by Arden Davidson (C)1998

One day while Pudgel was sniffing for food,
she bumped her face into a tree.
"Golly, that hurt!", cried out Pudgel as she
felt her nose grow times two, then times three.

"My nose is huge!", Pudgel bellowed out loud.
"It feels like a great big tomato!"
Wilby walked by and gave his opinion,
"I think it's more like a potato."

"You say potato, I say tomato,
the point is...hey, what is that smell?!"
Pudgel sniffed around Wilby to locate the odor
that had put her nose under a spell.

"Hey, cut that out!", Wilby said, kind of hurt.
"I just had a shower last night!"

"Well you should have had one this morning", said Pudgel.
"Your odor's a terrible fright.