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Fleming S and Susan Pyatt

Fleming S Piott was born c1820 in Tennessee (probably Grainger County) to John and Hannah Piott of Virginia. The John Piott family was in Grainger County, Tennessee, as early as 1810.

Fleming married c in Tennessee, (probably Grainger County) Susan Kidwell who was born c1822 in Tennessee. Susan was the daughter of John Kidwell, the paster at the Kidwell Ridge Baptist Church in Grainger County, Tennessee.

Fleming and Susan had the following known children:

Fleming's family appears as follows on the 1860 census of Grainger County, Tennessee, District 2:

This family was enumerated 13 Jun 1860 #195/195 pages 27 and 28, Rutledge PO

A few years after this census was taken, Fleming and Susan's son, John H Piott, enlisted as a Private, B Company, 8th Cavalry, Capt. Wiley, Galyon Muster Camp Nelson, Kentucky on June 30, 1863. Sadly he died about six weeks later on August 15, 1863 of dysentary. The army records said he had 27 cents in his pocket. Beverly Asseltine's mother heard accounts of Susan in her later years from her grandchildren saying that she grieved until she died because she never knew what had happened to her son.

In 1870, Lydia Pyatt and Hester Pyatt, sisters of Flemming S Pyatt are enumerated with the William Smith family a few pages before the listing for the Flemming Pyatt family appears in the same township. William Smith and his wife, who is only listed by her initials E.J. or E.L., are both 25 years old. There is nothing to indicate that Lydia and Hester are servants, but there is nothing to indicate otherwise either, since the "occupation" is left blank next to their names, even though William is listed with an occupation & his wife is listed as "keeping house." It's kind of interesting to note that Flemming's son, Nathaniel, had a son named "Flemmie Sanders" perhaps named after his grandfather and a possible clue as to what the "S" stands for in the elder Flemming's name.

Fleming and family appeared as follows on the 1880 census of Panther Springs, Hamblen County, Tennessee:

This family was enumerated next door to:


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