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GENERAL APPEARANCE - The Miniature Pinscher is structurally a well balanced, sturdy, compact, elegant, short-coupled, smooth-coated toy dog. He is naturally well groomed, proud, vigorous and alert. The natural characteristic traits which identify him from other toy dogs are his precise Hackney gait, his fearless animation, complete self-possession and his spirited presence.

HEAD AND SKULL - Rather more elongated than short and round. Narrow and without conspicuous cheek formation. In correct proportion to the body. The skull should appear flat when viewed from the front. The muzzle must be rather strong and proportionate to the skull. The nose well formed, black only with the exception of livers and blues, which may have a self-coloured nose.

EYES - Fitting well into the face. Neither too full nor round, neither too little nor slanting. Black or nearly black.

EARS - Must be set on high, as small as possible, erect or dropped.

MOUTH - Scissor bite.

NECK - Strong yet graceful. Slightly arched. Well fitted into the shoulders. Free from throatiness.

FOREQUARTERS - Forechest well developed and full, moderately broad, shoulders, clean, sloping with moderate angulation. Co-ordinated to permit the true action of the Hackney pony.

BODY - To be square, back line straight, sloping slightly towards the rear. Belly moderately tucked up. Ribs well sprung, deep rather than barrelled. Viewed from the top slightly wedge shaped.

HINDQUARTERS - Should be parallel to each other and wide enough apart to fit in with a properly built body. The hindquarters should be well developed and muscular with a good sweep of stifle and their hocks turning neither in nor out.

FEET - Legs straight, medium bone. Feet cat-like, elbows close to body. Nails dark.

TAIL - A continuation of the top-line carried a little high and docked short.

COAT - Smooth, hard and short. Straight and lustrous. Closely adhering to and uniformly covering the body.

COLOUR - Black, blue, chocloate with sharply defined tan markings on cheeks, lips, lower jaw, throat, twin spots above eyes and chest, lower half of fore-legs, inside of hindlegs and vent region, lower portion of hocks and feet. All the above colours should have black pencilling on toes with no thumb marks. Solid red of various shades. Slight white on chest is permissible but undesirable.

HEIGHT - The height is to range from 25.5 to 30.5 cm (10 to 12 in.) at the withers.