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Optimum Viewing of this Page

The TM [trade mark] symbol used in some of the font faces should be entered into html coding as ™ or &*trade*; without the '*' [amperstand(&) - trade - semicolon(;)].

If you are not seeing an arched, gothic-looking font, you do not have abaddon. To use this on a webpage the font face must read < font face="abaddon™" >


Allembert is a curved and sharp edged font with no punctuations. This font is used for headings and links to the "Capere Nox" series To be used on a webpage, the font must read < font face="allembert™" >.


If you don't see a curvy script font, you don't have Amazone BT.


If you don't see the Renaissance-type font used on the newest version of Romeo and Juliet, you don't have Avqest.


If you don't see a bold, curvy half-script, you don't have BlackChancery. BlackChancery is used to head "The Penance" series.

Download BlackChancery.ttf

If you don't see a gothic-looking font with rounded letters and pointed tops, you don't have BlackAdderII.

Download BlackAdderII

More to Come as I get them.