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E Ferdinand and Elizabeth Matthews Pyatt

Eldridge Ferdinand Pyatt was born in Missouri in April of 1851 to Elisha and Frances Bohle Pyatt and died December 24, 1906, in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri of congestion of the brain. Eldridge married before 1880 Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Matthews probably in St. Louis County, Missouri. Lizzie was born May 2, 1858, in England to Henry and Emma Boswell Matthews and died March 20, 1938, at 4412a Chouteau Avenue in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri. Both Eldridge and Lizzie were buried in the New Pickers Cemetery, St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri. This cemetery has been moved and renamed more than once. It is now called Gateway Gardens.

The children of Eldridge and Lizzie Pyeatt:

Eldridge and family appear as follows on the 1880 census of Allenton Township, St. Louis County, Missouri:

This family was enumerated #20 1st Jun 1880 pg 2 ED 187. Their neighbors were the Frederick (#1) and William C (#9) Wengler families plus #2 John C Cloak, #3 John Demive?, #4 Isaiah Brown, #5 Julia Des Moulin, #6 Thomas A Renehaw, #7 James T Ferguson, #8 James C Curry #10 Jane Billups, #11 David Green, #12 Jane E Waggoner, #13 Timothy Murphy, #14 Henry C Waggoner, #15 John Clemone?, #16 John T Boots, #17 Henry Mathews, #18 Henry Paine, #19 Christ Heidel, #21 G? Robert, #22 Amela De Will, #23 William J Ritchey, #24 William K Cloak, #25 Nelson W Allen, #26 John Freymeyer, and #27 Pins? Haden. Henry and Emma Mathews at #17 were Emma's parents. Their household included her siblings: Edward, Belle, Louise, Daisey and Charles. I believe Emma J Waggoner age 27 at #14 and Sarah Clemone age 22 at #15 were her sisters as well.

Strangely enough, they were enumerated again in St Louis City near Eldridge's brother, Jacob Pyeatt, who was at the same address as John J Devine. So, did they actually move, or, was one of the enumerations marked with the wrong township, etc.? The second enumeration is as follows:

This family enumerated Dist 347 vol 41 ed 347 sh? line 42: #3005? Gratiot Street, St Louis ( image 7/37). Eldridge was not on the 1880 St Louis City Directory. So, it appears they may have moved between the first and second enumerations.

By the 1900 census they appeared as follows:

This family now lived at #4432 Hunt Avenue and was enumerated at 183/413/3/76.

The son, Eldridge Jr, appeared as follows on the St. Louis death register entry:
Pyeatt, Eldridge d: 10-29-1900 vol 41 pg 375 / certificate #8250 / single / 11 years old / born: Missouri / address: 4411 Hunt Avenue / Disease or cause of death: Shock and injuries from being struck by train / white male / attending physician: Dr Theo G? / interment: New Pickers Cemetery / undertaker: Geor Krieghauser Undertaking

Eldridge Sr appears as follows on the St. Louis death register a few years later:
Pyatt, Eldridge d: 12-24-1906 vol 49 pg 107 / certificate #7156 / place of death: Mayfield Sart? (sanitorium?) / white male / 55 years old / married / born: Missouri / father: Elisacha Pyatt born Missouri / mother: Francis Bohle born Virginia / occupation: laborer / Disease or cause of death: Congestion of Brain / attending physician: Dr W G Trizzer / interment: New Pickers Cemetery / undertaker: Geor Kriegshauser Undertaking

By the 1910 census Lizzie was living with a son and a married daughter in a blended household in St. Louis as follows:

This family was enumerated #257/258 at #233 Vista Avenue (Ward 24; image 26/36). Living next door was her son Charles Pyatt and his family. We know that Katherine had died by this time as Isabella, Robert and Charles account for the three children still living.

Charles died in 1911 and his death certificate is as follows:
Death certificate #29812 Registration District: 791; Primary Registration District: 1003; File No 7549: Full Name: Charles Pyatt; Sex: Male; Color: White; Marital Status: Married; Date of Birth: June 11 1880; Age: 31 yrs 2 mnths 1 ds; Occupation: R. R. Brakeman / R. R. Work; Birthplace: Missouri; Name of father: Eldridge Pyatt; Birthplace of Father: Missouri; Maiden Name of Mother: Lizzie Mathews; Birthplace of Mother: England; Informant: Mrs. Charles Pyatt; Informant Address: 4231a Vista Ave; Filed: AUG 13 1911 Max C Starkloff; Date of Death: Aug 12, 1911; I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Aug 2nd 1911, to Aug 12th, 1911, that I last saw him alive on Aug 12, 1911, and that death occurred on the date stated above, at 1:55 pm. The cause of death was as follows: Malarial Fever; Duration: 10 ds; Contributory and duration: Heat Prostration, 4 ds; Signed: Younger P Robards M. D. Aug 13, 1911 (address) 4234 Arco Ave. Place of burial or removal: New Pickers Cemetery; Date of Burial: Aug 15, 1911; Undertaker: Geo. Kreigshauser U & L Co; Undertaker address: 4102 Manchester Av

Lizzie was still living and widowed by the 1920 census when she appeared with her son, Robert, and his family as follows in St. Louis:

This family was enumerated 118/493/5/97 #4448a Norfork Avenue. Her son, Charles', widow and his son were living in Maplewood Township, St. Louis County, Missouri, with Katherine's new husband and her mother and siblings:

This family was enumerated 89/124/23/7 #2801 ?Bartold Avenue (ancestry image 45/153); also at #2801 was the family of Anna's son, Joseph Swallow. Lizzie's daughter, Isabella Decker, was at #4231 Vista Avenue on the same page as #1307 Boyle where Isabella's namesake, Isabella Pyatt, had once lived. At this time that address was occupied by Isabella Decker's uncle, Benjamin 'Frank' Pyatt and her cousin, Harry E Pyatt. Isabella and her husband appeared as follows:

This couple was enumerated #4231 Vista Avenue Dist 488 ( image 33/41).

