To those who don't know: Melkonian Educational Institute (MEI) is an Armenian boarding school of a very high academic standard. It is located in Nicosia (Cyprus), and has a history of over 70 years. For more information visit the Melkonian Website.

This Unofficial home page was kindly prepared by the MEI Graduates '97, who felt that they owe Melkonian something more than just education. In fact we feel that education is the last thing that we and most Melkonian graduates do remember. We should admit that the social life at Melkonian was exceptional. We gained good friends, good memories (some bad ones too), and lessons for real life.

This site aims at two major targets: one is to bring the life in Melkonian onto the web, the other is to establish strong links with members of MEI students and the Alumni, in order to create some sort of virtual MEI reunion.

This page will always be kept UPDATED, because of its daily changes. So, keep surfing into the site more often

TO THE GRADUATES: if your e-mail address is not listed in the directory, then contact me and send me your name, e-mail address, year of graduation and where are you from, on the following e-mail:
Pleeeeease send in some class photoes as well, so that I can complete the GALLERY section.
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Thank you for your time, and remember: "Unity is Strength"

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