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Benjamin and Mary Elmira 'Polly' Fox Pyatt

Benjamin Pyatt was born in May 23, 1785 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, to Joseph and Sarah Jane Still Pyatt. Joseph Pyatt and family moved from Pittsylvania County, Virginia, to Burke County, North Carolina, about 1792. Benjamin married February 11, 1813, in Burke County, North Carolina, (Bond) Mary "Polly" Mira Fox who was born December 16, 1796, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Loving Fox. Polly's sister, Cynthia A Fox, was married to Benjamin's brother, William Pyatt. The marriage license (bond) for Benjamin and Polly was dated 3 Feb 1813 and was signed by Joseph Pyatt and J Erwin.

Benjamin and Polly had the following known children (listed in Bible and will of Benjamin Pyatt):

One researcher has attached to this couple the William Pyatt who married Matilda Loving (d/o William and Elizabeth Fair Loving) and went to Wright County, Missouri with the three sons of Benjamin's brother, William Pyatt. However, only the three children listed above are named in Benjamin's bible and his will.

Benjamin Pyatt and wife moved to Knox County, Tennessee, in 1829 and bought 150 acres of land in 1831. Thelma Garrison Dickey (their granddaughter) has the original deed and lives on his old homeplace.

They appeared as follows on the 1830 census of Knox County, Tennessee:

They were on pg 346 ( image 49/150). This entry would account for 9-year-old John; 16-year-old Joseph; 45-year-old Benjamin; 7-year-old Elizabeth; and 44-year-old Polly (if she is giving to fudging her age as many women do).

Benjamin's brother, William Pyatt, decided to move to Knox County c1838 after the death of their father, Joseph Pyatt, in Burke County, North Carolina. Benjamin and William appeared as follows on the 1840 census of Knox County, Tennessee:

While William decided not to stay in Knox County and moved back to North Carolina by 1850, I find Benjamin on the 1850 census in the 15th Subdivision of Knox County, Tennessee, as follows:

This family was enumerated #1100/1109 pg 172A image 251/398. Their neighbors were ? Brown, Robert McBatte, William D May, Joseph Cox, *, Solomon Garrison (their son-in-law), Joseph Pyatt (their son), Newsberry Duncan, James Cox, and William S Callaway. Their son's widow (since remarried) was also close by with their grandson. This is how their children and grandchildren looked on this census:

Benjamin and Polly appeared on the 1860 census in Beaver Ridge P O, District 19, Knox County, Tennessee, as follows:

This family was enumerated #82/80 pg 328 ( 12/19). They were surrounded by their children and grandchildren who appeared as follows:

Benjamin and Polly's grandson, Joseph Pyatt, had moved to Anderson County, Tennessee where he lived with his mother and step-family during the 1860 census.

Benjamin Pyatt died October 12, 1863, in Knox County, Tennessee, and was buried in the Beaver Ridge Cemetery, on Emory Road, Knox County, Tennessee. This cemetery is very near Benjamin Pyatt's home place where his granddaughter still lives. Polly died October 1, 1877, in Knox County, Tennessee and is also buried in the Beaver Ridge Cemetery.

Polly's last appearance was on the 1870 census of District 19, Knox County, Tennessee:

Polly was enumerated #58/59 pg 338B ( image 8/24). In the house next door was her daughter, Matilda, as follows: This family was enumerated #57/58 pg 338B ( image 8/24).


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