I found Lizzie Pyatt still living with her son on the 1930 census, in St Louis, as follows:

  • Pyatt, Robert age 39 born MO / WM / Married at age 20 / Electrician / Building / father born MO/mother born ENG
  • Pyatt, Helen (wife) age 36 born MO / WF / Married at age 16 / father/mother born GER
  • Pyatt, Robert M (son) age 18 born MO / WM / Single / father/mother born MO
  • Pyatt, Howard (son) age 12 born MO / WM / Single / father/mother born MO
  • Pyatt, Lizzie (mother) age 70 born ENG / WF / Widowed - first married at 18 / immigrated (year marked out); not naturalized / father/mother born ENG

    This family was enumerated #33/63 #4509 Chouteau Avenue. At #33/61 #4509 Chouteau were Charles and Jennie Williams and at #33/62 #4509 were Charles and Lydia Schaver ( image 5/41). Lizzie's daughter, Katherine Swallow Pyatt Irwin and grandson, Charles, were still in Maplewood Township, St Louis County, Missouri, as follows:

    This family was enumerated #7914 Caroline Avenue 7914/26/30 ( image 3/33).

    The following records can be found at Kriegshauser Mortuary 4228 S Kingshighway Blvd, St. Louis, MO:

  • Eldridge Pyatt age 11 yrs 6 mnths died Oct 30, 1900, at #4411 Hunt Avenue from shock and injury from accident / service conducted at #4411 Hunt Avenue / buried New Pickers Cemetery
  • Eldridge Pyatt age 55 yrs died Dec 24, 1906, at Mayfield Sanitorium #4036 Manchester Avenue of Congestion of the Brain / married / Mrs Eldridge Pyatt / buried New Pickers Cemetery
  • Charles Pyatt age 31y 2m 1d died 12 Aug 1911 at his home at 4231a Vista Avenue of Malaria / married / RR brakeman / buried New Pickers Cemetery
  • Robert Pyatt Sr aged 65 yrs died 2 Sep 1956 of Acute Coronary Thombosis / born 10 Mar 1890 / father: Ferdinand Pyatt / mother: Elizabeth Mathews / married to Helen Fehrs / children: Robert Pyatt Jr, Howard Pyatt / electrician / member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (union) / buried New Pickers Cemetery
  • Robert J Pyatt Jr age 46 yrs died 9 Mar 1958 at 3819 Olive Street cause of death 'pending' / resided at 8346 Acorn, Affton, Mo / married to Louise Pyatt / born 4 May 1911 / father: Robert Pyatt / mother: Helen Fehrs Pyatt / charged to Helen Pyatt of 4227 Cleveland (later moved to 3373 Sublette / electrician / buried New Pickers Cemetery

    Elizabeth's death certificate information is as follows:
    Missouri State Board of Health - File No. - 9148 Registration Dist No. - 791; Primary Registration Dist No: 1003; Registered No: 2737; Place of Death - County: (blank); Township: (blank); City: St. Louis; Address: 4412a Chouteau 2. Full Name: Elizabeth Pyatt; Residence: 4412a Chouteau Ave; 3. Sex: Female 4. Color or Race: White 5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Widowed 5a. Husband or wife name: Ferdinand Pyatt 6. Date of Birth (month, day, year): May 2, 1858 7. Age (years, months, days): 79; 10; 19 8. Occupation of Deceased: Nil 9. Industry or business: {blank} 12. Birthplace - City or Town: {blank} State or Country: England 13. Name of father: Harry Matthews 14. Birthplace of Father: England 15. Maiden name of mother: Emma Boswell 16. Birthplace of mother: England 17. Informant (address): Robert Pyatt 4412a Chouteau Ave. 18. Burial, Cremation or removal: New Pickers (date) 3/23/38 19. Undertaker (address): Edith E Ambruster 4234 Manchester 20. Filed: MAR 22 1938 J T Bredeck Registrar 21. Date of Death (month, day, year): Mch 20, 1938 22. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Mch 14, 1938 to Mch 20, 1938 that I last saw her alive on Mch 20, 1938. Death is said to have occurred on the date stated above at 4:45 pm. The cause of death was Hemiplagia, caused by Cerebral Hemorrhage (date of onset: Mch 14, 38) Contributory: Valvular heart trouble, Hypertension; Name of operation: {blank}; What test confirmed diagnosis? {blank}; Was there an autopsy: No 23. Injury questions: (blank) 24. Was disease or injury related to occupation: {blank} (Signed) ?W Mitone Hall M.D. (address) 1625 Tower Grove Ave


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