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The Sharing Project: After Death

[Fair Use of Arica Stupido Contract - nru769pUKe: SIX:

"I will instruct my spouse, "significant other",executors,
descendants, heirs, legatees, beneficiaries, devisees,
donees, trustees, guardians, conservators and any and
all others who may take possession of the Materials and
Information upon my death, mental or other incapacity*
[herein collectively and singly the "Beneficiaries"] that
they are immediately upon my death, mental or other
incapacity to return the Materials, Information and any
Copies to Arica. In the event I fail to make such
instructions, Arica may demand the immediate return of the
Materials, Information and any Copies from the person or
persons in possession of the Materials, Information and
any Copies, and such person or persons are hereby authorized
and instructed to immediately return the Materials, Information and any Copies
to Arica. This Agreement shall be binding on the Beneficiaries."

[Complete bullshit. What are they protecting? Information essential to the salvation of the world? What is the nature of the sickness of the Arica organism?
I am reminded of the converb: Gons are like snakes in winter. (my excuses to snakes)

This enables Arica and its successors (in fact Arica has legally transferred
all rights of the said Materials/Information to the Former Bolivian
a move of questionable legal validity considering past promises) to ensure
as far as humanly possible that the material that the Former Bolivian originally
claimed was to be the salvation of the world will been seen by as few humans as
possible, one of OInk's few ideas that will actually benefit humanity.

The First Pillar of Dissolution

>>> >>> >>> The Pillar of Submisson

The Second Pillar of Dissolution

>>> >>> >>> The Pillar of Pretense Arica's transformational power is beyond dispute. Aricans agree as one body of this fact. Mortals may scoff, but even by their dismal and dicredited (Personally by OInk) use of objective proof as a standard of evaluation, Arica Metatoast prevails, to wit: Jehovah's Witnesses had, as of year end 2001, 6,117,666 active "publishers" (evangelicals) and the annual meeting count (total world) was 15,384,586. Such figures (from The Watchtower Vol. 123, No. 1, 1 January 2002) are clearly the dust of insignificance compared to the teeming crowds attracted by the Day of Unity (We Are Gone), the World Tour, the Velocity Training and myriad other Metasuperlatives: Arican membership now exceeds 498 a decline of nearly 50 percent over the last two decades ( a notable achievement indeed)and the annual meeting (held in Hawaii so as to assure the maximum waste of jet fuel)attracted well under a 1,000. That's more than 15 million less than the Witnessess! Praise the Pillars! Even the stupidest of Subjectivogons has to admit that the Arica assertions of infinite superiority to all are completely founded in....uh, uh, uh.

The Third Pillar of Dissolution

>>> >>> >>> The Pillar of Addiction to Subjective Experience "The revised Ultimate Guardian Meditation was just delicious, especially following a week of doing the Ultimate Guardian Meditation training. Again, the genius of Oscar has come through, taking what was already a wonderful meditation, albeit a long and laborious one, and transforming it into something that is just bursting with a new aliveness and elegant simplicity. I look forward to finishing writing this, so I can do another session of the Ultimate Guardian Meditation training. Thank you, dearest Oscar."

Real quote from "REAL" Saviour of Humanity One. Name of "A-it" available upon request.