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(Although the below is now old news, RODOMONTADE and most of the other material, thanks to Arica's stagnation, is as relevant as ever)

metaton is pleased to announce that Andrew Hunter's superb treatise on the Oscar Ichazo-Arica Institute pile of prevarication is now integrated into the metaton presentation. Please go to the metaton home page where RODOMONTADE is listed among the features or use the direct linkbelow.

(NOTE: Arica Institute has now transferred all copyrights and so on back to Oscar Ichazo and has retreated further into oblivion. Its World Headquarters is now somewhere in Connecticut. The latest moves confirm the conjecture below.

Some time back, I ran across the following statement in the March 1999
"Arica Day of Unity" report:

"A new journal called The Symbol is being published in order to present some of the theory from the book, which has been completely funded by the Oscar Ichazo Company. It has always been necessary to keep the work produced and funded exclusively by OIC separate from the work Oscar produces in cooperation with the Institute, as recommended by the lawyers and accountants over the years."
[2003 Update: This journal, like most everything Arica "does", no longer exists]

1) I find it quite amazing that in nearly thirty years, Arica has not yet been able to reach and make public a legally defensible arrangement with Ichazo. I wonder if it's some sort of record. Is this the model of business practice peddled in the Arica Team Trainings? But in fact, separating AricaOscar from OscarArica is like separating dust from ashes , as any literate person leafing through Arica publications would certainly see.

2) Many Aricans have contributed money to Arica over decades on the presumption that the money was in part being used to support not only Oscar but also his work for humanity, including the book and a number of other promised but non-existent ventures. (See also Chapter 3a of TON5 in metaton for the history of "the book".) Indeed some years back, in 1987, people were actually sold copies of The Arica Way in advance. This incident speaks perfectly for The Real Arica Way. Those books have yet to be delivered.

In February 1999, Aricans were told they would be allowed to purchase a chapter of "the book" (there have been at least five different "books" promised) in a new issue of The Arican (an irregularly produced Arica journal), soon to be published, oddly enough, by the Oscar Ichazo Company. In a comically pathetic attempt to enhance the fiction of separateness between Arica and Ichazo, The Arican's name was quickly changed to The Symbol. It was then readvertised under its new name and peddled directly to all the Aricans via the ADU (Arica Day of Unity) "newsletter" and probably nowhere else since The Oscar Ichazo Company eluded at least until 1994, even Dun & Bradstreet. Is it also possible that someone noticed that restricting the sale of The Arican to a pre-defined list which EXCLUDED some of its own dues paying members, was certainly a violation of IRS regulations pertaining to tax exempt "educational" organisations? How is it possible that all the enlightened Aricans (their own oft-repeated claim) beings that continually chant "We Are One" are so totally exclusionary towards nearly everyone, including their own members?

The ADU statement above clearly supports earlier conjectures I have made, including those in a letter of 28 February 1999, entitled "Dear N", which was distributed to over fifty individuals, publications and agencies:

[Background: N., an Arican, wrote a letter to a number of people. In it she essentially asked what would happen, who would be responsible and so forth in the event Aricans started suing AricaOscar.]

"Dear N...

"…There are several parts to my answer. First, a conjecture as to what I guess is going on inside the Arica Entity (Arica and Arica Hawaii, {not for profit, educational} Velocity Trainings Inc. {no known legal existence}, Sequoia Press, Arica Institute Press Inc, the Oscar Ichazo Company and any so far unrevealed entities.) I don't know the legal status of the latter entities. Dun & Bradstreet couldn't find OIC, but that was some time back[1994]. Velocity Trainings Inc is NOT a California corporation. [Information, if such a word may be applied in an entity as shadowy as Velocity Training(s) Inc, is on the Corporate Velocity page of metaton.]

I think Oscar and Sarah in conjunction with attorneys and some Arica observer-participants are cutting a deal for the copyrights, probably a "joint-use" arrangement and then both will "go" their own way. Oscar will then try to reap the financial benefits through OIC, Velocity or something similar. Arica will of course wither and fold as it serves no real purpose besides some administrative functions. It doesn't offer trainings, it doesn't advertise, it produces only some printed matter to order. The World HQ is no longer at 24 West 57, it is in Dobbs Ferry and has no paid employees. So, it makes sense to shift the financial flows completely to Hawaii, cutting out Arica Institute as the unloved "middleman".

