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[TON, trademarked in international commerce by Sterling Doughty, and pronounced "tone", stands for "The Other Newsletter", a humourous reference to the fact that Arica, the implicitly self-described most important entity in the history of creation, took six months to produce a monthly "news" letter. Arica production is now one newsletter every few years. The velocity and level of competence speak for themselves.]

Due to popular demand, actually not, but rather to an impulse towards completeness, it has been decided to add the first four tons and the series after TON5, the TONs of Completion. We hope they will prove interesting, absorbing and thought-provoking.

TON5 The Fall 1998 issue of The Other Newsletter

Table of Contents:

1) Editorial
2) About TON
3) Communications
4) Will the Real Claudio Please Stand Up?
5) Arica Institute News
6) Science and Medical News
7) Three Awesome Views of Reality
8) Bob the Archangel's Radiator Repair Shop ADHP Contest
9 ) Wonders of the Web and Hubble


As a journalist, I deal with a lot of organisations, corporations, and government departments. I have never run across any (excepting North Korea) that were less forthcoming than Arica. I am not talking about legitimate secrets, but clear and comprehensive financial and other information that any normal organisation is happy to supply. This is in apparent contradiction to Oscar Ichazo's February 1998 reference to the 'school's' "performance in the mainstream of society". Considering the claims Arica continues to make about its indispensable role and unequalled importance in the evolution of humanity, this policy makes sense only if the Arica reality is too shameful or the deception too great to admit. I think such is now the case. Of course the (early) work has great value. Of course most Aricans started on this path full of hope and dedication. Now they seem, at least in this part of their lives, to live in denial and delusion. Still it seems odd that they stand by in virtually complete paralysis as what remains of their beloved "School" disintegrates. And although I certainly have some objective anger (and a little of the other kind too) towards the Arica Entity, its deception and its astoundingly grandiose yet completely unsubstantiated and illusory claims, another concern is for my many friends whose lives are vanishing before their very eyes. I think it can reasonably be asserted that Arica is not a vehicle for the salvation of anybody or anything. Look at the facts after nearly thirty years. It is now a totalitarian cult, and not a successful one in terms of membership, money or influence. The best that can happen is that those who find the work valuable go out into the free market and teach it. Otherwise it will be completely tainted and lost. Of what possible use is a system whose adherents are not considered adult enough, mature enough or trustworthy enough to independently pass on what they have learned after almost three decades of study? Oscar has said that "Arica is a movement in history." And Arica "has a rendezvous with history". The rendezvous with history has taken place. Now, it can definitely be stated that: "Arica is history". We hope you enjoy this Autumn issue of The Other Newsletter: TON5.


TON is an extension of the work I began several years ago when I read about Oscar's promise to transform humanity within fifteen years and of the Ethics Council "process" concerning Michel Durant, a vicious ugly event which violated the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights among other documents. Operationally, it provides less rights to defendants than did the Inquisition and close parallels can be found by examining Soviet or Chinese Communist legal procedures. I have used a number of techniques in this work, which began with a piece entitled "My Arica Story" and another one, GonGram, illustrating the shoddily deceptive attempt of Oscar to discredit Gurdjieff and the Enneagram (and the plagiarists but I don't give a shit about them) with the absurd switch to the service-markable enneagon. After GonGram's publication, Oscar, without a word of explanation, switched back. Enneagram has been redeemed. Aricans did not notice anything at all. Because neither Arica nor Aricans seem particularly disposed towards any kind of discussions about various topics I have brought up, and because Arica is so near complete dissolution, it is nearly time to move on. However, if enough interest is generated, a couple of more TONs could be envisioned to help focus and clarify the dissolution process which of course, sadly, will be extremely difficult for a number of people. Interimly I am putting some of my considerable amount of material (published and unpublished) into related and linked packets, each concerning an aspect of Arica. Some of these will go on the web (GonGram is already on), some will be made available to journalists who may for some reason or another, need to write something about Arica. Others will go to university professors, scientists and cult investigators. I feel confident my material is as correct and factual as it has been possible for me to make it. So far, nothing I have alleged has been refuted. I want to thank TASCC (One of the teams responsible for making it impossible for anyone to teach the work.) for helping out with ToN FouR distribution. Not only did TASCC graciously pass the document around the inner circles of the Arica Entity, they thoughtfully converted it to a Mac file for those not on the PC standard. TON started with about 85 subscribers. The 48 or so on the "b list" which I created while waiting for Arica to figure out a way to deny me access to the Alist. The rest were a nearly random pile I added from an Arica e-mail list for experimental purposes. Most asked to be removed (all who asked were) as the model predicted. Current subscribers are about 50. I have had a few recent requests for TON, but overall response has been far from satisfying.


