Mikey's Diary


This is a picture of Mikey, riding the trolley with cousin Bob. Yesterday was a huge day for Mikey, but he had a good time, and he was still going strong at bedtime when the rest of us were pooped out. It was sunny, dry, and probably in the upper 70s.. great weather to be tourists, and that's just what we did. We started off at the Historic Site and the Old Fort Museum. From there, we went to Miss Laura's and toured the historic district on the trolley bus. After a big lunch at the Varsity Grill, we headed up the mountains to Mountainburg, and up Boston Mountain to Artist's Point , where it's beautiful year round. Bt this time, there was just enough time left in the day to go out for dinner and celebrate cousin Bob and grandma's birthdays (40ish, and "we ain't sayin"). We chose TGIFridays, where we pigged out on baby back ribs in apple butter barbecue sauce....mmmmmmn! Mikey likes celebratin' birthdays out at Fridays, because he knows were all gonna be too stuffed to eat the desserts they bring around.. and he gets em! Mikey sure likes Bob, and Cousin Bob will be back again next week, so Mikey's lookin' forward to that, and has a lot more places to take him!


Mikey's cousin Bob from Idaho is here again, and we all did a little more sight-seeing. This is a picture of Mikey & Bob at the top of Cavanal, the world's highest hill. Later we visited the Kerr Mansion and Lock & Dam 13 of the Arkansas River, along with grandma and papa.


Yesterday was Mikey's last day with cousin Bob, and we all went on a cruise down the Arkansas River on the Frontier Belle riverboat. With temperatures still in the 80s, it was a great day to be out on the river. Mikey was a little "down in the dumps" last night, after seeing his big buddy off at the airport.


Here's Mikey, acting silly with a couple of trick-or-treatin' cousins. Mikey had so-o-o much fun last night. He was dressed in his "Blues Clues" costume, and out front waiting before dark. We had a steady stream of trick-or-treaters for several hours, and probably "treated" 200 kids. Mikey handed out all the candy. He would get so excited at times, that he was hopping up and down and squealing. He got a visit from Uncle Bob, and Bubba & Tammy came by, dressed as "patient and nurse".


Our temperature dropped from 80 Saturday to the low 70s yesterday, and it rained all afternoon. Sissy was home and Mikey decided he'd brush up on his golf game a bit. He practices his putting on the living room carpet, by hitting the ball into a glass cup.


Mikey is pointing out the chigger bite on his face. He spent a little too much time out in the high grass, late, and without any protection. The cooler weather has given Mikey a bit of a head cold, but other than being congested at night, he doesn't let it bother him much. His energy level is high and his oxygen saturation is running around 80%.. very good for him, and thanks to God and a lot of our prayers. Y'all don't forget to vote today, now!


Mikey is entertaining us by making puppet shadows on the wall with a balloon. Sissy was sick today and had to stay home from work. Mikey spent the day trying to cheer her up, while mom and dad were out looking at furniture. Sissy was feeling a bit better last night. Mikey still has his head cold, but he seems to be on the mend.


Mikey is seated at the new desk, that sissy got him for his room. It even has a small battery-operated lamp, over the desktop. Mikey really likes it, and he played at his new desk until bedtime last night. Mikey is still doing real well, except for his appetite, or lack thereof. We need to get some meat on this little guy's bones!


It got cold! Mikey's wearing his flannel jammies and warming up by the fireplace, here. With one extreme following the other, our temperatures are now running 15 below normal.. we'll only top out around 60 today, but it feels good! Mikey is enjoying the cooler weather too, although he has to wear a long sleeve shirt, and he can't wear shorts outside in the morning. Nice mornin' for a hot, frothy, french vanilla cappacino by the fire!


Mikey drew us a picture of a pumpkin pie on his Magna Doodle last night. I guess he's getting primed for Thanksgiving Day now. It was cool yesterday, but a sunny, pretty day. Grandma, papa, and mom picked up a bunch of fresh fruit for us, then mom and dad spent the rest of the day working around the house, while Mikey busied himself drawing.


I think Mikey's getting a little cabin fever. He's showing me all of his money, and telling me that he'll buy, if I'll take him somewhere. It was rainy and cool yesterday, and we spent the day indoors. Last night, he talked on the phone with his grandpa from Michigan. Grandpa said he'd come down and visit him next month, so Mikey's looking forward to that now.


Mikey was in a mischievous mood all day yesterday. Today's picture has him peeking out from behind a large plant in our living room. Sissy was off work and spent the day with him. He got some new video tapes (toons) to watch. Today (Monday) is gonna be a full day for us, but I'm looking forward to spending it with Mikey.. Mikey makes every day fun!


Mikey has developed a habit of singing in the bathtub.. well, last night I caught him on tape! He's singin' off key, and doesn't know all the words to the song, but it's so funny to hear him singing with his little southern accent.. especially since we all originate from the north! We love to hear that little voice, though. Mikey's vocal chord was paralyzed last year from the severity of his heart condition, and God healed him when the doctor's said he wouldn't recover.. now his voice is back bigger and better than it ever was before he lost it! He had a huge day yesterday, as we closed on the sale of our home in the country. He met some new people and made some new friends.. then we all went out for a pizza buffet for dinner. It was in the 70s at midnight last night and then the weather turned severe. Tornadoes touched down very near our house in Ft. Smith at around 12:45 am and did a lot of damage. Some of Mikey's toys on the patio blew away, but no one was hurt.. just a lot of debris in the yard!

Mikey's friend Scott (CT) has been in the hospital, so let's remember him in prayer. We've been getting some encouraging reports on Kim (NY). Let's keep praying for her, as well as Judy (CT). And as always, we're so thankful to God, and for everyone praying for our little Mikey.


Mikey got caught red-handed again, raiding the refrigerator last night, but that's okay.. he needs to put on a little weight. He spent most of the day working with dad, then he went shopping with mom and sissy. He got another new toy at the mall. He says that little boys need a new toy every day.

I think it's safe to say, that Mikey is sufficiently spoiled.


Today's picture has Mikey sitting on the bench in our entryway with his "doggies". Although he prefers "action" toys, he has quite a collection of stuffed animals. Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, warm day.. no tornadoes this time! We had a natural gas grill permanently installed in the cement patio, and finished in time to grill some burgers. I had the garden (vegetable) burger, and the rest of the family got the "real" thing!


Mikey says, "I think the chicken's ready now, dad!" Papa and grandma were down for barbecue last night, and Mikey "helped" prepare the meal. Patience is not one of Mikey's characteristics. After dinner, Mikey played a little indoor (carpet) golf with grandma and papa. Mikey is continuing to do very well. His energy level is still high, and his oxygen saturation is good.


Why is it, that you can spend 500 bucks on a toy for your kid, and he'd rather play with the box that it came in? Mikey still likes to play with his desk, but, as you can see from today's photo, he likes to play with the box that the desk came in, also. It was nice yesterday, and Mikey spent most of the day running around, and shopping with mom and dad. When sissy got home from work, he went shopping again with her. He thinks he needs even more toys!


Happy birthday, Tammy (20ish). Mikey's big bubba came down yesterday, and we all went out for a big country breakfast. Later we put together a table for Tammy and watched the Arkansas football game. Arkansas led the entire game, against the number one team in the country (Tennessee)... then something terrible happened in the final 30 seconds!

~ Mikey's Tune ~

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