Income is so low now to the Institute that the tax exemption has no further advantage. Arica is just a drag on Oscar's dwindling income.

There is evidence of the shift in the publishing of the new Arican by OIC, a first. The "compensation deal", now almost thirty years in gestation, may finally, really, be near. So, Oscar will recover all the copyrights or the unrestricted use of them. Arica will just disappear. No big deal.

However, there is a problem. It is all the promises that have been made, repeatedly and about nearly everything, publicly, privately and in conjunction with soliciting money:…" [The entire text of the Dear N letter is available on the metaton SOBER READING page as Document 3.]

One other point is confusing. In 1990 when Pauli Halstead was brutally evicted from Arica for questioning Arica finances, Ichazo said the following:

"…Since all opinions are equally valid in the School I answer Pauli, and address the School at large by summarizing the financial situation of the Oscar Ichazo Company…" A number of figures were provided, but nothing in any way resembling an objective financial report that could be subjected to simple accounting analysis. Then Ichazo went on to say: " I find it incomprehensible that anybody could embrace the immoral and inconsiderate attitude of Pauli Halstead and still belong to the school." As you might imagine, questions about financial matters became exceedingly rare after this incident, which merited four full pages in The Arican, Spring 1990.

He also said then: "The Oscar Ichazo company has fulfilled its purpose to provide the school with its final trainings as the most cost effective level possible."

That's nice but no financial reports have ever been issued, an especially relevant issue because of the OIC "closeness" to Arica. Also because in 1994, a Dun & Bradstreet investigation was unable to find a trace of the Oscar Ichazo Company. Even more relevant now as Arica responsibilities and assets are being shifted to the OIC.

Ichazo went on to note: "After the Mandala System of the Telesmatta of Truth, the Oscar Ichazo Company will no longer be needed for the production and publication of trainings. The Telesmattas of Wisdom and Grace and the Divine Telesmatta do not entail the same complexities of producton, for they are variations of the Telesmatta of Truth, on the dream state, the bardo state and the state of immortality, and they can therefore be published directly by the Arica Institute."

So why is Oscar Ichazo now taking over a majority of production formerly handled by Arica Institute? Things might be different now of course, but you would think the members of the "Arica School" would at least be treated with a modicum of respect and informed. After all, Ichazo has correctly cited lack of communications as one of the major problems of human society. But no, and not for the first time. Aricans are treated with total disdain; Mrs Ichazo has even referred to the "blessed brothers and sisters of the school" as pests. The Aricans are still waiting to hear the results of Ichazo's "monumental and historical" World Tour, first set for early 1996. Who made the decision to send the tax-exempt's assets to a private company ? Mr and Mrs Oscar Ichazo ? I pity the lawyers in this fiasco.

From the above: "It has always been necessary to keep the work produced and funded exclusively by OIC separate from the work Oscar produces in cooperation with the Institute,…" Frankly, I find this statement completely absurd. Mr and Mrs Ichazo run at least four "companies" out of the same cabin in Hawaii:

From the ADU (Arica Day of Unity - The only regular "publication" from this wondrous world-saving cult, each month a few paragraphs of news, mostly promises and self-congratulations and some family events) report, August 1997:

"ANNIVERSARY GREETINGS September 1997 marks the 11th year of work with Kathryn of Sidener Enterprises. Oscar and Sarah would like to thank Kathryn for her excellent work, dedication, and loyalty in respect to the business activities of AIHI, OIC, Sequoia Press and Velocity…"

Well, let's go on to some other metaton site news:

supreme happiness?:

we here at thethe metaton ™ site are extremely supremely happy - well glad and grateful at least - to have been able to accomplish the feat of bringing the metaton site before the public as Version 3.09 before The Ides of March which we actually did. metaton was released to a select public on 14 March 1999. Initial responses were excellent. A number of viewer suggestions have been implemented, others were tossed with vigour into the trash. You will see the results in Version 3.33 upgraded- Several new pages and other minor refinements.

One has already gone on line: Stay Tuned, looks at how one unfulfilled promise of enlightenment was simply rolled over into another.

metaton will soon add two other new pages, new age ethics, concerning AricaEntity ethical and freedom of speech practices, and THE ENLIGHTENED SPEAK, real quotes from real CultAricans, who are, according to Ichazo, "The Top of Humanity," (unfortunately, quite a large number of Aricans arrogantly and ludicrously believe this) will allow you to put things into even more useful perspective as well as run a chill up your spine.

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