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Andrew L and Teresa L Angel Pyeatt

Andrew Lafayete "Andy" Pyeatt was born to James Benton Pyeatt and Margaret Jane Warren in San Saba County, Texas, July 4, 1860 (or 1861), and died March 13, 1903 (or 1908), in Gail, Borden County, Texas. He was the fourth known child of James and Margaret and was buried in the Gail Cemetery. An inscription from that cemetery shows "Andy L Pyeatt 4 Jul 1861 - 13 Mar 1908". It might have been misread and might be 1903 as I was given.

Andy married October 26, 1881, in Nolan County, Texas, to Teresa L Angel (some researchers have Teresa L Lane) who was born in January 1862 in Missouri. Andy had appeared in Nolan County, Texas, with his sister, Analiza Pyeatt Aston, and her family on the 1880 census next door to his parents and younger siblings. The marriage record was for 'A L Pyeatt' and 'T L Angel'. In searching the 1870 census for any female born 1862 (give or take two years) in Missouri for the entire US - I find only one likely match. In St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri, an Edward and Hannah Long had a daughter Teresa age 8 born Missouri. I note that on both the 1880 and 1910 census in Texas there were Pyeatts living in Long households (one Andy's brother, the other his son). However, I then discovered an Angel family a few pages away from the Pyeatts in Nolan County, Texas, on the 1880 census (just one year previous to the marriage) that appears to show the Teresa L Angel who married A L Pyeatt. I have included that information below.

According to information on for 'Terrissa L Angel Pyeatt' she was born January 28, 1862 in Louisiana and died December 24, 1935. She is buried with many of her descendants in the Llano Cemetery, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, the date of interment is listed as January 17, 1936. Evidently the ground was frozen for some time.

Children of Andy and Teresa:

Earl D Pyeatt might be "Douglas Pyeatt" who was the informant for Fred Pyeatt's death certificate.

Andy appeared with his sister's family (next door to his parents) on the 1880 census of Nolan County, Texas, as follows:

This family was enumerated pg 577B #80/83 margin says 'On Cottonwood Ranch, Oak Valley'. On page 579B #100/103 margin says '??? and Oak Valley' was the following family:

Since the 1890 census is not available and since Andy died before the 1910 census, our only chance to see how Andy and family appeared is on the 1900 census where they appeared in District 1, Mitchell County, Texas, as follows:

This family was enumerated #284/292 pg 236A ( image 27/41). This appears to include all of the children born to Andy and Teresa. Andy's father was still living in San Saba County, Texas, and was living with Andy's sister, Ollie Pyeatt Low. Why did Andy move to Mitchell County? Did other family members or friends move with them? How long had they lived in Mitchell County?

Andy died in 1903 in Gail, Texas. This is what Gail, Borden County, Texas, was like (according to the 'Handbook of Texas OnLine' when Andy died in 1903. "GAIL, TEXAS. Gail, on U.S. Highway 180 in central Borden County, was named for Gail Borden, Jr., when it was selected county seat in 1891. It experienced a land boom in 1903 when five sections of state land were sold. The War of Ribbons, in which ranchers wore blue ribbons on their sleeves and new settlers wore red, followed in 1903 without bloodshed, and Gail and the county grew in population as farmers took up land. Despite being a county seat, the community remained small, and the county population sparse. The estimated population in Gail in 1910 was 700, and in 1912 it was 600. By 1936, because of the Great Depressionqv and changes in agricultural patterns, Gail had declined to 250. In 1980 its population was only 189 in a total reported county population of 859. Gail during the 1980s had a county museum, a grade school, a high school, and a cafe. In the early 1990s Gail was still the county seat and reported a population of 202, served by eight businesses. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Borden Star, Bicentennial Edition, May 19, 1976. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, August 17, 1985. William R. Hunt "

By the 1910 census, some of Andy's children were in Yoakum County, Texas, as follows:

Was this James P Long related to the Andrew J Long with whom Fred's uncle, William M Pyeatt, lived in Nolan County during the 1880 census? There must be a family connection here. Could Teresa be a "Long" and not a "Lane"? This census has only been indexed for head of households. I was hoping that one of the Pyeatt named children would be indexed but did not find a match to Teresa's younger children who would have still been living with her. Is this Carl Pyeatt the son of Andy and Teresa? He was enumerated as roomer with M George family in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas ( image 13/17).

A partial list of interments in the Llano Cemetery, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, is as follows:


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