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Daniel and Elizabeth Cain Piatt

Daniel Piatt was born June 5, 1801, (or May 6) to Robert and Nancy Jones Piatt in Boone County, Kentucky, and died in 1887 (perhaps July 20 or 30) in Louisville, Boone County, Kentucky. Daniel's father, Robert, was born in New Jersey, but went to Kentucky, where he married Nancy Jones in 1798. Nancy's parents are still unknown.

Daniel married Elizabeth Cain on February 27, 1828, in Campbell County, Kentucky. Her father, Asael Cain, signed his consent on the marriage license and Reuben McDannold was the bondsman.

Elizabeth was born May 28, 1802, (or 1809) in Kenton County, Kentucky, and died June 20, 1843, in Boone County, Kentucky. The IGI has her father Asael Cain married to Lucy Stansifer, daughter of John and Jemima Clore Stanisfer of Virginia. The naming of Daniel and Elizabeth's children bears this out. A headstone in the East Bend Baptist Church cemetery in Boone County states Elizabeth Piatt b: 5-28-1802 d: 06-20-1843 Consort of Daniel Piatt. This would appear to be Elizabeth Cain Piatt's headstone.

Daniel and Elizabeth had the following known children:

The follow entry on the 1830 census of Boone County, Kentucky, appears to belong to Daniel and Elizabeth: Other Piatt living nearby include: Piatt, Rob't 1m10-15; 1m50-60; 1f50-60; 3m(sl)0-10; 1m(sl)24-36; 1m(sl)36-55; 3f(sl)0-10; 4f(sl)10-24; 2f(sl)24-36 (pg 268)
  • Piatt, Ab'm S 1m<5; 1m20-30; 1f<5' 1f5-10; 1f20-30; 1m(sl)10-24; 1f(sl)10-24 ( pg 264)
  • Piatt, Jacob 1m10-15; 1m80-90; 1f10-15; 1f60-70; 1m(sl)55-100; (two free blacks?) ( pg 264)
  • Piatt, John pg 272 (From index only)

  • Piatt, Johnson W. 1m<5; 1m30-40; 1f<5; 1f5-10; 1f30-40; 1f(sl)10-24 (pg 265)

    Go to 1830 Boone Co, KY Federal Census on the US Genweb

    Robert is Daniel's father; Ab'm S is his first cousin (son of Jacob); Jacob is his uncle; I am not certain who John and Johnson W Piatt are.

    I do not have full abstracts from the 1840 census of Boone County, Kentucky.

    Elizabeth died on June 20, 1843, and is buried in the East Bend Baptist Cemetery, Boone Co, Kentucky. Also buried in that cemetery with an inscription that says "second wife of Daniel Piatt" is Metbey Piatt who died June 20, 1845, at the age of 24y ?m 22d (born c1821). I have no doubt that with young children at home, Daniel would have wasted no time in finding another wife (possibly twice). This marriage would probably be easy to find (if it truly existed) between 1843 and 1845 in Boone County, KY.

    Daniel is then known to have married Louisa Cleveland, widow of Mr.? Kennedy in Kenton County, Kentucky, on September 17, 1844. The marriage was performed by RK, bondsmand was Hiram Klette. Louisa was born 1811 in Kentucky.

    Daniel and Louisa had the following children:

    Daniel and Louisa appear as follows on the 1850 census of Boone County, Kentucky: Apparently, Louisa had three children from her first marriage.

    Daniel and Louisa appear as follows on the 1860 census of Union Precinct, Boone County, Kentucky:

    Daniel and family appeared as follows on the 1870 census of Boone County (Union Precinct), KY:
  • Piatt, Daniel age 69 born KY / Farmer / $10,000/$ / 1500
  • Piatt, Louisa (wife) age 57 born KY / Keeping House y
  • Piatt, Alice (daughter) age 21 born KY
  • Piatt, ---Martha (daughter) age 17 born KY (This family enumerated pg 254? line 33)

    They appeared as follows on the 1880 census of Boone County, KY:

    Daniel died in 1887, in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

    Asael's daughter Julia was born in 1879, and died in 1962. She was called JuJu, and lived with her husband Andrew STEELE on the STEELE family farm, Fertile Fields, in Fayette Co, KY. It was at the intersection of the Old Frankfort Pike and the Yarnalton Pike.


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