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James W and Elizabeth Pyatt Wright

Elizabeth Pyatt was born December 25, 1824, in Illinois to Henry and Rachel Ferrell Pyatt) and died July 5, 1855, in Montgomery County, Illinois. She married May 1, 1845, in Montgomery County, Illinois, James Washington Wright. Washington was born c1817 in Illinois and was a farmer. Their marriage bond was for 'Elizabeth Pyatt' and 'Washington Wright' in vol 2 pg 27 license #690 .

The known children of Washington and Elizabeth:

The family appeared as follows on the 1850 census of Montgomery County, Illinois (22Nd Dist S W Part):

This family was enumerated 2 Oct 1850 #867/883 page 155. Their neighbors include Elizabeth's brother, Cornelius Piatt and Henry Piatt, at #864 and #865, Daniel Kimbro at #866. Rach Piatt is Elizabeth's mother, Rachel Ferrell Pyatt.

By the 1860 census, Elizabeth had died. Elizabeth's sister, Harriet Griffith, had died in 1859 and we find her widowed husband, John, raising their children and Elizabeth's in Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois, as follows:

This family was enumerated #240/249 on 8 Jun 1860 (ancestry image 34/358). (T8R4) neighbors were #238/247 Wm Stevenson, #238/248 William McAdams, #240 Wm Alterbury, #241 Wm T Dougherty, and #243 Jacob Smith.

If Elizabeth and Washington had other children born between 1850 and her death in 1855 - they were not living with their siblings. However, I think it more likely that these are the only two descendants of Elizabeth Pyatt Wright.

Some marriages of Montgomery County, Illinois, which might be for this family include:


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