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We need your help

We are not nor are we claiming to be part of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation,or any other Cherokee Nation recognized By the Federal Government of the United States.


This headline appeared in the January 13, 1998 issue of The Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs, AR. After four months of volunteer hard work, the Civic & Convention Center Project Advisory Committee wants to demolish the building we are refurbishing into a cultural and tribal center.
We need support of all types ASAP!!
Please call the Cherokee-Neches Tribal Center at (501) 623-1411 or email us at To see the article click on the title above. Contact Chief White Eagle, Chief Red Eagle, Robin Two-Horse, Sherri Edeen, or Jay Running Water.

UPDATE The City of Hot Springs has given up it's plans to demolish our Tribal/Culteral center.

This exerpt appeared in the January 20, 1998 issue of The Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs, AR. In other business, the board voted unanimously against condemning the Cherokee Nation, a future trading post style center across the street from the Hot Springs Civic & Convention Center. The resolution was proposed by the civic center project advisory committee whose members criticized the exterior. "It was totally as I expected," said Chief White Eagle, of the Cherokee Nation, following the vote. "But it is more than I expected in the sense that many spoke from the heart that what we are trying to do is good." After several spoke against the proposal, Oxford called the resolution an embarrassment and would apologize to the Cherokee Nation. Maruthur said the center could enhance the area, but the city shouldn't dictate to business owners about the appearance. Wheeler, a member of the review committee, said the board shouldn't take any action until after the building is completed. "I hope we are surprised the right way," Wheeler said.

Thank you all for your support.