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Letter from Joseph Y Bates to T L Bates

Flashback May, 1968 Fayetteville, Arkansas
From a letter that Joseph Young Bates wrote in January, 1912 at Corsicana, Texas, to his brother T. L. Bates at Fayeteville, Arkansas.

"Henderson Andrew Bates came from Tennessee to Arkansas in the fall of 1829. After reaching Washington County in Arkansas, he made the acquaintance of several families, Grandfather Miller's and Uncle Peter Pyeatt's with others."

"He made the selection for his home (English place) and in February, 1830, was married to Nancy Scott Miller, a sister of Uncle Peter Pyeatt's wife."

"He borrowed the money to enter his land from old Uncle Jacob Pyeatt, who was Uncle Peter's father and great grandfather of Charley, your half-brother."

"Allow me to side-track long enough to say a few words about this man, Jacob Pyeatt. He moved to Arkansas one hundred years ago last year (That was in 1811). He was taken sick at Bethlehem camp ground 67 years ago last summer (That was 1844 or 1845 (typed lay over 4 and 5) He was brought to our father's (Henderson Andrew Bates) home where he died a few days later. I was between four and five years old. He had the same trouble our father had for a year before he died. This (Pyeatt) death was the first death I had ever seen. It made such a vivid impression on my mind that the expression of his face and sounds of his groans are with me yet."

"The money that Father borrowed from Uncle Jacob Pyeatt must have been nearly ten years before I was born; and when the last of the money was paid, I was old enough to take note of the transaction."

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