"I was saying that we have to achieve our cultural identity by finding solutions to overpopulation, pollution, mismanagement of resources, and finally even more to our lack of communication." Oscar Ichazo, Spring/Summer 1989 Arican. (Here Ichazo replaces "incomprehension about atomic energy and its dangers", described as one of the Four Killers 30 lines earlier, with: "lack of communication".) Oscar is, as always required by Arica federal law, correct. Here are some examples of this problem:


The first known mention of the book in a publication was in the Chilean edition of Vogue in the Summer of 1970, when Oscar noted that his book would be published within a year. Now, finally:

"On Saturday afternoon the meeting had an open session to hear a letter from Oscar and an excerpt from The Arica Way."

Didn't know about this? Not to worry, the blessed event was reported in 1989, seven years after Aricans had been solicited to "subscribe" to the book in 1982. Sixteen years later, "subscribers" are still waiting.

"The complete lectures given to the School by Oscar at the Reunion will be presented in extended form in a new book which he is currently completing." 1990 , 20th Anniversary Arican.

Hawaii 90 Q by Sterling Doughty: "Is it not possible that the most effective weapon against those who misappropriate the work would be to speed up its appearance in published form?" "Indeed. I am in that work. We are in that work. That's what we are doing. Certainly. Toham Kum Rah." Oscar Ichazo, Hawaii, 1990

"…in the next year Arica will be presented in full to the general public worldwide. It will consist of the three major and final accomplishments for the School, related to the first public work of the Arica theory in a book authored by me. " Oscar Ichazo, LtoB, tA, Autumn 1992

"In general work has continued to be very productive this past month with great advances on the book. " Arica ADU, November 1997

"As the theory of the School is nearing completion, we all can celebrate the great happiness in our hearts and the total liberation of our minds during this holiday season." Oscar Ichazo, ADU Report, December 1997

"This year I have been writing a book in which I synthesize and concentrate in the short space of some 300 pages the central Arica protoanalytical principles…we are at the end of this work, and soon we will have the book in our hands." Oscar Ichazo, attAs, December 1997. [exciting news revealed to ordinary low level Aricans six months later]

"The book is going very well and steady progress is made daily." Arica ADU Report, January 1998.

"The last area that has needed reorganizing has been Oscar's reference library of over 20,000 volumes, which had to be done in order for the last part of the book to be finalized." ADU Report, oct98

For sheer bullshit justifications it's hard to make a choice, isn't it? And imagine the 1,000 page bibliography and the expense for yellow markers.


Videos were taken at the 1995 Hawaiian Reunion. I wasn't there but it was my understanding that it was promised edited versions would be quickly produced. Two and one-half years later: "The years since the Reunion [1995] have been extremely productive. The fund- raising for and the editing of the video lectures from the Reunion and the Velocity Training Logistics manual is almost complete." Oscar Ichazo, ADU Report, December 1997. Now, in Fall 1998, a video for Arica introductions has come out but not the yet the others: 3 1/2 years! After hearing about the difficulties of putting the recent Arica Newsletter together, I was rather surprised at the final product. About what you could do in 10th grade print shop in 1952. And apparently, it was just a one off, a 1998 and not a regular event. So I gave up on it and went ahead with TON5 and have decided, for the moment, to let it be a quarterly. Arica has never been able to sustain a regular publication. I think the problem is rooted in Arica's pathological fear of freedom of information. Your local 7-11 probably has a more vigorous publishing program. Could you imagine how totally astonished a group of top Hollywood moguls would be upon learning the incredible total of films, books, videos, web sites, newsletters, newspapers, magazines and journals, that Arica has managed to produce in only three decades! Want to be astounded yourself, just ask the Institute for some book sales figures! Editing the Arica video tapes into a few cassettes has taken more time than it did to film "The Titanic" or the Taleban to take over Afghanistan. The Velocity Team Trainers Team would most likely be ejected from the studio lot by security.

