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Screen Block Grabber

Screen Block Grabber
Description: This application grabs a screen shot given pre-selected dimensions. It is an ideal adjunct to the highly acclaimed IrfanView image viewer. In addition to a stained-glass effect, there are thirteen image effects that can be applied after image capture. The thirteen image effects are: sepia, purple haze, flaxen, two gray scales, color negation, posterize, solarize, relief, emboss, threshold, gold, and farmville. Combinations of image effects can be scripted for future use.

Image files can be opened with Ctrl+O. Paste a bitmap image from the clipboard with Ctrl+V. Copy a bitmap image to the clipboard with Ctrl+C. Activate hotkey support with Ctrl+I (new in version 5.0).
Download : Screen Block Grabber 5.0.3   (2.15 MB)
MD5 Check: 4FF207E0511A2BAAF79F020EB497E892
The captured image can be previewed.
Some of the image effects are configurable.

The application comes with an example displaying the available image effects.

Click here to decorate your dorm room!
Click here to decorate your dorm room!

Configuring Image Hosting Link

There are many sites on the 'net that host images. Screen Block Grabber has the unique feature of launching the default web browser to the specified image hosting site or opening a local application. In this example, Screen Block Grabber has been configured to open an FTP client called WinSCP.
Configuration example
The text to appear on Screen Block Grabber can be anything up to sixteen characters. Type anything at all. Avoid using Unicode characters or obscure white-space.

Once configured, Screen Block Grabber remembers the settings until the next configuration.

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