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Abner and Annie Murphy Piatt

Abner Piatt was born March 27, 1827, in White Deer Valley, Pennsylvania (probably Washington Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania) to William and Hannah Brady Piatt and died October 23, 1901, in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. He married on November 20, 1856, Annie Murphy who was born c1840 in Pennsylvania.

Abner grew up in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania with his parents and many siblings. His mother died in 1847. Abner was enumerated with his father and step-mother, Lucy, with their faimly in 1850. He married six years later and moved to Cedar County, Iowa, by the next year.

Children of Abner and Annie Piatt are:

Abner and family appeared as follows on the 1860 census of Tipton, Cedar County, Iowa:

This family was enumerated #178/179 pg ( image 23/31). Were S and Sarah J Hammond thier children? Did someone put Hammond for a last name instead of a first name? At #167/168 was the family of Catherine J Piatt Cline Stearns, his cousin.

By the 1870 census, Abner's brother, James B Piatt, and family had moved to Cedar County, Iowa. However, I do not have Abner abstracted there. His children were born around that time period and I am most likely just missing that abstract.

Abner's daughter, Annie, was born in Illinois in 1875. So, we can surmise that the family moved from Iowa between 1871 and 1875.

They appeared on the 1880 census of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, as follows:

This abstract was taken from; page 174D.

Abner did not die until 1901. Therefore, it should be possible to find his family still in Chicago on the 1900 census.


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