c) The Velocity Trainings Not much to say about this. When Velocity first came out I thought it was just a scam for a small group of inner Aricans who hoped to make out big time when the Velocity Trainings erupted. I replied to their ad by asking for some information. I can't remember how many years ago that was. Never got any info. Still think it's a scam. My bet is that they were going to siphon off huge sums and leave Arica with crumbs. I pointed out the legal pitfalls of my supposition to Arica and Velocity along with the fact that Velocity, an apparently for profit California corporation was using the logo of Arica Institute without credit. Uncorrected, such an error would lead to Arica losing its trademark on the symbol. Suddenly Velocity appeared as an Arica service mark and Velocity offers Team Trainings though Oscar's address instead of Velocity Trainings and finally, Velocity "bursts" on the scene again back in Marin County, looking for some two-year-old unpaid bills for Equal trainings which probably created nothing but a tax mess. One wonders whether they paid Arica for appearing in the ADU as one is a non-profit corporation and the other not. One also wonders who really owns this corporation and what its objectives are (or probably better, were). One ought to also wonder why, if they didn't have a credit card facility, they took peoples' credit card numbers and sent them the stuff? I.Q. tests in order here?

d) The World Tour It is beyond my ability to understand the disdain and contempt Oscar must feel for all Aricans to announce such a monumental and historical tour to people who have spent most of their lives believing in him and then just go silent while engaged in such pressing matters as revising a brochure or writing an introduction to someone else's book. Oscar Ichazo proclaimed one of the most important events in human history to his disciples and so far? Three years later, not one word. Nothing. How can anybody treat people in such a manner?

e) The Web An organisation has to be pretty out of touch in today's world not to have a web site. At least that is one definite thing one can say about Arica. Take a look on the Web for the Arica/Oscar influence of the last three decades. Virtually nothing! Look! Don't make up some wild delusional fantasy about Arica's effect on planet Earth. Take a look. There is one site that directly refers to Arica, called Arica Institute Doesn't Have A Home Page, but it appears to reflect the breakaway movement rather than being an official site. Check it out. Awesome is not the word, but Arica Institute has finally got its name on a web page:


i) "They [the Jesuit priests and nuns] named Claudio Naranjo and other Jesuit priests as their connection to some spurious and barbaric, crude unsophisticated Sufi tradition, which they claimed to be putting in Western terms." Oscar Ichazo

ii) "Arica theory presents new forms of analysis for interpreting psychic illness which will soon be presented in full. However, the enneagon [sic] of psychic illness and other related enneagons [sic] are already being plagiarised and misused by Claudio Naranjo and his acolytes." Oscar Ichazo, pg 84 20th anniversary Arican.

iii) "There have also been those unfortunate people who couldn't stay in the School at the beginning, when they had received only partial information, as in the notorious case of Claudio Naranjo, who was specifically refused, by a one hundred percent vote in the Line of Acceptance, as a participant in the body of the School. It is still possible to ask those Aricans who made the line why they thought it necessary to expel him. Of course they all remember Naranjo as the most disturbing element, with his constant and ridiculous preoccupation with presenting himself as a figure of messianic proportions. This nauseated everybody, and no one would forget Milton Taubman screaming at him during the 1970 Thanksgiving party in Arica, Chile and asking him what he meant with his constant whining and his inflated, self-appointed "I, I, I". John B. and Bob Jolly were equally infuriated, seeing the lack of understanding and respect for the Work that showed in his demential and unending chattering about his own magnificence." Oscar Ichazo, tA, Spring 1990

iv) "As you know, I had the distinct pleasure of having Claudio Naranjo as one of my students in the early seventies, and I consider him to be one of the best theoreticians of our time. Because of Naranjo's intellectual integrity, I knew he would transmit accurately my way of studying the three main questions of metaphysics about the universe, man, and God." Oscar Ichazo, ADUreport, September 1998.


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