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14 Eagles Letter from Chief White Eagle

To the citizens of Hot Springs,

I am wrighting to the citizens of Hot Springs about the development of the Cherokee Longhouse.

Our mission is simple. Our goal as a people, Is to teach, learn, share and experance life in harmony. It is my vision that through the Cherokee Longhouse we can see this mission come alive, bringing all people, thoughts, ideas, and cultures togeather. No matter what our beliefs and where we come from, we are all on this earth to love and respect each other, including our natural resources. And what a fitting place to start, Here in beautiful Hot Springs,Arkansas.

My hope is that the Longhouse will be a place that encompasses all of the human spirit: physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, bringing a sense of peace and balance to all who enter, as well as laughter and joy to the community. The Longhouse will offer cosmetology, massage, and herbal healing, along with classes and demonstrations in silver smithing, flintknapping, knowladge and use of herbs, and many others. We want this to be a place where people feel safe to open up to thier own creativity or just appreciate the creativity of others. The Cherokee Longhouse will also be an educational center introducing differant aspects of the Native American heritage.

Imagine sitting nestled comfortably in our herbal shop or the patio surrounded by healthy, lucious plants, trickling waterfalls and beautiful works of art while enjoying specialty drinks, soothing teas, and delicious Native American dishes. Add to that thought provoking conversation with people of all walks of life, different yet the same. A sign reading "All Peoples Welcome".

Many hours have been spent creating this space, this haven of cultural exchange, simply put: A Welcoming. I am immensely greatful to all the volunteers who have generously given and shared thier time and talents to make this dream come alive. I am also in awe at the response from individuals and local merchants who have donated many materials, I thank you.

This vision, the Cherokee Longhouse, Has not been without its trials and tribulations however. Yet despite all of this we must look beyond our differences and come togeather to share our gifts, our talents and love. We are all gifts and we have been gifted to each other. It is not so much what we are called, but that we answer our call.

----Chief White Eagle

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