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Mr Gurdjieff - Pondering

It's difficult for me to convey how much respect I have for what this man, Mr Gurdjieff tried to do for this beleaguered planet and its organic life, including those who so vainly presume to call themselves human, nor to fully describe the profound and continuing beneficial effect the teachings G offered have had on whatever development I may possess.

The Sacred Dances

I took this photo long ago at Sherbourne, a school run by John Bennett, a student of Mr Gurdjieff. This was from a performance of The Great Prayer - an experience of exquisite beauty and wonder.

The Ray of Creation

I first learned about the Ray of Creation and its material manifestations in 1967 from the book In Search of the Miraculous and as a member of a Willem A. Nyland (a student of Gurdjieff) study group in Big Sur in 1968. Later, in the fall of 1971, I was passed details of the psychological manifestations of The Levels by a former Bolivian in New York City. I have added several brief clarifications and correlations (in Arial type face) to this image taken from In Search of the Miraculous, page 82. Later I hope to expand upon this interesting and valuable cosmological theory in other forums.