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Ichazo's Delusion is Infinite


"The School has now attained the Higher States of Contemplation of a perfectly structured realization through meditations based on philosophical maturity, and on an analysis that has provided the School with tools related to ancient traditions and to the Perennial Philosophy of the world. The School's philosophy organizes and explains our contemporary scientific knowledge in such a way as to present a reliable theory that can provide a coherent praxis. This praxis is towards the actual attainment of the Ultimate States of Transcendence and the spiritual Truth of a harmonic universe unified by the Divine Spirit of which the most perfect fruit are human beings capable of total spirituality in a cultural environment and as a social reality.

The theory, methods and techniques proposed by our School depend on a social body and on a social and common ground that unite the consciousnesses in a State of realization, rather than simply depending on isolated individuals for this realization. Consequently, we frame the possibility of Ultimate Realization on scientific and analytic terms. This is because the appearance of the same degrees and states of realization of diverse people can only be attained if there are common and fundamental truths that have the character of an unchanging reality, which is an unchangeable truth about our life and our psychic dimensions, as well as our more spiritual and transcendental ones. With this view it is possible to present a School that has purposefully worked and realized all the degrees of meditation, contemplation and transcendent illumination from the panorama of eternal values, truths and principles. This is of enormous importance because, for the first time in our Western tradition, a School and a theory are presented in a way that acts on and apprehends the nature of unchangeable realities, which are based on ultimate foundational principles. These principles support us in going beyond relativity and endless changes that seem to exist on totally unfounded terms. This incoherent reality and existence has no purpose, no certain beginning and, of course, a totally uncertain future. This future can, as well, be qualified as a non-existence and, even more, as a non-future. We cannot know what will happen in the future on the basis of the philosophical, theological and scientific traditions of the West, since all of them have proven to be incomplete.

Our contemporary world has become plagued by the incomplete attempts of philosophers who philosophize without certain and substantial foundations. All of these modern and contemporary attempts start with no coherent principles, and thus need to choose only certain themes that can attract the attention of other scholars and specialists over minuscule and otherwise inconsequential philosophical enterprises. Because these "philosophies" have no purpose or program for valid research, they give no conclusions nor do they assert any final propositions to establish theories that are consistent and that would produce a substantial rendering of truth. Instead they have produced only vague propositions that barely amount to dialogs between a few friends who share a common and esoteric language that needs constant review and redefinitions. Far from the verifiable results and coherent goals that are the outcome of the consistent intentionality of a true philosophy, we have instead only a proliferation of terms that end in minutia and endless salutations, mutual references and a promise of more future dialogs and conversations between epicurean friends, who think that philosophy is nothing but a kind of an entertainment club, and who are just having a pleasant and tolerable time since there's no tomorrow nor are there consequences to follow. Of course, this contemporary philosophy shows, if anything, that our contemporary world has only a radically broken religiosity and a science that is also incomplete, because all these philosophical projects want to be based on a logic supported by mathematics that are also totally incomplete, such as is seen in Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Quine, Cantor, Heisenberg, Bohr and Godel.

The point is that, because of the total incoherence of our world, the bankruptcy of religion has robbed us of the possibility of concerning ourselves with creating a society that contemplates, as a fundamental principle, the dignity of a humanity born upon principles of internal evolution that must be radically coherent with universal reality. It is immensely sad that we pretend that we live in a free world. This supposedly free world, because it is unstable and has the character of endless transformations, actually results in nothing but frustration and disappointment, opening the most absurd forms of escapism and self-gratification. We should really know that the internal contradictions of this disorder have to end in the inescapable tragedy of pretentiousness founded in ignorance, and by necessity finish in total dissolution and hopeless death.

To accomplish the purpose of the School, that of constructing a bridge that will close the immense and frightening gap of humanity's divided realities and misinterpretations, our School has entered a path that is firmly established in the Perennial Philosophy of the Great Prophets, Saints and Masters < that of the true eternal values of humanity that have, in fact, one destiny, one aim and one internal solidarity. As human beings living in the most crucial time ever in our global history, we have to approach this time with a complete theory and values which are real and which have actually been attained by the School as one unified body. With this we will have established the true foundation for the recovery of our entire world from the anarchy of materialistic delusions and from the dogmas of stratified religious beliefs. These beliefs have historically produced only pain, torture, war and misery in the most intolerable and unthinkable degree of evil, from the gruesome and unspeakable atrocities of the Holy Inquisition to the ghastly camps of the Holocaust, and are now well represented in the monstrosity of ignorant, ungodly fanatics who murder innocent people, such as in the hideous acts of terror of September 11th and of those committed around the world.

Now that our School has actually realized its most important attainments toward the total and complete State, it will be capable of presenting the accomplishments of a perfect discipline that is the result of a certain and complete Self-realization in the light of what is immortal and eternal in all of us. It is at this most important time of human history that we celebrate our 32nd Anniversary with the experience and knowledge of the State firmly actualized in our Soul, Mind and Spirit eternally.

Together Sarah and I wish all Aricans a most joyful and blessed Anniversary celebration on July 1st, as we all experience the enormous blessing of the Eternal Presence of Light upon Silence across our hearts that unites us with our beloved School. Happy Anniversary."


After reading a message like this, you no longer have any doubt as to why Arica is such a phenomenal success in the spiritual, scientific, and educational commmunties of this historic moment in human history.