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David and Elizabeth Sackett Pyatt

David Pyatt was born in 1815 in Ohio. He was married to Elizabeth Sackett who was born 1819 in Kentucky.

David and Elizabeth had the following known children:

During the 1850 census this family lived in Jasper Co, Sainte Marie Township, Island Grove Precinct, IL:

David was in Sullivan Co, Missouri by 1857 when he purchased the following property:

  • David Pyatt 12-01-1857; doc #12416; 160 acres; MO5090_.421

    The family appeared on the 1860 census of Milan PO, Sullivan Co, Missouri, as follows:

    This family enumerated #970/970 17th Aug 1860 pg 142 (or 762) (ancestry image 71/175 'Unknown Township'. Living next door at #969 was the Milton and Susan Fox Family with their 1-year-old daughter. Other neighbors were #966 B J Lee, #967 John Williams, #968 Thomas G Stephins, #971 E M Harlin, [starts Owasco P O] #972 Andrew J Combs, #973 George Branborn, #974 Griffin P Taylor, #975 James Beck, #976 John McKenzie, #977 Jacob Fannin, and #978 John Alred.

    Is the Susannah Pyatt who married in Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri, January 25, 1858, Milton Shaw Fox - the same as the Susannah who was age 11 on the 1850 census with David and Elizabeth in Jasper County, Illinois? The Susannah Piatt who married Milton Fox was born December 23, 1836 in Indiana (same as children of David and Elizabeth) and died in The Dalles, Oregon, February 1, 1917 (Milton died there on May 16, 1909). On Susannah Fox's death certificate her father was Perston Pyatt and mother was blank.

    On the 1870 census of Scottsville P O, Union Township, Sullivan County, Missouri, the family appeared as follows:

    This family was enumerated #18/17 pg 297a (ancestry image 3/32). Their neighbors were #16 Martin Brown (includes Francis M Brown age 25 born IA / WM / Farm Laborer / $0/$100 who later married Milinda Piot), #17 Wm S Cox (Milton S Fox), #19 Mary Warren (David's daughter), #20 Samuel Piot (David's son), #21 James Baker (David's son-in-law), #22 George W Cannon, #23 Hugh Manning, and #24 Wm Harris.

    Rachel's family appeared as follows:

    By the 1880 census I find only the families of Samuel and Mary Ann Piatt; their son, David Piatt; Hannah Piatt and Francis and Malinda Brown. However, I did not search for the Warrens. Does anyone know where David and Elizabeth are buried? Do they have headstones?

    On December 10, 1882 an Annie Pyatt and Marion Johnson were married in Sullivan County. I have yet to determine who that marriage is for. None of the Pyatt's of Sullivan County had an 'Annie' on the 1880 census. However, there are others going by nicknames, such as 'Lizzie' who might actually be Annie.

    David Pyatt's children scattered. Some stayed in Missouri. Samuel and Malinda moved to Oklahoma according to Evelyn. However, I find Samuel still in Sullivan County in 1900. Malinda married Francis Brown. Elizabeth married David Calvin Warren - the great-grandfather of Evelyn's ( husband. They also moved to Oklahoma.

    Evelyn has searched this family for years and still hasn't proven the parents of David Pyatt, the father. If anyone has any information on them she sure would like to hear from you. The John Pyatt with the wife Rebecca, unknown last name has always beckoned Evelyn. I have noticed that the migration pattern of this family matches that of William and Catherine Glass Pyatt family of Crawford County, Missouri.


    Updated Apr 2005

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