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Please watch your molecular structure.

Note: A smiley may be appropriate for some definitions.

Arica Institute Inc.- a tax exempt corporation. World headquarters in renowned Dobbs Ferry, New York run by a staff of three volunteers, who have replaced the recently fired, last Arica salaried employee. Current membership around 650, dropping steadily.

OIC - The Oscar Ichazo Company - A company set up (no knowledge of legal status, presumed to be a soley owned DBA entity) by the founder of Arica, Oscar Ichazo for, according to Ichazo, different purposes from one statement to another.

The School - In reality the School is a cosmic entity that lives though fostering higher evolution. Its energy, Baraka, or the Grace of God, passes through those people and organisims as is the Will of God. Arica has tried to make itself synonomous with this school and to possess it for itself. Tragic karmic consequences here.

The Mission - Arica, Oscar, the School and all the other bits and pieces of the cult are four years into a fifteen year program to save humanity by transfoming it into a copyright. Since they already saved everybody and everything once before, in only ten years, 1971-1981, it is somewhat puzzling why they have to do it over again so soon.

Gon - Identified Arican (from the bizarre aborted attempt to switch enneagram for enneagon, a trade markable term. Gons are those who see such stuff and pretend it didn't happen, a paralysis of the spirit.

GonGons - Yep, you guessed it, a double helping of Gon. Near complete loss of faculty of discrimination in matters concerning OscarArica.

Gondonia - The "Metasociety" in it's less than impressive reality.

HiveBot - Similar to a GonGon, but more agressive. The term is derived from Hive Robot, the ideal fundamentalist candidate. Sometimes make a spontaneous declaration of their attainment of the Prestigious Ichazoite status.

Hiverarchian - Upper crust Arican. Possibly a member of one of the several "closed" or "shut" circles, where the OscarArica drama plays itself out.

Hiverarchy - The Arica "court" levels. Not terribly interesting.

Obergon - "High Level" Arican operating within the inner realms of the "Closed Circle". See Also Hiverarchian.

The Supreme Obergon - Either Oscar Ichazo or the Divine Metateleos, perhaps both.

The Hive TM - A playful reference to the true structure of the Arica Entity or "school".
(FYI: The reference is to termite like creatures, not bees.)

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