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Poems Dedicated To My Mother

All the Poetry on this page has been written for my Mother.

She is my rock and the wind beneath my wings.
This page is also Dedicated to all Mothers around the world.


Warm gentle hands
Kind words, a soft touch
Everlasting faith
Hopeful encouragement
An all abiding Love
Good-humored advice
A pillar of strength
A deep well of wisdom
A heart that understands
The will to hold on
The courage to let go
A portrait of love

Mothers Day Poem 1997


In a letter to my Mother
I told her she was like no other.
I told her she is one of a kind
A special beauty, and a rare find.
I told her she is my hero
And without her in it, my life would be zero.
I told her thanks, for all the love she has shown
When she is around I am never alone.
I told her I appreciate, all the things she has done
She brings joy to my life, and so much fun.
I told her how much I love her, in so many ways
She is the joy in my life, the sunshine in my days.
I told her she is the best friend, I've ever had
When she is around, I am never sad.
I told her I am so glad she is my Mother
She also gave me another joy, my brother.
I told her she is the wind beneath my wings
Because as my Mother, she has given me so many things.
So in closing this letter there is only one thing left to say,
I could not love you any more
Have A Wonderful Mothers Day
With all my love
Now, Forever and Always


V is for the Vastness of your heart
A is for all of the Wonderful things you do
L is for all the Love you give
E is for the Esteem I hold you in
N is for all the Need I have for you in my life
T is for all of the wonderful Times we have shared
I is for all the good Intentions you have sent my way
N is for all of the New things you have taught me
E is for Eternity,That is how long I will love you


"This is my Mom with me at 6 weeks"


You are the one, who dried my tears,
You are the one, who took away my fears.

You are the one, who was always there,
You are the one, who is oh' so rare.

You are the one, who made me what I am,
You are the one, who got me out of jams.

You are the one, who taught me to see,
You are the one, who taught me to be.

You are the one, who showed me the way,
You are the one, who brightens my day.

You are the one, who I hold most dear,
You are the one, who is always near.

You are the one, who is in my heart,
And because of that, we will never part.

I Love You Mother
Happy Mother's Day
May 10, 1992
All My Love

Me and Mom


She smiles,
And the world is filled with her beauty.

She walks,
And I see the proud strut of all women.

She sings,
And I hear a thousand melodies.

She talks,
And I hear all the wisdom of the ages.

She moves,
And I see the beauty of motion.

She crys,
And my heart breaks into shattered pieces.

For she is everything and more.
But above all she is the light of my life.


My first Birthday

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