. These two children of John's appear in the bible of Mary Azlee Pyeatt who was the wife of Washington Byrd Pyeatt son of William and Diana Pyeatt. They are the only names which were not children of W.B. and Mary Pyeatt. This makes us very confident that this John is the son of William and Diana. Diana was not actually born in TX as John answered on the 1900 census. However, William did meet and marry her there - and I'm sure that's why John assumed that is where she was born. This family also appears in the same Missouri counties and at the same time as other children of William and Diana.

We know that Eliza died August 2, 1903, and is buried in the Pine Cemetery in Ripley County, Missouri. Her known children would have been eight and five years old at that time. Did John remarry?

We know no more about John after his appearance on the 1900 census although we searched the 1910 (see below) and 1920 soundex for Missouri and Oklahoma. He is not listed as a surviving son on his mother's June 8, 1928 obituary, so it is assumed that he had died by that date. We have also not found where these children or John are buried to continue the research into this line.

The children of John and Delitha appeared as follows on the 1910 census of King Township, Oregon County, Missouri, with thier uncle and his family:

This family was enumerated #149/149 on page 61A. Neighbors includes Lawson S Bryan, Overton Smith, William F Morman, Shirley Bolton, Charley Summers, and Jane Carnahan.


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