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Edward and Lula H Gatewood Pyeatt

Edward Pyeatt was born February 19, 1874 in Rio Vista, Johnson County, Texas to John H and Sara A Maxwell Pyeatt and died June 6, 1960. He married bef 1897, (probably in Johnson County, Texas) Lula H Gatewood who was born July 18, 1877 and who died May 3, 1959. Edward and Lula are buried in the Grange Hall Cemetery, Johnson County, Texas.

Their headstone was transcribed as follows:
Pyeatt, Edward Feb 19, 1874 Jun 06, 1960 Pop / Pyeatt, Lula H. Jul 18, 1877 May 03, 1959 Mother

The known children of Edward and Lula were:

Edward and his family lived with his widowed mother on the 1900 census in Precinct 2, Johnson County, Texas:

This family was enumerated #288/300 pg 164b. At #289 and #290 were Edward's brothers, James F Pyeatt and Benjamin A Pyeatt. On the next page at #297 was his brother, Finis E Pyeatt; and brother, Charles D Pyeatt was in Precinct #3 on page #215. His brother, William H Pyeatt, was in Briscoe County, Texas. Neighbors were ?Chapin, James Pyeatt, Ben J Pyeatt, Bryant Horry, John Sanders, Robert Gatewood, Harry Gatewood, William Bailey, and Joe Lacewell.

I found Edward and family on the 1910 census in Precinct 2, Johnson County, Texas, as follows:

This family was enumerated #406/412 pg 198. Edward's brothers, Benjamin A Pyeatt and James F Pyeatt, were on pg 177. On pg 177b was his sister, Molly J Nanny, and his nephew, Leonard E Pyeatt (indexed as James E Pyeatt). And, on page 197a was his nephew, John Solomon Pyeatt. Neighbors were Mat Snell, H E King, C T Bishop, Claud Bony, S A H?????, W H Maxwell, W M Briggs, ? Chapman, J W Kid, and ? Thompson.


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