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John B and Inez Ratliff Pyeatt

John Benton Pyeatt was the son of James Benton Pyeatt and Margaret Jane Warren Pyeatt. He was born in June of 1876 in San Saba Co, TX, and died in 1926 in Phoenix, Arizona. His residence at the time of his death was on a ranch near Hereford, Cochise Co, AZ (now part of the Coronado National Monument). He married Inez "Tiny" Brigsby Ratliff. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1893 and died in 1981. Tiny's parents were said to have been killed in a wagon accident when she was a young child and she was adopted by the Ratliff family. The birth certificate of her first child, Avery Benton Pyeatt, lists her maiden name as 'Tiny Brigsby' therefore implying that her name before being adopted was Brigsby.

Their children are as follows:

I find the family on the 1920 census in District 13, Garces District, Cochise County, Arizona, as follows:

This family was enumerated #1/1 Monayuma Valley ( image 5/6). Thier next door neighbor was William Ratcliff with siblings Minnie and George; further down the page was the Edward and Ira Ratcliff family). Why was Lorraine listed as a son? She was listed as female - so the 'son' is evidently an error.

Garnett "Jonnie" Pyeatt says, "I was very young when my father died. About five I think. He was a veteran and when he became ill, he was sent to the hospital in Fort Huachuca and from there to Phoenix, AZ, where he died. I still have some recollections of happenings at the ranch near Herefore, Arizona. I can remember troops of Mexican soldiers coming to the ranch and asking for water. My mother stood at the ranch door with a rifle at her side while they were getting water. I can remember my father riding a white horse. When father died my mother was not able to do the ranch work so she sold the ranch and we moved to Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo Co, California. My mother was adopted after her parents were both killed in a wagon accident. Our ranch was located on what is now the Coronado National Monument."

If you have any information that you can provide to Garnett Jonnie Vestal, she can be contacted at Garnett P. Vestal, 6580 State Route 6 NE, St Joseph, Mo. 64507.


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