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John Brady Piatt and Lydia Wetzell

John 'Brady' Piatt was born March 20, 1812, in White Deer Valley, Pennsylvania (probably Lycoming County) to William and Mary Brady Piatt and died May 18, 1860, probably in Williamsport P O, Brady Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. He married on August 13, 1844, probably in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, Lydia Wetzell who was born c1819 in Pennsylvania.

All the records which I have found for Brady's parents and his own family were in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. William was in Washington Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, on the 1830, 1840 and 1850 census.

The known children of Brady and Lydia are:

Brady and family are found first in Washington Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, on the 1850 census as follows:

This family was enumerated #478/485 pg 408B ( image 47/51). Also in Washington Township were: his parents, William and Mary Brady Piatt; his first cousin, William Piatt with wife Hannah Brady Piatt; William and Hannah's son, James B Piatt; and, his first cousin (once removed), Catherine J Piatt Whitson. I would hazard a guess that the Susan Whitson living with Brady on this census is the mother (or other relative) of Catherine's husband, James.

Brady died in May just prior to the 1860 census. His widow and others were still in Williamsport, Brady Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania:

This family was enumerated #2712/2770 pg 73A ( image 27/31). Samuel T Piatt was Brady's brother. In what case would it be proper to have an unmarried male non-blood relative living with a widow and her children? Since she had a newborn baby and Brady had only been dead a number of weeks, would people have made an exception to her living with a man not her husband? Is is okay since there is another female in the household? Ann Wetzell was Lydia's sister. I did not find an Ann Wetzell about 50 years old on the 1850 census.

In the Swopes manuscript written in 1905 it said about Brady "He died in the White Deer Valley, after which his family moved to Watsontown, Penna., where they have since resided."

Watsontown is in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, which is where I find Lydia on the 1870 census:

This family was enumerated #114/135 pg 186 ( image 17/30). At #114/136 was the Minor Cady family and at #116/136 was the Martha Housekneckt family. Also in Watsontown on pg 191 ( image 28/30) were Lydia's widowed sister-in-law, Fannie B Piatt Hammond; her brother-in-law, Samuel T Piatt; and, her widower brother-in-law, Robert H McCormick with four of his children.

They were still in Watsontown for the 1880 census:

This abstract was taken from; pg 210B. I did not view the actual entry. Still living in Watsontown (but very near Lydia this time) on page 208B were Lydia's sister-in-law, Fanny B Piatt Hammond, her brother-in-law, Samuel T Piatt, (both of whom were her husband's siblings) and her widowed brother-in-law, Robert H McCormick, with three of his children.

Evidently, Lydia died by 1900 as I was unable to locate her on the index to the 1900 census and her daughters were all living together without her as follows in Watsontown, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania:

This family was enumerated #168/190 pg 259A ( image 16/18).