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A Few Words About me.........................

    Hi! I think there is no need to tell you my name for I guess you already know it or you have already read it by now.

    Ashish as a first name gives a very independent nature , friendly, approachable, and generous. I am spontaneous, expressive, and talkative person. Generally I am a good-natured, though at times I can be rather blunt and sarcastic. This name incorporates creative, artistic, and musical abilities, and there would be an element of originality in all that I do. I like to do things on the spur of the moment without planning or prior arrangements. My spirits are buoyed up greatly by encouragement and appreciation. There is a tendency to be scattering in My efforts and I prefer to avoid menial jobs of a routine and repetitive nature. I am inclined to pursue good times and emotional indulgences to excess.

    I should start by saying that I am an Indian. Its the land of all different traditions & cultures. My home is in India but this web page is a kind of my home on the web.

    I have been brought up in Ahmedabad which is in Gujarat. I studied there in A. G. Higher Secondary School. After I completed school, I started my college at Gujarat University , Ahmedabad. My major was Electronics. After Completed my bachelor degree. I started my Master Degree College at Saurashtra University. My major was electronics.

Presently I am here at NJIT for Master's Degree in Computer Engineering.

and about future......................
I don't have any idea about it. Hope that future has something good for me.

Please do visit my page again for I will keep adding things to it as i get time.